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We tried to help this game succeed. The players could only do so much. Fuck @Ub3rgames.

Peace ladies
Changes made since this? 0.

Game is perfect and thriving!
General Discussion / Re: Get Ready For...
Classic WoW Summer '19!
General Discussion / Re: I talked to Marc
Marc told me he bet the company payroll and the tax money at the dog track. He told me he was a dog person and the handler told him the win was a sure thing.
I needz it
General Discussion / Re: Yssam Bindstone Quests
Make a clan, make 10 building mods, buy clan shard, claim city, build bank, recover stuff, drop city, drop clan. @Niburu
Hardest part is finding 10 peope to join your clan to claim the city.
General Discussion / Re: Yssam Bindstone Quests
cut them some slack guys at least they made all magic schools viable and have a unique flavor. Its nice being able to pick from a whole slew of useful spells.
General Discussion / Re: niggers
thats a good way to verify no one is modding this shit anymore rofl
I was gonna say javazon...
General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET sounds like more porn spam....
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
how many houses have names on them still?
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
According to my moderater warning from Sept 28th the patch should be going live early next week. They are just waiting for certain "results"
General Discussion / The only question worth asking
Horde or Alliance?
for all that is holy GIVE THIS GUY A DEED
General Discussion / Re: So they bought it.....
I know, I forgot to explicitly include you in the famous Kretyns(tm) list and you got upset...sorry about that.

That's right bitch, credit where credits due. I worked hard to take from you everything you hold dear. This game was all that you had and

Nice job guys! We ruined Hyld's life.