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Problem is - mages need their schools at 100 to get Intensify and last few spells.
So casuals can play Fighters and never ever worry about meditation, but mages need quite a bit more meditation to catch up.

As for getting meditation - it's very easy if you're living on mainland. If you're living on Islands, you need to get an occasional VCP.
Trade / WTS Dragon Armor
We recently hit Armorsmith Mastery 100, so we're selling Dragon sets:

Prices if the trade happens in an Alfar NPC city:
* Dragon Set (missing sleeves, pants, elbow guards):
30 Theyril Ingots & 35 Dragon Scales

* Dragon Set + Full Plate fillers:
35 Dragon Scales & 30 T ingots & 4 S ingots
35 Dragon Scales & 32 T ingots

If you want our crafting alt to move to anywhere else, we'll conduct the trade at 5T fee.
Suggestions / Re: rework seize
WoF can easily do up to 40 arcane damage
General Discussion / Power Hour - opinions
So, what are your opinions on Power Hour and do you think it's making people log in and play, or do you think they log off to meditate as soon as PH ends?
Meditation is cancer anyhow. Promoting being offline, and the little time people do spend online they spend getting meditation.
Hivekins are every noob's friend (as was already said - use ingame map's search field)
General Discussion / Re: Keep the pressure on Ub3r!
Frodo carried hard, but Sam got the final KS.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
You can already teleport stuff across the world for ~250k + 25h delay
- When a holding is lost through a siege:
   - The inventories of members of the owner clan and its allies go in a retrieval vault.
   - The content of the retrieval vault can be withdrawn only in one go.
   - That content can only be retrieved in nearby banks.

from last patch of indev

are you saying patchnotes are innacurate and you have successfully teleported stuff across the map or is this rumors?
From Alfarlands to Cairn. Wasn't really nearby, but it was within the new magical 10,5 km range
blue clan vs blue clan ~200k vs ~40 members
Media Highlights / Re: Bloodscar Siege.
In new dawn, the racial df, how can wolfs fight with human alliance and not loose alignment? @Ub3rgames nice alignment mechanics?????
and even be allied? lol

good fights good vid though

Because they're race mixers. Our defense force was all Alfars except for one human who is indigenous to Yssam and tolerated by us.
You've had wolves in your party in one of your vids.
City of Izkand has been dropped and is free for claiming.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
I kinda wanna see regional markets. Markets in their respective racial land should be connected at least. Maybe connect the three chaos markets in the middle but those dont matter much anyway.
A fine suggestion, imo.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
If you're gonna bring in-game talk here, do it properly.
I said "I almost feel like race changing our clan crafting alt because of retarded unbalance in crafting costs"

As for localization - it could've mattered, if it was actually done right. But there's so many things destroying localization (maps and VCPs being main sources) that it doesn't even matter now.
Game is pretty dead, markets are very dead (at least Alfar + chaos markets), and everyone who still plays farms his own stuff (making Localization just an annoyance)
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
You can already teleport stuff across the world for ~250k + 25h delay
That's a mistake and should be dealt with. Introduction of more convenient ways to exploit localization is not something I'm looking for.
I agree - Retrieval Vault should only be accessible in the closest legit bank (chaos bank / chaos city / your own holding), not anywhere in the world.
Suggestions / Re: Global markets while _inDev
You can already teleport stuff across the world for ~250k + 25h delay