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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
Although I prefer full loot for this game, partial loot is not necessarily a bad thing in PVP/MMRPGs.

However this Roa's latest twist is, IMO, yet another example of how they patch up rather than follow any meaningful, coherent and thought through road map. Just another steering to correct the previous over-steering, that corrected the previous one and so on.

If you need a safe "mule"/transport char, just make a new one every week and you are guaranteed a partial protection of the things you have looted; plus it will be a quick way to send some of your the stuff to the BindStone/Bank by simply killing your "mule".....another bad idea form BPG.

While there are always some forces/cliques trying to take advantage/hyping events/theories etc. and there is room for debate, I think it is very unlikely that the  humane caused climate change is made up.

We already tremendously affect the planet with out of control pollution (plastic and toxic chemicals/spills in the sea), we are cutting forests and increasing our numbers at an alarming rate; I hope we soon find another planet and the technology that can permit to transfer life on it or we are all in big trouble.

While the Paris Accord can be criticised from many prospectives, we should all join forces to work on clean energy, non pollutant materials and do it fast.

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
I don't want to boast about my wealth, but I work in the City of London and live (own) a lovely big house in Wokingham, Finchamstead to be exact. I don't believe anyone is on the dole in my village. It's not that kind of area.

All I've seen from you is ignorant racist threads, which clearly shows your lack of intelligent, humanity and lack of empathy for your fellow man. You're just a racist, bitter old man. My feeling is you're single, alone and afraid of the changing times. This makes you feel you need to post your racist threads of fear, so you can feel apart of this world. I don't want to beat down a mentally ill person. So if you want help, I can recommend a good Psychiatrist, she is a neighbour of mine!

All I have seen from you is unrelated (to the topic), generic insults, which clearly shows your lack of intelligenCE (rather than lack of "Intelligent" as you little ignorant have written).

You are also a little coward, unable to debate on the relevant posts and hiding behind insults that you boast here and there with absolutely no relation to the current thread.

Edit, BTW it is FinchamPstead, not Finchamstead, there is a P, little ignorant; you must have either won the lottery or inherited that house, assuming you are not simply the janitor there (or once again making things up); glad for you in either case, though

Not even the British Empire in its latter years was so subject to the Israeli Lobby.

There is currently no real US foreign policy in the middle east, all is dictated by the AIPAC and heir stranglehold on US congress, basically Tel Aviv tells what to do and what not to do to the US.

How I Got Fired
Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences

Published on the Unz Review,
Born to a Jewish family, Unz attended Harvard University

So no excuse of "antisemitism" here

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
Everyone of your quoted replies is, comical, wrong and dumb. I'm not wasting anymore time on a dumb racist cunt like you.

Ok so more generic/childish comments and comically you once again claim that you are not wasting anymore of your time...and once again you really shows how little value have the things you say.

You just posted this as Giant and then ninja-deleted it and reposted it as Semu ...interesting, two accounts, a lot of free time.... who pays for your dole?

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
Jesus Christ, you really are a retard. Honestly, you're the dumbest person on this forum.

Clearly more insults from an immature loud mouth.

Dest leaving isn't ROA fault, or Andrew for that matter.

You do not KNOW this, nor have proven it, you just read/heard something and you believe it, and repeat it as the Gospel. From your language I can see you have either never worked in your life or at best  flipped burgers (until they fired you for your immature arrogance)...if you ever held any position of responsibility you would have learnt that what is really going on is very rarely stated openly, while people with more iq can guess what has more than likely happened. And I have never accused Andrew of being responsible of Dest leaving, where did you read that?

One of the main DND devs had to leave for personal reasons, no one blamed DND for his departure. So your attack is unwarranted.

DnD? I thought Dest worked for BPG...or maybe you are under the influence of some substance that tries  to make your uncomfortable life temporarily feel better? It clearly makes you more agitated, I would not abuse, rather read a book, go for a walk.

I really shouldn't of bothered replying to a dumb racist cunt like you, but your existence on this Earth bothers me, and I look forward to the day you're no longer on our planet. It will be one less retarded racist living on Earth.

Lol, another poor little clueless average dumby hiding behind insults and "violent" speech rather than proving his (spoon fed on MTV) "ideals and facts"

No worrie, bro, we are all primates, including yourself, somehow related.

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
I told you the reason he left you idiot. It has nothing to do with roa. He hasn't worked on roa for while. I didn't even know about that post. I'm knew ages ago from a Dev.

Having known Dest, I was in his clan and have him on steam: I know if he could he would still be lead dev, but his career had to come first. You can't turn down the job he's doing!

When I wrote:
"It is always difficult to admit you got things wrong or they did not work out as expected", I was not referring to you (nor to Dest, for that matter), so your insults are even more unwarranted; I was referring to Andrew and BPG. I respect what they tried to do, but now it is clear that it is not working; this peace-meal/volunteer/fan based game revival works only with finished games, not when you are picking up a quite unfinished one; I am sure that in good faith they all individually had great ideas, but in the real world things need one lead/direction only.

