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I see that politics continue to thrive.
I can smell the desperation.
Take a shower then.
I dont get this thread.

April Fools Day came early this year.
Clan Recruitment / Re: The Tausian Dominion
We continue to welcome and receive envoys and new citizens from our racial allies.
Liandri is dead already?
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Political map?
There are no politics.
2 years of development and literally nothing was done.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was one guy.


Disappointing to see a clan member talk such nonsense.
Damn first sieges having so few players does not look good.
"So few" Why do you say that? I get that 80 people isn't the 300+ each side that you had in 2009, but it's hardly "So few".
General Discussion / Re: Patch Notes Game Update One
Would be good to see the roadmap updated:
General Discussion / Re: Transfer Sounds Poll

What a waste of my life reading the OP.


What's more depressing to me is that the devs are wasting yet more time on this.

So disillusioned.
cleaned house
Bewahrer der Welten and Lux Arcana merged to form The Tausian Dominion. Neither clan now needs to be listed (or list both - as applications are still made to BdW if you're a German speaker and to Lux Arcana if you're not).
It's a shame Nymgate's going to go off hours after this patch.

What's the next Nymgate going to  be.....
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Why not play RoA?
RoA feels like a private server run by exploiters, a private server.

New Dawn feels like a legit professional company runs the game, a law and order server.

You do the math.

nothing really to back this statement up, both are preeeeeeettty much private servers..


1. You criticise RoA on their forums like you guys criticise DND with made up BS here, you get banned without warning.
2. You criticise RoA on their forums with facts about how RoA runs its game or its PR, you get banned without warning.
2. RoA has players running GM accounts. DND does not.
3. RoA had devs as members of clans in their game. DND devs will not play the live game.
4. RoA devs are incapable of providing a coherent roadmap that contains a properly reasoned, ongoing path for their game. DND devs have done this from day 1 of their very first website launching.
5. RoA devs make changes based on who yells loudest. DND devs listen to the community, debate with the community and ultimately choose the path which stays most true to their overall vision.

That's just a few examples of how RoA is being run like a private server and how DND is not.

So this was a troll siege?
General Discussion / Re: Trade secret
Selling mounts for 1k+ at the outlaying NPC cities.