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at this point im just going to be surprised if the dev team havent all overdose in some small dingy basement flat in Paris huddled around an old server chugging away with DND running on it, OVERDUE and FINAL WARNING letters piling up at the door from the electric company...and soon....the electric will go off.
to anyone who play DFO 100+ is dead. thats less than small hamlet clans used to have in the early days.

What's your point?  I'm not playing RoA but that game is actively being developed still and seems sustainable, especially with the freemium model in the works.   I don't like RoA's core design, but it seems it's going to be the only Darkfall game left.  American pragmatism wins over European idealization over and over again.

We have no credible reason at this time to believe DND has any future.   Judging by the PvE journal, there are maybe 10 people a day logging in, other than the house refreshers, or those doing nostalgia ride arounds.  There's not been a material update on DND's future in 6 months. Nobody wants to put in time when there's good reason to suspect an imminent shut down or, to be "hopeful",  may be a radical overhaul in some way, but that may require a wipe and full relaunch. 

Point is its still dead, just less dead than DND. I'm not gunna eat a slightly less smelly shit because the original game i backed (DND)  turned to a smellier shit.

Its like pick one of three...a kick in the dick (dnd), a slap in the face (roa) or a nice enjoyable walk in the park (literally anything else).

lol 100 + player siege, village cap whit over 15 players still.

dumb ass nigger fake news thread.

stay in DnD where the Dev are actually dead

to anyone who play DFO 100+ is dead. thats less than small hamlet clans used to have in the early days.
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
He fixed the journal and we do have progress. He now even visit the forums once a week in the morning before he goes to his real job.

has he confirmed that the game is no longer in development then?
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
im just here for the "told you so's"
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
What's wrong with Ivar? He is pathologically negative about everything. Does he have some mental issues?
Is Ivar from Poland?

To address the current PvP, servers are too laggy for anything truly enjoyable. Lighthouses can bug out entire servers. Player count doesn't matter. I've had smooth gameplay with 130+on the server and horrific lag with 60 on the server. There are clearly optimization issues. But that's early access... Hopefully devs learned their lessons with ark and this all clears up before official launch. It was shitty to play through the turret restriction back then. But ark servers aren't nearly laggy like this with 70 players.
sounds great

Why would pve oriented Atlas fanboys choose Darkfall forums to talk about this game is beyond me.

Coz this games dead so we'll do what the fuck we want.

Get dunked on.
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Listen Poindexter... You can keep playing games by reading reviews and running analytics. Meanwhile the rest of us will be having fun in our badly reviewed games. You're one hell of a band waggon weak minded bitch. Keep on dunking!

Edit to add: you played it briefly and did what? Punched a cow? There's a lot of meat after the Ark start. But honestly, I don't want you to play. I want you to just be you and hate everything forever.

"rest of us" lols. Yaaaaa, ok. Its just me the ~edgelord~ saying Atlas is a giant piece of shit cash grab.

/Enjoy your early access paid DC in 6 months and I loaded in. Died. Crashed. Did some deep sea swimming. It was amaaaazing.

Damn guys, thanks for the good replies (especially @Pallist Horror). Seems reviews are slowly going up.

It looks fun and it is nice to hear some good with the bad. Sounds a bit like a hard-core game in regards to time invested if you do not play with a larger/(mid?) group. Will probably try it at some point but my goal has always been to play casual since I don't really have that many hours available each week. With DF it was quite possible to have a lot of fun with only 10h. Hopefully the other games I've backed will be more casual even though they do not sound nearly as fun.

@Ivar_theBoneless I'm not all that concerned with right and wrong in regards to game launch, my only goal is to be able to play a nice game with some kind of progression that doesn't rob me of it after 6 months. I understand that people feel it is shitty for companies to release a bad product while taking money for it, but if that money can improve the game to something I'd be able to enjoy then I have no problem paying. The atlas money is worth 15-20 mins of consulting time for me, I can live with loosing that based on faith. I get the sentiment and principle behind it though, it is just a lot easier for me to act in a pragmatic manner instead of being mad I lost 20 mins of my life.

