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meh, typical darkfaller post, calling people idiots over internet, this community will never crawl out of the toxic cesspool it swims in.
Just let it flop.

It flopped already. These devs are clueless when it comes to business management.

First they try to run a 10 years old, failed game with a subscription model, then they turn the subscription off without letting general public know, then they get into 70k euro debt, then their company is being liquidated and they're not even aware of it...


The game looks like TES3 and is asking for a subscription fee, good luck selling that to modern day average gamer anyway, so who cares about NPE.

I tried Darkfall new Dawn but it looks super unfriendly to new players

Obviously anecdotal evidence, but still worth knowing about it .

I strongly believe the new player experience is something worth addressing, as it has never been addressed in any version, DFO, UW, DoA or ND...

Hey dude, I have a great idea, let's make it look more like a Skyrim UI, that one was perfect!
Seriously, radial menus are hot now!  /s
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames, 6 wks tomorrow
If they're really taking this game serious, why don't they attempt to fix this side of their business?
Because there is nothing to fix there. Communication is so not important now. They need to fix the game first, not the fucking communication. Who needs communication with devs now? I want proper game. To me it looks like you guys got spoiled by how often ub3r communicated at the start. And now you demand it. The only reason they spoke last time is because of amount of panic on forums that started to work against them (harming the game). You guys are doing it again.

You need to have something to talk about to talk. What do you want them to communicate if there is nothing to communicate? The product is not finished. They built hype too soon and it bit them in the ass hard. Why do you guys crave their words so much? I say let them work on the game. If they won't we will leave when we are bored with what we have now. If some of you left already - fine.

I don't understand what their words would change at this points? No matter what they say and how often.

Personally, I want to know wtf their plan is like at this point. Because if they are about to continue the developement at this pace, pretending everything is fine then... well idk, I'll check back in few years I guess. Basically I want to know wtf is going on with this project, they need more money, more devs? Are they going to keep running it like a hobby project in off hours or what?
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames, 6 wks tomorrow
a majority of loyal players will lose faith in your ability to develop the game at an acceptable rate and start to disappear.
I thought that already happened like two months after the "release".
General Discussion / Re: A Day in Agon!
@wildNothing Precisely
General Discussion / Re: A Day in Agon!
Alfars would invade humans and evles over wood instantly, and what would they do? Start chopping? Lol.
Yeah, obviously. Then elves start fighting them and "magically" you have your warfronts. All you had to do was delete trees from alfar-lands, no coding needed.
General Discussion / Re: A Day in Agon!
hmm i really wonder if they increased all mounts speed by another 100% and cutting riding back and forth to places in half the travel time it takes now will it help? I think it might be good.

Local banking is pointless if you can get any resource everywhere or 10 minutes bluetail ride away. That's why it didn't work. Mounts are too fast already and shit is not localized enough. People just been farming everything themselves and tons of it because it's easy af mostly and all local banking does is just adding tedium and a hindrance for them. This game wasn't designed properly by AV to have gloabal banking and teleporting removed. Whole map structure (markets placement, loot tables, spawn-placement, topology and so on) needed a rework, that plus adding some QoL stuff like buy orders, packmules, etc.

Like, let me give you an extreme, over the top example. Imagine that if iron ore was available in dwarf-lands only or there was no timber in alfar-lands at all. Alfars would invade humans and elves over wood instantly, and everone would start trading or fighting with dwarves over ore from day one, constant war 24/7, that's how local banking is supposed to work, not stupid villages on a timer, artificial sea towers and some other bs like warfronts.
General Discussion / Re: Resubbed - How're Things?
It's not about standards, it's about what kind of game you want to play.  DND is not targeting a MOBA, but ROA is moving in that direction.  These will attract different kinds of players. 
what is DND targeting? surely not MMORPG players with this population.
The writing of this reply has taken a bit more than a full man-day.
The problem with these devs is, they thought this game is mostly fine, just needs less grind and some other tweaks here and there. So they released some sort of minimum viable product and thought it's going to be all good. In reality, in 2018, this game needs major overhauls in everey aspect, they need to finish their whole roadmap at very least and thats years ahead.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
Yeah this is so fkn obvious, I told them so when they were about to implement remote market view. Town placement in this game doesnt make sense. Three starter towns 2 min run to each other and then with separate markets doesnt make any sense.
If this is a problem, just remove markets from starter cities, leave one in every race capital and in remote NPC cities. No to global or regional.

It's not a problem, It just doesn't make any sense, but yeah you can as well remove other markets as people used just one market per racial land anyway.

It wouldn't be much different If the starter cities' markets were regional, just a little more convenient.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
I kinda wanna see regional markets. Markets in their respective racial land should be connected at least. Maybe connect the three chaos markets in the middle but those dont matter much anyway.

Yeah this is so fkn obvious, I told them so when they were about to implement remote market view. Town placement in this game doesnt make sense. Three starter towns 2 min run to each other and then with separate markets doesnt make any sense.

Resources are not localized enough, markets placed wrong, the map is too small, mounts are too fast (I know it's not a popular opinion)... the dream about local banking and trading caravans and so on... it won't work like that. In the very beginning I thought they were going for some major overhauls not just slapping the local banking over existing world without any changes.
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
Funny thing is that people have fun playing 5vs5 instanced arena games (or around those numbers) all day long but if you have non pre-arranged fights happening with those numbers, or even more, here, then it means the game is dead and not worth to play.

That's because it's supposed to be an MMORPG, not a 5v5 game.