I knew (somewhat) Dest too, was in same clan both in AC and in DFO (before he moved to NA), great guy, certainly very competent; I am sure he made the right decision to focus on a more successful project; no one is going to tell you "yes he quit, we are in trouble"...but the lead developers normally stick to a successful project and if they are smart, they get out of it if things get hairy....with some "official" explanation that tries to save the appearances.

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
I saw someone posting in RoA Discord that Dest Locke has left their dev team - wasn't he billed as the lead developer?

Unfortunately for us, Dest has taken a backseat from ROA dev team. He is a Director for an online gambling site. This has been the case for months, so you're seeing old old news.

"Brad(Dest) is taking an indefinite leave due to personal matters unrelated to the project. As Kilrain said the primary development team is still working and while we're sad to not be working with Brad for right now there's a few new developers and an intern that are getting up to speed currently to more than fill the gap. 2 are expected to help with game impacting related tasks and bugs, the other will be focusing more on internal development/GM tools and statistics tools to help with development and design work.
Andrew Ballinger
Big Picture Games
Andrew, Sunday at 4:53 PM "

It is always difficult to admit you got things wrong or they did not work out as expected....I just wonder how long will it take for them to face reality.
General Discussion / Re: EU needs to go
OP is an EU false flag
Could well be, or a genuine member of some "disadvantaged minority" (or disadvantaged by evolution/involution)..or his brain cells have been decimated by watching (c)rap on MTV......he plays well the part, though

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Mycke!
On a serious note, Swing: we all missed you.

I had to defend Islam while at the same time bashing the globalist plotted mass immigration currently targeting the West that uses, among others, Muslims as tools, where were you?

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Trump vs. Architect
Many comments here reflect the general superficiality:

1) To see a (one sided) video and to rush to condemn the person being accused on it and DEMAND that everyone does the same...without a reply from the accused, a trial etc...this is currently rife in the west as the average simpleton feels urged to join  the bandwagon and splash copy-pasted definitions on Trump, Putin etc... some without even being spoon fed by the privately owned western media (I remember a Taxi driver in Ireland telling me: "Did you know that Trump hates women? My friends told me")...same joke is the completely baseless "Russian Hack" propaganda based on pseudo journalism all quoting each other or quoting the (unreliable and corrupt) Cia that, guess what, "Cannot reveal proofs "for security reasons, lol"

2) The very US (both left and right wing) clueless attitude to judge a President by the things they do wrong in the US, ignoring what destructive foreign policy all recent Presidents are responsible for...once again a country that lives in total isolation and fed by a self celebrative Hollywood that tells them how heroic is their army, how indispensable it is to keep "Dictators" at bay, or "bring Freedom"...while most of the world openly hates them or simply fears them, with only the politicians licking their arse as good occupied countries.

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Trump vs. Architect
I do not know about the Architect in the link, might be true or not, it is just a video; I know for a fact that his competitors in the election and his current puppeteers are much worse than him , with blood on their hands, tens of thousands of lives (US/NeoCon-NeoLiberal foreign policy in the last years), but I will say this about Trump:

I was one of the few to(sort of) foresee Trump's election well ahead of time  (Feb 22, 2016)

"...Here's Why Donald Trump Will Be America's Next President"
A good article on this subject:
"After South Carolina, Here's Why Donald Trump Will Be America's Next President................"

I'll add my few cents on what he is getting right , and no, I will not add what I disagree on (there are many things, as would be with any other politician, but hitting on Trump is now a pathetic, conformist, broken record, so you do not need yet another voice joining the "anti conformist" masses).

1) He bashes the MSM, openly, repeatedly offensively... and they hit him back, not realising that THEY are the problem; when people see CNN, FOX News, BBC and co consistently hitting someone, most people (consciously or subconsciously) start to think that that person must be doing something right, their attacks make him look like a hero; the level of loathing and disrespect these Wall Street/globalization propaganda outlets are attracting goes unnoticed only to their own blinded arrogance of self righteous apparatus bureaucrats.

2) He spits on political correctness; the more rudely he does it, the more people finally see in him a champion of common sense vs the trash mantras that the nerds working for "Liberal"Gobalists/WallStreet/Hollywood have pushed on all of us: "you cannot say this, you cannot say that"...not even the most fanatical priests were so arrogant, abusive and out of touch with the normal people

3) Foreign policy: finally a front runner that says (mostly) the truth: US foreign policy has been a failure in the past it was not Bush or was the US (and their Nato puppets) that got it all wrong, and it was Wall street that decided, Russia is NOT the enemy, the enemies are Saudi Arabia and the other medieval dictatorships that the UK and US are in bed with and the fake Islamic fundamentalism that they have pushed around while they themselves (their Shieks and their spoiled brats) are known to tour the world looking for booze, orgies and, many times, under-age sex.

