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General Discussion / Re: Goodbye local market place
But there is still the danger of picking up the goods and local banking.
that's right, I support 19 markets with reagents and mounts, but at slightly higher prices in the small markets. Nevertheless, people are happy to buy.

But I don't see that happening much in the future - you will all have to go to the capital every time.
Mounts and reagents always sell . Heck I would buy a mount for 3k if I can skip naked running
General Discussion / Re: Goodbye local market place
This change will basically kill all the markets but the main market for the region, they were in bad shape already, but this will kill them definitely and this feature will make itself obsolete.
Could you elaborate why you think it will kill the markets? As for Mahirim and Ork most markets but 3-4 are not used currently. Remote viewing and buy orders could fix this in my opinion (restocking) . You can also still sell at your price at remote markets unless someone wan't to buy a real large stack he prolly won't move far away to safe 100 gold

PS: Where are all the traders resuppling the markets with mounts right now?
General Discussion / Re: Goodbye local market place
Alfars don't trade in Capital city.
neither do Orks . Wolfs on the other hand exclusively use the capitol market
Which mobs are dropping pots?
I get x3 and sometimes a x4 drop where I usually gather but it's not about the gains but the bad droptable on mainland mainly dropping mandrakes.

And while where at it new players do not know about the mechanic and that they should move away from banks for higher gains. The tutorial should tell new players about it and they could introduce a gathering heat map
Herb Gathering on the Mainland is extremly unrewarding as of right now. ( 2 example screenshots attached) I tried several other locations with same result, unless you move to a remote island the main drops are bloody mandrakes.

I think the mandrake drop rate on the mainland is way to high considering herb gathering drops 7 items and iron only 2 and rarely a gem
I could post Ork and Mahirim markets but we should rather ask yourself what Ubergames could potentionaly do to fix the current situation. The marketplace patch for longer listings should have been in in the first week as a hotfix for tediousness of markets. Now many solo players and casuals ragequit or wait for a patch.

Clans complain about high cost of sieges yet do not flood the markets with "junk" loot for coin but contest villages for the 38th time. Unless the big clans start to help the game and fill the markets to gain golds for sieges and upkeep for there races and racial allies the situation won't improve in my opinion.

PS: Shame on the horde for your overpriced items on Naergur
This game is based on EVE. We need SPACESHIPS. No spaceships, fail game.

It's obvious, just look around. Do you see spaceships? Do you see failed game?
Airships, I think he stole it from a GM back then
The ability to get geared and get refined mats like wood/iron ingots without the need to purchase a alt
Mounts on all chaosstones and npc cities (Add a stable with a npc selling mounts)
Add Basic gear up to R20 on merchants
Add Minor Potions for new players back

As for the price tag make it undesirable to buy from merchants like 5k for a mount 100 for a minor pot.
If I felt not attached to the Darkfall Universe I would have ragequit a few times allready doing the run of shame. No gear on most markets, a handfull of mounts on capitol market I think we need a way to atleast obtain basic gear if no crafter is around.
Media Highlights / Re: This is Darkfall Leet PvB
Viva la meat quest
Forced 30 day listings look like a bandaid fix for somewhat broken economy . I do not wan't to list all my items at 30 days, some items like raw/converted mats sell very quick for example newbie items may not

Right now the demand for non clanned players is high but supply is low
I don't mind standard tools to be free and always in your backpack. They should introduce new craftable (or from vendors) tools with faster harvest speed, higher chance for a certain item or something like that
Suggestions / Coking recipes 25

Id like to see 2 new cooking recipes for skill level 25

Blueberrie Pie
Strawberrie Pie
General Discussion / Re: Content
I think they should allow the community to create quest lines and background story for the darkfall universe. Darkfall has alot of unique places in the world , a questline that guides you to these places and tells a little background story would be nice.