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General Discussion / Re: Resubbed - How're Things?
that's real power right there
General Discussion / Forums are dead
General Discussion / Re: The state of ForumFall
You lost your shit towards the end
lol this
The devs are giving the project a last shot by focusing last resources on NPE.
Heh WTF did Ub3rgames hijack my thread? Where's the original pool at?!
Not sure why is that, but to me it looks like game became healthier and forum became healthier since they do not post here. My guess would be that their stubbornness and their inability to understand how some mechanics feel in game or influence other areas were frustrating to many that actively played and not just looked at numbers. And possibly the same applies to other side. As we are all a little bit alike I guess, judging by a game choice. :) They have done good things for darkfall, and I must admit, getting off forums is another one of those things. I like it.

Of course communication on paper seems like a better choice, but somehow in this case communication felt worse than what we have now. Patch notes and occasional question (starting a discussion they are interested in) without any interference from them will be more than enough for me.

Hope they read the forum though.

Have you read these forums? Its possibly the most unhealthy forum i have ever seen for a game.
Have you ever seen a forum with that many dissapointed people though in one place?
Just putting this out there
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: I have returned
General Discussion / Re: CREDO
Rich morons
or "soon to be broke" morons
:D  :D  ;)

Df will not make the end of this year, slow progression ended this version. Great plans by the devs but yiu cant spend 3-4 years redeveloping an old game.

They had their chance but they fucked it up.
They did a huge mistake by rushing launching and are kind of tryign to backpedal out of that by pretending it wasn't one
Got bored after 2mins watching, looks like an overextended video. Also player made content and those signs look very cringy while the video is trying to portray a serious vibe.
General Discussion / Re: ded
mod is alive at least, vacation is over
General Discussion / Re: ded
no u