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General Discussion / Re: Playing what races?
Hybrids are dead, long live bow.
+1 Laconic Wit for Maejohl
General Discussion / Re: Auto Hotkey and the like
They need fullscreen windowed if they want to disable AHK :p.
It can work in full screen, so no.

Darkfall doesn't have a native option for Fullscreen Windowed mode. You can get around this with an AHK script.
General Discussion / Re: Auto Hotkey and the like
They need fullscreen windowed if they want to disable AHK :p.
I think UB3R's approach to ARAC clans is a great system. The options there, but it's an uphill struggle and you're going to miss out of faction-wide content as a result.

With local banking, auction houses, markets, titles etc ARAC is going to be a complete ballache.

In the future though, I'd also love to see a way for players to leave their racial alliance and join another one. EQ2 had a system where through a fuck ton of effort you could do just that.

If you left your racial faction you'd basically be fair game to everyone while you begin a long ass process of gaining influence with the faction of which you want to join.

In the end, your character would be a rarity within your new faction, almost like a prestige style system.

It would allow players, or groups of players to switch sides, though it wouldn't be the type of thing you could just do on a whim and would take a lot of work and time (e.g, months).

For ex SWG players, think along the lines of unlocking Jedi pre cu ;).

It could serve as a small clan event (and decision) or as at way to push the server narrative etc, a renegade group of Elves siding with Alfars as a precursor to a server war etc.

The main problem with this is character silhouette and ease of identification, if you're playing a Dwarf then an Orc is pretty much always going to be hostile towards you and this is for me at least the main detractor from this style of system appearing in Darkfall.

So, there would need to be an easy way to identify renegade characters, ideally through either new skins or unique Armour sets which match the factions aesthetic.

You could also use it as a tool to even up player numbers between factions, if one faction has a clear numerical advantage then the grind to join them would be exponentially larger, whereas if one faction is massively undermanned then their criteria for gaining favour would be lower.

Theres so much that could be done to the games faction and alignment system to improve it and add to it. Fingers crossed the games still going in 10 years time and it gets the systems and depth that it deserves.

The 'Goods' will still be good, the 'Bads' will still be bad. This won't really change anything 1v1 but it does limit the 'Goods' potential to fight massively outnumbered.
General Discussion / Re: Mount Fighting Overpowered
You should not be able to carry more than one mount in your personal inventory. It's enough that you can be riding on and carrying a mount.

How much to hire Gwanold as a mount for the first month of launch?
General Discussion / Re: Mount Fighting Overpowered
The whole mount system, including combat needs an overhaul. It always felt tacked onto the game last minute with extremely clunky controls and all mounts have a "floaty, slidey" feeling.

UB3R would be better off straight up disabling mounted combat until an actual workable system is in place that finally does the game justice. It's a huge detractor from the game in its current laughable state.
General Discussion / Re: Race Poll
Hardest to hit are... dorfs.

Yup, they've got deceptively thin hitboxes.
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: About Titles
Holy shit, i don't even play "Mage" and i just lost all my utility O.o.

It's the movement spells and utility in this game that made it special, without them it's dead in the water.

Without that aspect of the game the combat suddenly becomes stale, slow and boring, as does the world which you won't be able to interact with and explore at anywhere near the same level as before.

Dumbing down and restricting the combat is bewildering, it just needs an easier learning curve and more sensible progression and direction.

My Playstyle (i'm not the best player, but i'm not a shitter). I use basically every utility spell in this in some point and this was one of my favorite
fights of the beta.
General Discussion / Re: DRAGON KING HAS RETURNED
Welcome back!
General Discussion / Will city wildlife be re-enabled?
I have an itch to jump back on and start clearing vermin from the streets of Agon once more.

When will the be possible?

Forever  yours,

The Rat King
General Discussion / Re: Race Poll
Alfar Mini Ork
General Discussion / Re: Spawn Scaling ....
They need a self toggle so that you can choose to not level a mob spawn up if you're engaged with it. It'll help players fine tune spawns to be an acceptable difficulty for their group and give them something to work towards.

Also, allows you to turn it off while pvping / sieging etc to stop ridiculous spawns mid fight.