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I.m actually enjoying ROA especially the harvesting tasks, joined a guild and placed my own Villa, Market's good and folk playing.

This from one who said he would never touch ROA.
General Discussion / Re: new daily quest
Thanks for the detailed answer Mycke.
General Discussion / Re: new daily quest
In indev they discussed something along these lines as 'quests for traders' and eventually we will likely see something of the sort, but i doubt they will be in anytime soon since most traders are vets like me who have no need for manufactured quests since I can barely keep up with all the business I have already.

Anyway 'buy orders' should fill some of this need anyway since a trader can look at the market to see what people want, making their own quest to get it and return to fill the order and thats probably all we need in the short term anyway.

You say you have no need of trade quests as you can barely keep up with business you have.

 My question is do you do all your business using the game market and or your clan and personal trade.
General Discussion / Ringfain Coastal Traders
Sorry guys no more building mods or mats for trading .

I am closing down and going back to ROA really regretting this but  having no bind stone recall and having to spend 1 to 2 hrs travelling back to market does not sit well with this old guy. Having a blast in ROA as I can gather to my hearts content and go back to the market or bind stone in a jiffy. May be back one day but think my age may be a factor can't have too many yrs left for gaming sadly.

Enjoyed my time here and wish the devs the best of luck.

Hopefully the Trolls will let this thread RIP
Trade / WTB House/Villa deed
As per topic buying house or villa deed or placed one in Quica

"Keystone Light" PM me if you'd like to sell.
Trade / Re: WTS Building Mods
118 Build mods @ 1666g ea-------------------------------SOLD
a few mounts @ 333g ea nacre and suphur 2g ea

All at Ringfain market sold on behalf of Ringfain Coastal Traders.

Hopefully 4k or so iron ingots and a few rare ingots in the near future :)
25g for stone ??did you mean 5g??
General Discussion / Re: WATCHTOWERS
At sea I'd like  chests with maps in them only ,or maybe floating bottles .
Trade / Re: WTS and WTT
I am going to have a look at the area hopefully in the next 12 hrs.
Trade / Re: Ringfain Coastal Trader selling
Practically everything sold except a few herbs and mounts
Trade / Ringfain Coastal Trader selling
Selling @ Ringfain market

150 building Mods @1555 ea
 A few mounts 666g ea
Various herbs etc 2g and 3g ea

Going exploring down South to find a possible coastal market so will not be able to stock Ringfain  with build mods for a while
Trade / Re: WTS Building Mods
I only sell via market .
Trade / Re: WTS Building Mods
@ ringfain 2min food 2g ea
1k iron ingots 33 g ea
142 build mods 1555g ea  sold
sulphur 3g ea
Trade / Re: WTS Building Mods
All sold
General Discussion / Name change
Grampsie's Shop will now be known as

Ringfain Coastal Traders.

International abbrv   RCT