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@fitteslim @Hyld and this is why i posted.

make you guys down in your own tears over a post i made, after being told the solution to your problem.

its so funny that you guys are supposed to be adults.
babies more like. just want an opportunity cry.

So this person made a post on a forum of a game he openly dislikes in order to ...''hurt'' the feelings of people he has never met in his life....

I am telling you Ub3rgames, get rid of immature people that clearly have personal issues and are not even playing the game....

you pussies need go suck a dick seriously if other peoples opinions are affecting you this much, cant believe people are asking to be censored. yet they all are advocating racial hatred and war.

hypocrisy at its finest.

Why am I even replying to you? For the new players that might bump here by mistake.

Your trash language is itself proof of how down this forum (and our society) has gone.

"Opinions" ? typing, trolling, spamming, trash language are NOT opinions

Censorship is curbing on IDEAS not putting the little arrogant thugs in the naughty corner....

But honestly it is not your fault, our society has gone so down..... the media in general is more inspired by "hooded rap", Love Island and other troglodyte MTV type of stuff than anything valuable.

There are only a few dumb wannabe gangsta left in the yard...most decent people, most people with an IQ higher than 60 are not wasting their time here anymore.....congratulations you are now kings of the basketball court....evidence is the trash in the corners and the smell of weed....enjoy.

Most people are totally or partially avoiding these forums from a long time; in game chat channels new players were many times advised to avoid these forums as being toxic; as I already stated, if there is anything Ub3rgames did wrong (or avoided to do) is to moderate this forum.

On the other side moderation is very tricky, AV chose the "go with the latest trend" attitude, put a couple of SJW cretins in charge and they mindlessly ended up following the current western wimpy/lefty/spineless format: curb free speech (unless it conforms to the crappy Soros/Hollywood mantras) but leave childish name calling, personal insults and even rl threats unchallenged...(imo, to pretend that they do not actually censor the forum and, of course, due to the standard Stockholm syndrome of all wimpy types, they feel that any thug has "a right to express himself because he must have been an underprivileged person"...this is only my analysis on this, of course).

Is this "laissez Faire" attitude adopted by Ub3rgames the only possible way?

For me that childish and obsessive fools like Seronys have been allowed to post more than 10 times without being permanently banned is a sign of closing both eyes and letting a forum rot away...


Intelligent and ironic video...

Although things are complex, "only truth can be hurtful", that is precisely why the politically correct cretins are programmed by Soros and other scum globalists to whinge each time some painful truth risks to prove how naked is the Emperor....

General Discussion / Re: The Content thread
Asheron's call had some meaningful quest lines that took time and compelled you to go in different areas that were far from each other, refining ore, delivering items etc, all connected in a fairly long chain of tasks....perhaps a "temporarily" (1 week) no drop item or an overpowered (but low durability) weapon as reward

Other content could be a sort of racial based weekly "siege"(like) event (or maybe two events, so that players in different time zones can participate at at least one of them), that will give the winning side meditation and some rare mats....with a racial tower guarded gathering place for each race and then a starting time and one specific objective for all to fight over.

And here is CNN finding the Chemical Weapons!!! even inhaling them...HERE IS THE PROOF, ROFL:

But here we see one of the children in the video who has "survived" the deadly chemical attack:

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: These forums are cancer
If there is something Ub3rgames has done wrong, is to fail to clamp down on the dumb/trashy spammers that have ruined this forum.

A forum is one of the vital parts of any community/project....the poisonous air that (initially) a few kids have been allowed to spout has spread to many dimwits and affected many players and certainly dissuaded many returning or new players to join or at least tainted the game in their mind.

Trashy behavior never goes away by encouraging/hugging the bullies or ignoring them, it has to be dealt immediately and in a surgical way...this hippy/lefty do gooder attitude to let every little punk "express" his immaturity is sadly now rife in our society with detrimental and exponential effects...just look at our schools ...but do not get me started, you got the picture and this is to say that it is not all Ub3r's fault, this is a common attitude now to appease those who should be put in their place like in the good old times....nevertheless I sense that the huge (and permanent) damage this has done to the game has yet to be appreciated by Ubergames


British ex-navy CHIEF questions Syria 'evidence'

So on one side we have all the top British Military commanders ( the ones in charge are NOT allowed to comment on the government lies), former British Ambassador to Syria claiming that there is NO EVIDENCE and NO LOGIC in these accusations ....on the other side we have  western governments that have been caught lying on Iraq, Libya etc. stating that they have "proofs" that no one can ever verify and have to bomb BEFORE any inspectors can verify anything.

These are the people now surrounding Trump: thugs that have threatened the previous UN Inspectors when they were not repeting US-Uk lies on Iraq:

Former United Nations ambassador and newly designated national security adviser John Bolton reportedly made an implicit threat to Jose Bustani (then director general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), was trying to negotiate with Iraq and Libya to allow chemical weapons inspectors into their borders and to have them agree to destroy their chemical weapons during the lead-up to the Iraq War in 2002)

"We know where your kids live," he is said to have told the diplomat.

