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we tried and hated how the island looked,

Because alfar lands are pretty, right? :D

tbh, alfar lands are less dead looking than cairn, everything is burnt to a crisp on cairn.... it's even more demoralising than alfar lands, which didn't think was possible, there's fuck all colour, lol.

the maddest part i rage over is carin has 0 herb bushes i cant get strawberries or blue berries for my fucking colored bag!!!!!!!!  FOOK!
Carin has 3 or 4 herb bushed.
All at Gunseran.
3 or 4 too many. Cairn is very anti-communist / anti-socialist, it's better to leave your sickles in mainland.
you are just too bad to play non-mage
Close the forums down
Media Highlights / Re: You killed chiken
so you can now whirlwind and start blocking while the animation is still going?

nice to see 1h/shield being viable but it is painful to watch though
General Discussion / Re: alliances
It's on the roadmap though, so you got that going, which is nice
Trade / Re: WTB race change token!
I should have one, price: 0.1 BTC
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: BlackMeat Bonekiller
Game is dead
Suggestions / Re: easy champions and selentine keys
There are chests that are unguarded. Just load all your keys and leave your char overnight for a macro to hand them all in.
General Discussion / Re: Population IS RISING UP!
Putting game on steam would result in similar to marketing the game in current state - waste of money.
Suggestions / Re: Make meditation free
Not a bad idea in general, however just removing the cost would cause a lot of other problems as a lot of the underlying features depend on it (from UpKeep to planned negative-sum PvP in the future). Changing direction regarding this would probably cost too much resources for Ub3rgames without much actual gain.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: BlackMeat Bonekiller
Best thread.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Andruck siege
p.s. it's Andruk