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General Discussion / Re: Goodbye local market place
But there is still the danger of picking up the goods and local banking.
Hands up those that have ever been killed while riding at full speed between the capital city and the next town over. There is zero danger involved.

As said above, traders will be reluctant to support several local markets when they know that all buyers can immediately see how the prices compare with the capital. What people often don't understand is that traders actually take an economical risk in order to help you shop conveniently. The 10% tax is punishing - personally I have goods up in 19 markets right now - that's right, I support 19 markets with reagents and mounts, but at slightly higher prices in the small markets. Nevertheless, people are happy to buy.

But I don't see that happening much in the future - you will all have to go to the capital every time.
General Discussion / Re: Goodbye local market place
Well that sucks. I hope players will be really lazy and still buy my stuff in the small markets.

Any way you look at it, this change will lessen the diversity of the game.
Suggestions / Re: The markets
 I would exploit this mechanism to get all my stuff teleported from Elflands to humanlands with no risk. I wouldn't care if it took 2-3 days - no more fat loots for anyone killling me!

And others would do the same. Your suggestion removes danger and logistics from the game, so no thanks.
General Discussion / Re: Review and noobie tips
Pls make names for bags
You can name your bags by clicking on them two times.... not sure if that's what you meant?
If youre aim is to become a millionaire from buying arrows in Bel Melek and selling them in Shoal, you quite simply don't deserve a massive profit, and are more likely just ripping off noobs.
Traders - more hated than gankers since 1999.
More thriving than I had dared hope for.
And You are the majority ? Rly U3ber said the Majority used.....and seeing that most listings were 7 days they were probably right. But nothing wrong with flexible tax for high demand items.
I am a tiny tiny minority - I am the best at what I do. But the thing is, Ub3r spent plenty of time before launch describing how being a pure trader would be a viable profession for people to shine in. Now it seems less and less likely that they even know what a trader is.

They also said in this quote that 3% orders were "rarely succesful". Well mine were very succesful, if you know what you are doing and set the price right your things will sell. The best at trading can be the most succesful that way. Which was, again, what Ub3r was touting before launch - but now it's all about making changes so that "the MAJORITY of players are not confused".

Gotta keep those afk miners and crafters, who just wish to push one button one time and get the selling over with, happy.

Anyway, they got it almost right with extending orders to 1 month, everyone is happy about that. They only need to lower the tax now please, and then develop the buy orders finally, then we will have a real marketplace.
The 10% fees are modeled on the VAT taxes which are usually around 20%.
That was always the default tax rate for the majority who didn't know/trust they could do lower. The other rates were rarely used, and rarely succeeded overall.
Umm, I *only* used the 3% orders, because I am a trader not a crafter, and I can't get rich as a trader if I just piss away my profits.

If as you say have plans to reintroduce flexible rates just do it already. I really don't understand your way of thinking here, seems like you are changing things just to freak people out, and then change them back? It's like the marketplace development is run by Donald Trump.
think 10% tax is steep? in a video game???
do u even irl bro?
It's not income tax lol. It's a value-added tax on a sell price.

Sell price is not income.  Income in a game like this = Sell price minus Expenses. If you are a self-sufficient crafter, your expenses can theoretically be 0, so your income COULD theoretically be the sell price of your goods.

For a trader like me, income = trade profit = Sell price minus Buy price.
The value-added tax is on my meagre profits. 
Why is 10% a problem? Do you even math? If you sell something for 50g, you pay 5g tax. Sell for 10g, 1g tax. 1000g, 100g tax. It's not that much. Stop exaggerating.
For a crafter, who is rewarded for what he produces, it is not much.
For a trader, who is rewarded only for finding differences among prices, it is too much. But it is the traders who are expected to keep the multitude of markets fluid.
Sanguine only 15% more stuff atm, which is still lower than one week ago.
That 10% tax is really annoying me. It's like they absolutely don't want any actual market traders in the game.
General Discussion / Re: Patch Notes Game Update One

Marketplaces tweaks:
Listings last 30 days and transaction fees are on sale with a fixed 10% rate
The markets are almost dead. Just around 1/3 of number of items are listed now as at the peak.
And so you decided to increase my market listing fee from 3% to 10%. Why the absolute f*** would you do that?
General Discussion / Re: Titles - Feedback
General Discussion / Re: Dreams
Housing in npc cities, housing in player cities, housing in the wild.
Roaming mobs.
Agriculture and animal breeding with traits on mounts.
Suggestions / Re: Local Banking
You should notice that even the capitol city markets are getting empty, making markets regional would not help jackshit.

The problem is the punishing fees and lack of new players adding stuff. They will fix the fees in the patch this week they said so let's be positive about that! I for one will certainly stock up a dozen markets with my favorite goods once the fees are reduced.