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General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
nah, just maintenance. I thought at least bindstone quest patch..

 what a fucking moron
General Discussion / Re: May I ask something pls?
games dead pal.
General Discussion / Re: Who is our new overlord?
Marc was arrested, but the yellow vests broke him out, he has now gone to syria to fight for ISIS after growing hateful of the French government for taxing him.
General Discussion / Re: So they bought it.....
This guy sounds like he probably has to have someone on hand 24/7 to stop him eating his own shit.
General Discussion / Re: Fall in love Darkfall
games dead
General Discussion / Re: Here it is (rough copy-paste)
games dead.
General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
lol games dead
General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
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As if anyone who plays DF gets laid.
General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
You cant hire a delivery driver for 20k in the states. Hell the left is pushing for 15 dollars an hour min wage which is a little more than 30k a year.

$30k is minimum wage in Europe 

yeah thats wrong.
at this point im just going to be surprised if the dev team havent all overdose in some small dingy basement flat in Paris huddled around an old server chugging away with DND running on it, OVERDUE and FINAL WARNING letters piling up at the door from the electric company...and soon....the electric will go off.
to anyone who play DFO 100+ is dead. thats less than small hamlet clans used to have in the early days.

What's your point?  I'm not playing RoA but that game is actively being developed still and seems sustainable, especially with the freemium model in the works.   I don't like RoA's core design, but it seems it's going to be the only Darkfall game left.  American pragmatism wins over European idealization over and over again.

We have no credible reason at this time to believe DND has any future.   Judging by the PvE journal, there are maybe 10 people a day logging in, other than the house refreshers, or those doing nostalgia ride arounds.  There's not been a material update on DND's future in 6 months. Nobody wants to put in time when there's good reason to suspect an imminent shut down or, to be "hopeful",  may be a radical overhaul in some way, but that may require a wipe and full relaunch. 

Point is its still dead, just less dead than DND. I'm not gunna eat a slightly less smelly shit because the original game i backed (DND)  turned to a smellier shit.

Its like pick one of three...a kick in the dick (dnd), a slap in the face (roa) or a nice enjoyable walk in the park (literally anything else).

lol 100 + player siege, village cap whit over 15 players still.

dumb ass nigger fake news thread.

stay in DnD where the Dev are actually dead

to anyone who play DFO 100+ is dead. thats less than small hamlet clans used to have in the early days.
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
He fixed the journal and we do have progress. He now even visit the forums once a week in the morning before he goes to his real job.

has he confirmed that the game is no longer in development then?
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
im just here for the "told you so's"