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Another thing to keep in mind - using linked spells speeds up the leveling of boring/weird stuff ;)
Meaning, spamming heals and buffs on a buddy (both engaged in PvE) will level your Int hella fast (int and linked school/subschool passive level at the speed of casting 3 bolts; I have a feeling global mage passives level at 3x speed as well, but I can not confirm that)
* Ray should be the last spell to level/max, as the benefit of leveling is very small.
* Maxing INT is important (mostly for mana pool), but it'll came naturally over PvE with magic and occasional Int elixir. I wouldn't meditate it.
* Out of global mage passives, I'd recommend going for Mana Conservation to high levels ASAP, as it influences all spells, and non-maxed mages are really struggling with mana.
* For the school specific passives, my personal call for importance is Quicken > ManaEff > Intensify > Durable. But I'm subjective in this regard and it's likely others will disagree. For some schools there are big exceptions to that guideline, for example Reflect is linked to Arcane Intensify, so you want that leveled up or else Reflect lasts 0,1 seconds. Another example is Flesh Curse being linked to Infliction Durable
* Staff choice (and enchants on it) mostly comes down to personal preference. Cobras allow you to chain hit lots of spells in quick succession, which is especially important if you rely on displacement (fireball, shards, lightning strike, blizzard). Darkscepters and Corpsecallers allow for amazing mana efficiency and HUGE AoEs, which works great if you're a backliner for your group. Or you can be a cheap ass and use dorf R80s for a bit of both worlds...
@Sorrow Avaritia so what you're saying is if you have alts and you afk gather often and you play a fighter you don't need to PvE to have stacked bank?

Who would've guessed...
And that is exactly what some of us were saying for months - you can get most of the fighter gear while afk on mines, while you can get absolutely no mage gear in that way.

Please tell me there's people willing to trade:
* Cobras or Q5 taint
* Q4 enchanting mats (specifically: Sparkstone, Tooth, Bone, Greenleaf, Eye, Venom Sac, Horn, Claw)
* Giant Bone armor or Giant Bone (Q3) + Thick Leather
and that they will give me all of the above while accepting non-T rares + iron + gold
Maps are the only really good source of gems. Quarries can be okayish if you altfall.
But your best bet is getting a Mahirim or Dorf crafter to make you racial staves... those are dirt cheap (I'd say dorf one is cheaper than R40 staves)
General Discussion / Re: Uber, ur dogshit.
Well, I've paid for 12 months. So I still didn't get to "free time" personally ;)
Media Highlights / Re: I think I'm Lost - Rubaiyat
Youtube has automatic scans for songs used, and then blocks content in various zones (or sometimes even world-wide).
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
I mentioned the rumors to Marc last night during a gm help. He said people aren't understanding LLC
I hope you replied that people also don't understand Marc/Ub3r
Media Highlights / Re: I think I'm Lost - Rubaiyat
Video unavailable
This video contains content from nikitaventures music, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
It's quite possible there's way more than 100 active players (not accounts). But with how big the world is, and with how little time some of those players are actually online.... it's super hard having more than 50 in a single map tile at any given time.

I don't think anyone would argue that population is healthy.
Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle.
I think the complaint is more about timer-based features than anything else.
Medium Armors are already capped at 42 encumbrance for a full set (everything from Studded and up has the same encumbrance per piece; the old crafting spreadsheet is wrong, as was pointed out in its thread, but was never updated)
If I understood OP's suggestion, he's not asking for higher physical prots on Bone armor, he's asking for reduction of magical traits and addition of some physical traits - to make it into a hybrid armor.
Which is not what I'd like to see...