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DND Devs have given up.

Why keep a game running, free of chrage, if you are giving up?

Because you pay the server X amount of time in advance ??? Not even Ub3r logs into its forum anymore

Last Active:November 15, 2018, 09:53:39 pm
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Delayed by 6 days. Such a great Darkfall feeling i love it already. BTW newest screenshots shows climbing <3 oh my gawd.

General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
I will try it and i already hate myself for buying another Early access game. However Steam refunding works like a charm.
General Discussion / Re: Let's just pretend...
Bindstone Quests. Hopefully an activity i can do for 30min and then log off and still feel i have done something.

But be honest here, they paid the servers for one year and we are just waiting until this time runs up and they go offline.
General Discussion / Re: December
Everything is fine
Trade / Re: Villa Deed
Dick Pic ? Dont worry, the image file-size isnt big.
General Discussion / Re: @Uber - Anyone there? ? ? ?
I guess he knows very well in what state his game is. He is just short on money.

I reckon he could have turned on the subs or sold race changes, name changes, game time tokens, at a minimum? I mean all of us started playing under the pretense we were paying.
misscalculation...who knows
General Discussion / Re: @Uber - Anyone there? ? ? ?
I guess he knows very well in what state his game is. He is just short on money.
General Discussion / Re: Whatever happens, thanks Ub3r
Actually i wont thank them. Darkfall ruined all games for me, espacialy MMORPGS. Then DND came and it gave a glimpse of what darkfall can be if you stay true to the 2008 trailers. If more meaning was added and localization. Ofc DND isnt perfect (crafting orders pls) but i ruined games even more for me.

So now iam stuck without any MMORPG ever because they are all shit and DND showed me for a few month how my happy MMO life could be. And then they went silent for months, next level AV-silence even.
minus the ice-skating i liked UW more

They removed that!

I know, they even had air ships working at the end. Sadly i quit before they got their shit together.

crafting orders <3
A large reason for the drop off in activity is the village timers around center map. They were really bad for a while, they starting to get good again though.
Delusion at it's finest, LMAO!

What good is capping a village in a game where everything you've gained is going to be deleted and shut down at any moment.

But yeah sure, that's the reason.


What good is anything in any game.....
minus the ice-skating i liked UW more
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
Maybe he CAN communicate properly, in fact we know he can because indev and all the gm report/help.
But the choice to completely forsake it, not just the forums but all other media aswell, makes it very hard to believe in the long term viability of the project.

The fact that 100% of new information is screenshots of gm reports being answerd is pathetic.
It would take 5 min to post "things are moving along, no news on legal affairs, will report back in a week".
And you could just post the same thing again if there is nothing worthy of mentioning.

But they should be ticking boxes for the patch by now, systems that are done, testing being completed....
So add in 2-3 lines of "this we completed x, y, z"

And done, no need to reply after, no need to be creative or make 100% sure its proper english or w/e excuse you can find to write a post.

This post took 2 minutes

Generic Ub3er answere #9: You dont know how gamedevelopment works.


btw Ub3r Last Active:November 01, 2018, 11:09:31 am says all. He is probably working two jobs atm to pay some bills
i think the hyperion vs. zaguroth (Orcs R US, i think) was around 1000 vs. 1000. Server was totally out of sync but it was epic.

*tear in my eye*