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General Discussion / Re: Resubbed - How're Things?
It's not about standards, it's about what kind of game you want to play.  DND is not targeting a MOBA, but ROA is moving in that direction.  These will attract different kinds of players. 
what is DND targeting? surely not MMORPG players with this population.
The writing of this reply has taken a bit more than a full man-day.
The problem with these devs is, they thought this game is mostly fine, just needs less grind and some other tweaks here and there. So they released some sort of minimum viable product and thought it's going to be all good. In reality, in 2018, this game needs major overhauls in everey aspect, they need to finish their whole roadmap at very least and thats years ahead.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
Yeah this is so fkn obvious, I told them so when they were about to implement remote market view. Town placement in this game doesnt make sense. Three starter towns 2 min run to each other and then with separate markets doesnt make any sense.
If this is a problem, just remove markets from starter cities, leave one in every race capital and in remote NPC cities. No to global or regional.

It's not a problem, It just doesn't make any sense, but yeah you can as well remove other markets as people used just one market per racial land anyway.

It wouldn't be much different If the starter cities' markets were regional, just a little more convenient.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
I kinda wanna see regional markets. Markets in their respective racial land should be connected at least. Maybe connect the three chaos markets in the middle but those dont matter much anyway.

Yeah this is so fkn obvious, I told them so when they were about to implement remote market view. Town placement in this game doesnt make sense. Three starter towns 2 min run to each other and then with separate markets doesnt make any sense.

Resources are not localized enough, markets placed wrong, the map is too small, mounts are too fast (I know it's not a popular opinion)... the dream about local banking and trading caravans and so on... it won't work like that. In the very beginning I thought they were going for some major overhauls not just slapping the local banking over existing world without any changes.
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
Funny thing is that people have fun playing 5vs5 instanced arena games (or around those numbers) all day long but if you have non pre-arranged fights happening with those numbers, or even more, here, then it means the game is dead and not worth to play.

That's because it's supposed to be an MMORPG, not a 5v5 game.
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
This game is so fucking dead.

Fanboys wrong since day 1.
In B4 the typical fanboy rant:

Game's poppin, had a 3v5 at one village, then a 2v3 at the next and some guy ran from us after we tried to jump him in a chaos city all within 4 hours of play
Honestly, anybody who's greatly dissatisfied with the amount of PvP in what you've just described, would probably be a better fit for ROA.

Ub3r's roadmap has never targeted a non-stop pvp game.  I love DF pvp, but not nonstop.  3 pvp encounters in 4 hours is acceptable for me (not great, but ok).  The rest of the time I enjoy PvE, crafting, chatting with clannies etc. 

There are tons of players who don't share your vision of what "dead pvp" is.

Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely think there should be mechanisms in place for pvp-holics.  VCPs aren't remotely ok for that purpose; Racial Warfronts are desperately needed.

Is this sarcasm or...?
General Discussion / Re: @Ub3rGames
Theyre figuring out the best way to tell you its over and theyre shutting DND down.

Unless they pull off some sort of miracle, it's over obviously. They always "planned for success" whatever that means, guess they have no Plan B now.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
WTS Light Battlespikes
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
You guys noticed this easter egg by Ub3r?

General Discussion / Re: Still alive?
Just noticed that dnd had some actual content patch with champs, how are things going here they finally start charging or is the game still not launched?

It says 44 people playing this game, sounds about right.
It is legit now, 20 thick leather in 25 minutes solo without the skinning title and I wasn't really trying. I was shocked. I'm betting you could hit 50+ thick leather skins in an hour easy if really hitting it hard.

You can hit 60 ezpz since the previous patch, not more because of waiting for mobs respawn.
General Discussion / Re: Worth playing?
- Mainly PvP - there is PvP but you need to look for it, the population is very low.
- Some PvE is okay - there is some PvE grind for your character's skills/ stats and gear
- Able to ignore crafting, hate it - you can ignore crafting
- Guild or faction warfare - kind of both, guild mainly
- Territorial control and base building - kind of, the server is pretty dead, you can build/ siege cities in predefined locations
- Leveling system where new players can still be competitive with veteran players. - you won't be anywhere near competitive from the get go, you need to grind your character and player-skill.