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Media Highlights / Re: orks9
Good to see propaganda is still strong in 2019.

And I'm glad people who were in the siege had fun :)
General Discussion / Re: A True Darkfall Player
@CreepLord Open map in-game, CTRL+F, type cloth, press enter, and check all the mobs that drop it.
On top of my head, your best bet are:
Sarlids, Trolls, Spiders.
Ub3r did way more during InDev than since launch.
Launch very much felt rushed... and game was in many ways better and more fun a month before end of indev
General Discussion / Re: DONT BUY THIS GAME
Single player that could stop being playable at any moment with no notice.
General Discussion / Re: sad... but you got destroyed
Devs are missing too
General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
You cant hire a delivery driver for 20k in the states. Hell the left is pushing for 15 dollars an hour min wage which is a little more than 30k a year.

$30k is minimum wage in Europe 
LOL, bullshit

minimum wage in Croatia (which is a part of EU) is below 4800 € ($5500) per year
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
I think it's safe to say the majority who voted were correct. Poll locked
General Discussion / Re: new player - looking for clan
good one Zeb  :D
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
Looks like the 16% of people who voted "Jesus patch on anniversary" won't be getting their long-odds payout today.
Why patch over weekend tho? It's better to patch on Tuesday when everyone is at the office

In all honesty, I don't expect anything from them. Sadly, not even a confirmation from Marc that they abandoned the project
In RoA races aren't at war, it's all about clan politics and ganking there.
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
Server is still up. Still has regular maintenance/restarts every 2-3 days.
General Discussion / Re: A True Darkfall Player
You buy shipbuilding from a Blacksmith in a player holding. Costs 15k
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
I kinda don't expect anything will happen. Not even a post from Ub3rgames... but if anything does happen, it'll be "Early Next Week™"
I wouldn't call FFA PvP a good design, as it encourages griefing. Ub3rgames was supposed to push the game towards RvR... sadly, they never got around to doing it

PS don't get me wrong - I love the fact that anyone can kill anyone, but I do think killing your own race should come at a cost.
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
In any case, less than a week until anniversary  :-X