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General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
while part of me wants to have sympathy for Marc, i struggle.

I felt the same way initially, but the arrogant silence makes him seem more childish and disillusioned with the direction of the game and his company than ever before. It's been months since we got any real honesty about the state of the game and company that many of us supported through significant extents of both time and money. Seems pretty disrespectful to all New Dawn players: past, present, and potential - because let's not forget they're still selling this shit...
Trade / Re: WTB GS and Archery books
If it helps I noticed earlier today that there's at least a few GS books in the elflands marketplaces.
Mobs that were previously easy to solo with a Plate/Scale mix and a shield, now go through my health like a hot knife through a butter.

So the question for @Ub3rgames is, is this an intended change (if so, why isn't it in patch notes?) or is it a bug?
Can confirm. Thanks for the ninja patches with no details @Ub3rgames, you guys know how much everyone loves that...
Trade / Re: WTB Housing Deeds
What are the average market prices nowadays?
I saw a couple cottage deeds sell for 100K to 200K, offering more.
Trade / Re: WTB Housing Deeds
Trade / Re: WTB Housing Deeds
Still looking.
So what actually happened?

I thought the clan owner could not be kicked by another SG? Or is this more of AVs amazing UI design.

If it's the latter then Lodrig can form a new clan called The Real Steel Bones. And those who want to can move and join him.
Apparently if somone gets promoted to SG there able to demote other SG and then kick them even if there the clan founder/leader.

From my understanding he promoted Haldir Hardy to SG to assist him in the roll only to be betrayed and have his guild he tirelessly built up to where it was only to have it stolen from him, which would of been devastating.

I can confirm that any SG can remove any other SG. The listed name of 'owner' means nothing as far as I can tell. Tested it during indev.
I'd prefer the logout timer to be longer and consistent, but also visible in game, so if you get jumped during the X seconds you're logging out you can move to cancel it and actually fight back, and your character drops from the server instantly when the timer ends and the client closes to avoid logging in later surprised and dead. Crashes and force quits obviously being the exception where your character sits in place without the game open.
Saving my popcorn for when the Devs chime in.
Hoping for a WWE style entrance
You mean when they chime in to say working as advertised like they always have and continue to do?...
Trade / WTB Housing Deeds
WTB Housing Deeds

/tell TimothyJB NewDawn

Or PM me here on the forums.
Congratulations, you're pointing out the flaws in the system we were shit talking ever since the changes came in. The villages were stupid during indev and they're so much more of a problem now. The idea of a gold economy is dead and it has been every since the devs rushed the launch without re-evaluating villages.

All your numbers are way off though, not sure why you're saying saying we have 20-30 alts when we can all see it's not that many in the video you posted, and the gold numbers aren't even close.

Next video, spawn scaling exposed?  ::)
General Discussion / Re: sprint jumping on mounts
Correct, there are two different issues here:
- Gaining speed while jumping at the right time.
- Being able to mount sprint without stamina loss at all.

The latter is the one we really have an issue with, as it is counter to the trade-off speed should be on a mount.
In the meantime, we want people to not use either until we hotfix it.

@Ub3rgames Can you please confirm in clear terms that jumping down a slope, ie the mount bunnyhopping that everyone does, is not an exploit, since your phrasing "Gaining speed while jumping at the right time" is not clear in the slightest.
Trade / Re: WTB City/Hamlet
Ya, mainland is probably more fun available.

Last I checked, free on Ruby included:
* Ul'Sulak
* Moherah
* Ramlaji

do not know status of:
* Silmiyat
* Elharrat

Ulsulak got taken by a clan recently, no idea about the others.
Media Highlights / Re: Duels with Fabian
Oh boy...

The TTK... Please tell me your build isn't meant for DPS.

Also, whats up with your inferno not hitting him but knocking him up? Is that some type of lag/desync or an intended feature?

This is what @Ub3rgames calls a feature at this point I'm pretty sure.
Clan Recruitment / Re: House Ironwrath (ALFAR PVP CLAN)
Looking forward to seeing you guys around alfar lands, hopefully you make plenty of videos like you have been for ROA.