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are you considering moderation by the year 2025 ?
you are here to advertise roa

ps: fuck you
to the OP: local banking is working already, an advice for you STFU about it
And what if I not "STFU about it"? Guess there is nothing you could do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fucking retard.

I concur, yesterday there was a new player in chat said he'd been looking for "noob on noob pvp" said he'd been riding around for ages and not found anything. He got lots of advice but most of it entails being an experienced vet. So the big problem I see right now is that there is no entry level pvp. Personally I think this will only come when there is more pve content.
Yes. Agree. "Entry level PvP" comes when there are lots of new players, like back then when Darkfall Online originally launched.

then QQ more about it but nothing will change.  Fucking retard.

Hey guys im playing this game called darkfall it has everything local , bank ,markets ,respawn, resources but local banks dont work because i lose everything when i die while carrying them, i cant go to sieges from ruby to yssam. yea local banks not working guys..

learn to play/adapt issue.. moronic that you include that in the original post
Dungeon quests you can do everyday, also hourly quests , also meat delivery quests.

more can be added for crafters and gatherers i agree on that
@xzxDJxzx Terrorize
adding different activities for the sheep is not "making the game carebear"
an active fishing system like bdo (some ppl mostly fish in that game)
a better gathering system
an active trading-trade routes/trader title etc

basicly more activity for the people that are named "sheep" will increase the population a lot. can you deny that?

whats the consequence of this? more ppl to kill for PK players, notice i didnt say PVP

but seems like those kind of activites are not coming anytime soon so dunno why i am wasting my breath

to the OP: local banking is working already, an advice for you STFU about it
Suggestions / Re: Reset at 0:00 GMT
%100 agree on this suggestion

a server side reset "power hour" time needed
Suggestions / Re: dont do that
"please dont nerf my fire magic please"


inferno is as big as a truck
for small map maybe not, keep it until you got more on the way so you do 1-2 or 3 at once

Keys are great but gotta be lucky for a drop :D
Media Highlights / Re: Unexpected pvp during PH
whats your intensify/archemage/int here? those are huge balls
Media Highlights / Re: Some of Furghum Siege
still blue after all the fight, blank hits?
MMORPG mostly and some strategy
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Fair criticism
They went abit silent i have to say. Progress thread isnt updated.

Reminds me abit when DF 2010 was announced and before it was silent :-D

they updated the roadmap, but you are right, they could just copy paste
they are probably working to make magic ready before 2m ends,

hopefully greater magic can be renamed to infliction etc lol
but honestly i think they are trying to make graphical and sound changes for spells and schools thats why it takes longer
should have just moved them then change colors n sounds and balance
I am catching on after seeing how much they bumped eldrich sphere's damage. When will the test phase end?

noone bumped anything, it is cuz you have no arcane jewelry, pls use your brain
you were claiming some bs about explosion etc... lol
After some pretty heavy detective work I think I have discovered that Jake Paul is @SupremeBeing on the forums.

This guy never shuts up in racial alliance chat and he joins clans just to kill the crafters.

Definitely suffered childhood trauma, I suggest people steer clear of this dude.

most ppl aldready blocked him, let him talk to himself, what a moron