But like someone said a while back, I suspect that I'm getting too old for this shit, and I really don't want to be :/

Its not that I do not love the idea or willing to put up with AE bullshittiery *coug* look at New Dawn. I do not like the lies to get me to buy = trailer vs. current play. Its hard for me to get past that. Fallout 76 is the same thing, bullshit lies and fake trailer up front, I buy it and its giant POS in reality. The only way that Atlas trailer was made with in game footage is Jesus came down to earth, died on a cross in their office and Grapeshot games used his blood on the servers to temporarily fix their giant pile of shit code.

You want an example of what an early access game that is worthing paying should look like? Escape from Tarkov is fucking awesome. I've been saying this awhile now, except for the net code problems period early this year, but they are fixed and just released another set of maps. Only game that comes close to Darkfall in the feels. Full loot, very technical, very high skill ceiling, character progression and not trying to be the next Halo clone fortnight.

Edit- confirmed what @AbusiveLover said, you could just take somebody shit if they're like an NA time zone Clan and they're all at work. Ahajahahah I might have to play just for the horrific griefing

I was a big support of Tarkov, but its become a complete fucking joke of a game.

It was more fun to play about a year or more ago than it is now, much like DFO the devs completely ignore the playerbase.

Hackers are rampant, and i mean RAMPANT. I have a close friend IRL who hacks on it, and says he see's another hacker most games. They even have a hacker ESP wiggle, to make sure they dont kill eachother. Most of the smart ones just use ESP to avoid people and loot up (since they can see allthe loot on the map) or lay in wait for high value targets and mow them down.

Tarkovs current armour system is just a bullet sponge system that punishes the living hell out of anyone new. Since you can literally unload full mags into people and they will just ADAD towards you soaking up bullets and slot you in the face. I regularily see 300-500 range of damage absorbed by armour on post game stats.

I actually have more fun playing atlas than Tarkov, although thats simply because i have buddies playing atlas.
Atlas is trash, have been playing it since xmas with an american group as part of a chinese alliance to get involved with the big ship battles.

Its just a shitty ark reskin, 3hours to take a raft, 15 mins to claim someones land + everything on it?

can literaly wipe an entire island out in their sleep by just walking over it claiming everything they have claimed.

Its basically a game of who can hit who while theyre AFK. you can even sink someones ship in about 5 mins using fire.

Games....shit tbh. Its fun with friends but still shit
General Discussion / Re: Did Ubergames give up on DND?
Games deader than Ivar once his wife finds out he's been bragging about her big tits online
Yeah guys I post here daily like Ivar yet I haven't been logged in game since April. The best part about it is Ivar already knows the last time I logged into game was on Sep. 27th when he was at a "bar" with "friends" with his face buried in the new dawn discord while one of the best NFL performances was happening on the tv screens right in front of him.

Stay ez Ivar and keep the posts rolling, shit is treasure for me

Ivar has literally no clue who I am in game so how he knows when i last played is amazing.

Maybe i'm playing right now Ivar? Maybe iv been playing with you all this time?

Ok the second ones a stretch, I dont play with retards.
DavidMup up in here with better content than Ivar tbh
The fall of Ivar from full blown Ub3r nutgobbler to wild eyed hateful fanatic is amazing. 10/10 top kek
The quality of posts in here has improved hugely over the last couple days
I'm going to leave this open to you guys.  Why so silent?  What is there to hide?  It's obvious the game is dying.

- probably attempting save what work he's invested (3 years) by getting out of liquidation which could take months before he knows for sure. Marc treats interactions with his players like he's talking to somebody in real life face to face about a situation or in this case a game that you both care about. You can't do that.

The easiest way I can describe it is @Ub3rgames  Mark is the guy in Rust who is shocked and gets upset when the other naked guy is running down the beach trying to kill him with a rock, while Mark screams "why are you trying to kill me there's no reason to!". You can attempt to make other people happy on the internet but you're just going to get your head smashed in. You just got to do your thing and not give a fuck about what other people think.

So when marc finally figures out if he can get out of liquidation or not I assume that's when we will hear from them.

Thats also not how you run a company.

Communication is key.