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Most offenders joined Immortals overnight, including Ithen (Final Solution) and Nataz (Dwarf Vader) who were the main catalysts in the departure.

Just to point out that nobody from Ttitanic has joined us? Not sure where you got this intel from. My intel was that they are in Rats?
bye o/ see you in a couple weeks
Rumour has it I heard that it had something to do with Immortals... xD
Media Highlights / Re: LEAVE AL'HALI ALONE
Great support video!

 however was there 20+?

It didnt look like it but that could be because you are at the back maybe? who knows but from your pov deffo looked like an even fight and was good to watch.

Media Highlights / Re: Furions Shield - Immortals
It will be my lucky shield forever <3 lol
Media Highlights / Re: Harjik 240% village
we had no idea you was there as we was fighting the epoch guys ... looks like we went in at the wrong time hahah

I did wonder when ppl said they in our backs too how they were managing it.

good job :D nice fight

Well played ork/wolf brothers
Trade / Re: WTS Mathyra Hamlet (Wolflands)
I gave holdings away for free.

Some people such as myself, are nice.

You on the other hand, are just a greedy wankstain.


just sour cos we wouldnt sell it to you... get over yourself haha
Trade / Re: WTS Mathyra Hamlet (Wolflands)
still looking current offers were too low
Trade / Re: WTB a Deed
Wts villa deed
Trade / WTS Mathyra Hamlet (Wolflands)
WTS Mathyra Hamlet - what can be built - 2 houses and walls around the holding. Farm and enchanting station.  Located near wolf stater town.

PM for more info
Trade / Re: WTB City/Hamlet
What race are you we are looking to sell some hamlets in wolf lands potentially
Media Highlights / Erinthel Raid

A raid on erinthel fight lasted about 23 mins which was cut down to 10 was a great battle.

You win this time ;)
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Wolflands R40 Quests
Ringfain dawtf quest got a R40 bow.
I don't quest, care to share more info on R40 Dwarf/Elf/Human quests?

I'm aware of the PvP quests giving R40's, but that's about it.

I'd prefer them to wipe all these items, though.

I would too if i was human dwarf elf living on the ice island alone.
Can I get a swap on my titles without waisting any more time ? I think this should really of been tested in indev. Quite a massive change and something people may need to drop titles for now. It's not the end of the world as it's only been like a week but it's still a week behind now if you do change.