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Would you be interested in selling me Taint of Khamset? Would you be interested in Onclysusian corpseflesh?
Trade / Re: WTB House deed or cottage deed
Deed bought. If anyone has any others I may purchase in case I lose my current home to taxes.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Unholly sithra
I am willing to bet leather increases the damage for sure. AFAIK, sithras are just transmutes. If it works on trasnmutes it should work on sithras.

hopefully not as bad as the greeks, looks like only 1 month versus 4
you mean 1 week... for the lucky ones... many don't get more than 3-5 days...
Greeks aren't lazy as people portray them...

We never disliked Greeks for being lazy, people said that out of nuisance. We disliked AV due to their greasy business practices. Also the Greek riots during that time didn't help the outsider's view.
PM me for siege tips. You guys could have won the bloodscar siege. You just don't know why or how. I can help!

Bugs & Feedbacks / Buff Cobra durability
It burns extremely fast. I get the balance of speed vs magnitude, but I get about 1/3 of the use I do with a cobra than a normal r80.
Suggestions / Re: upkeep / city costs
Crafting and upkeep are two separate but not equal beasts. Let me tell you this, when they start charging a sub, keeping multiple holdings is going to be a chore with the current VCP timers.
Suggestions / Re: abandoned holdings
We have like 17 holdings, what's a few more? Where are they?
Suggestions / Re: Siege changes
Shouldn't have to destroy any walls. Sieges should be from a walled city to an attacking force. This whole defend the stone for an hr is dogpoo.

That's how shadowbane was and I 100% agree. It didn't just make holdings useful, it made built up holdings an advantage and a necessity for larger clans. Aventurine took so much from that game but forgot to take more.
So hamlets were supposed to be defendable by a small force, that was the intent anyway. Even if you could hide your stone from canon fire, with the current class fall you couldn't stop a mounted rush to spike the siege stone.

Cities have a bit more freedom with 2 stones with a larger health pool, those you have to ninja with canons.

So the real issue isn't just making hamlets easier for a large group to take, but overseeing the siege system all together. It isn't great.

Also, we don't have warhulks which is the thing you use to guard siege stones. WHERE THE HELL ARE WARHULKS!!!???

General Discussion / Re: Honest review of DND
I think we're all on the same page about DF ND man, they seem to have their own agenda and don't listen to players.

Edit: I looked at the link, I am just confused now...
Don't be mad pumpkin. We'll only bring 7 "guilds" tomorrow.  Just the ones you've openly declared war on and said "Come at me" to.  Why cry when it's literally what you asked for?

I am at war with 2 guilds. I should war the others, can I get a list? RSVP this shit.
didn't you just take this?
Kids talk massive shit, then cry about numbers when they outnumbered. Sore winner and sore losers. Typical.

Too bad I can't take nightspire from you guys to show you how it's done. You have 0 useful holdings. :(

BTW, how many more guilds are you bringing to this next one?