Alright, I humored you for once and chewed through the whole interview and it was basicly this:

So a reporter who doesn't know what facts are was escorted by government officials, interviewing people through an interpetor without recording.

Sounds trustworthy.

You sound AMMURRIKAN= blindly believes to be the "good guys" because so relentlessly tells them their local media/hollywood, nomatter how many times their government has been caught openly lying to start disastrous wars...this journalist, differently from the MSM that sits in the US/UK, is IN the city and, if you actually listen, he also goes WITHOUT any supervision...

Here is another article, this time from world renowned Robert Fisk (who I suspect you have never heard of), on the ground:

Already posted, but more relevant here:

Former UK Ambassador to Syria (Peter Ford) Dropping Truth Bombs on BBC Radio Scotland

And here is again Former UK Ambassador to Syria (Peter Ford) on BBC Breakfast 12/4/2018

Tucker Carlson nails it:

The way you format your posts is completely trash.

I care about FACTS, I leave formats, shiny videos, Kardashians, weed, Rap, MSM spoon feeding to the average imbecile.

Here are a few very recent enlightening videos where the US-UK  fake/propaganda MSM is taken by surprise and tries to shut down...about ANOTHER UK-US fabricated case:

Sky News cuts off the former commander of British Armed Forces in Iraq during Syria discussion

Former UK Ambassador to Syria (Peter Ford) Dropping Truth Bombs on BBC Radio Scotland

And here is again Former UK Ambassador to Syria (Peter Ford) on BBC Breakfast 12/4/2018

Tucker Carlson nails it:


Update II:
The Skripals, who were allegedly subjected to one of the most LETHAL chemical weapons every produced, called WMD by the Brit "statesmen/women", for which there were no antidotes, are "miraculously" getting better

Novichok is reported to be 5-8 times more lethal than VX nerve agent and effects are rapid, usually within 30 seconds to 2 minutes



Poisoned Russian agent Sergei Skripal recovering rapidly, hospital says

ooops, these "Russian" killers are very clumsy, the targets survive, but the Pets dehydration and"stress"

Sergei Skripal's pets die after investigators sealed off home despite vet warning

So "hundreds" of highly trained investigators, able to give near certain assurance of culpability to May and Johnson, when  visiting the house of the victims forgot to give some water to the guinea pigs who ended up dying (and destroyed) ...also the cat was put down...because "distressed"...perhaps these animals would have been useful ALIVE for taking samples of contamination......oh well, when you already know the "truth", you do not need proofs ....

Oh look

Yulia Skripal's cousin Viktoria denied UK visa to visit poisoned relatives in hospital

The affair gets more and more fishy...


Western (the so called "FiveEyes": US+Canada+Australia+NewZealand+UK) Democracy is a Oligarchy run system that loves to call others Oligarch run, it is a centrally managed, manipulated and scripted regime covered by a fig leaf of meaningless "elections" that calls other countries "regimes"...the very source of fake news, calling others "fake news" producers.....

Here are a couple of more colorful examples:

Update (I am really enjoying this):
(UK) Foreign Office deleting tweets!!!

"UK Foreign Office denies claiming nerve agent from Russia, despite tweet and Boris Johnson interview"

"Skripal poisoning: deleted Foreign Office tweet leads to awkward questions"

Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray informed us days ago that the British Government was trying to force the UK Lab to confirm their "story", but, we now know, unsuccessfully:

"I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve agent as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so..."

That is why dumb Uk Foreign Minister BoJo opened his mouth too soon, thinking that the UK Gov Lab would be forced to support the British fabrication oops "version",

Better not get into this stuff, they probably remember their predecessor killed by Blair's henchmen oops "killed himself", (Remember previous US-UK lies about WMD in Iraq?)

BREAKING NEWS: Porton Down experts say they CANNOT prove nerve agent used to poison spy was from Russia

Experts say they cannot confirm nerve agent used to poison spy was from Russia
Gary Aitkenhead is the chief executive of the Porton Down defence laboratory
He said Russia is 'not verified the precise source' of the Novichok nerve agent
Added that its deployment was 'probably only within capability of a state actor'

Usual Anglo American (read: Rothschild/Wallstreet/CityofLondon Finance puppets) lies/fabrications/deception/wars

Remember buffoon Johnson, the iconic UK Foreign Minister, claimed Portadwon told him CATEGORICALLY:

Question: You argue that the source of this nerve agent, Novichok, is Russia. How did you manage to find it out so quickly? Does Britain possess samples of it?
Reply: Let me be clear with you ... When I look at the evidence, I mean the people from Porton Down, the laboratory ...
Question:So they have the samples ...
Reply: They do. And they were absolutely categorical and I asked the guy myself, I said, "Are you sure?" And he said there's no doubt.

What a clown, usual criminals, the same "alliance" that faked WMD to destroy Iraq and then fabricated more lies to destroy Libya, Syria, you name it, the same that caused millions to flee to Europe....

But check how the corrupt/complicit Western media will avoid to spam this in first page etc etc. the USUK narrative that Putin is a monster must not be challenged....the masses already "know" who is the Villain...all the dumb headlines based on rumours work well on the average fool.