4) The banks own us, and we are broke, the G7 is the club of the most indebted countries in the world, yet they tell the MP/Congressmen what laws to pass.

#1Hyld, Feb 22, 2016

Then to note that the Neo Cons were rabidly after him:

Who Will Win the War Between Trump & The Neocons?

.....................A domestic underground war has thus long been raging between Trump and the neoconservatives (the people who want to resume the Cold War as being now a hot war against Russia by overthrowing all governments -- e.g., Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Viktor Yanukovych, Bashar al-Assad -- favorable toward Russia). It has been raging ever since Trump made clear early this year that he wanted to stop Obama's war in Syria against Assad and Putin, and start a real war against all of the many jihadist groups that are trying to overthrow the secular Assad, and to eliminate jihadists in every country except the ones that are supporting them, which then would constitute state sponsors of jihadism and thus enemies of the United States. This is a war about war.

This war is right now coming to a head with the breaking-off, on Tuesday November 15th, of Trump's conciliatory efforts to win the cooperation of the neocons, which group includes virtually the entire Republican Party foreign-affairs Establishment, both military and diplomatic, plus most of the Democratic Party's foreign-affairs Establishment. These two 'Establishments' are actually two teams of one Establishment, and they are, now, after three successive neoconservative U.S. Presidents (Bush, Clinton, and Obama), almost entirely neoconservatives, especially on the Republican side (the Bush side).....

And then:

Have NeoCons defeated Trump?

An insight by former top US Military analyst "The Saker"

The Neocons and the "deep state" have neutered the Trump Presidency, it's over folks!

I think it is now safe to say that Trump has been neutered....all the nationalists (the one with some brain and plan) have been kicked out, one by one, he is left with the Military-Industrial-neocons crappy Generals and the Zionists (his son in law etc.), all of them pro immigration, pro globalisation, pro war etc etc. THE SWAMP.

Now the man did try his best (not that I agree with most of the things he says, but at least he challenged the Swamp), but  how can you expect to defeat the most powerful and enriched lobbies and cliques that have long taken over the most powerful country on earth (and the UK) ...this started long ago, but picked up under LB Johnson and gathered momentum under all the following Presidents.

US (and by infection the entire west) is morally, demographically  and economically doomed, I just hope the cockroaches that still run it (behind the scenes), do not end up causing a world war.

Trump was barking like a frustrated lunatic at the UN (and also trying to please his "friend" Merchant of Venice Nethanyahu), he seems like the guy who lost wife, house and job and looks for fights with whoever walks close to him.

PS.  Here is a great article bu an ex US officer that explains how the US gets the worst possible deal when it promotes it's top Generals:
'How America selects its generals'

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
Ladies, LADIES, please
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
I wished the best for RoA (paid my "Legend" fee), tried to give them some advise, initially spent most time on their boards rather than here...slowly I moved here and paid two accounts because having played DFO (as a perma noob) from the very start until the very end, having tried DFUW, having noticed BPG's vision (or lack of) I became confident that it will not survive.

Obviously we are far from sure that DnD will be a success or even run on the long term, but as a person who owns a business I can tell you that there is no other way to run a venture like this and Ub3rgames are quite professional and, I believe, are trying to find a right balance in everything.

My DnD accounts are still active but currently I pop in only the odd time in either, this is due to rl and other load but also because I am waiting for a more final set up, as I really have no time (nor the capacity) to learn and unlearn new setups/bindings etc etc.
I think many are in this mindset.

The Quran teaches men the correct way to strike women when they attempt to be equal.  Normally I would say to judge people on an individual level, but it's in the fucking Brown Bible. 

I am no expert of the Quran (not the Bible for that matter) nor feel a specific urge to defend it (the witty and knowledgeable Swing would have done a great job in this), however there is always a lot of whataboutery and cherry picking when a person, a group. a religion etc is under the spotlight, even if for good reasons.

"Equal" to what? There is nothing equal, we are all different, people within a sex, sexes within a race/species and so on, religions between humanity etc.  Yes we do have "similarities", but they do not make us (mathematically) equal. We might be brothers and sisters (and in a way also with every animal and, in an evolutionary sense, also with any plant and even with the materia that forms the universe, as Brian Cox would remind us), but the differences are there for a reason.

Having said this, I am no fan of any mass immigration of a fairly different culture/religion/ethnic group etc to any country as it has always ended up creating ghettos and undermining the host fact most countries in the world recognize this and actively and forcefully protect their borders, however the west seems to have been sleepwalked into disregarding its own laws and even inviting millions of heterogenic people to rush in. However not all European countries have been fooled...

Hungary credits razor wire border fence for almost 100 percent drop in illegal migration

Obviously defending its sovereignty means that Hungary goes on the blacklist of the Soros puppeteer-ed EU and all the lefty "humanitarian" ngo's that he and other usurers fund for a very callous agenda.