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Good vid but at 9min.... why is there no wall for you xD
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Champion: book & pots.
You say "As a mage, i'm mostly left in disappointment with the amount of combat book i get."
But combat books means "Non-crafting title books" so it is also a mage book in sort way... they are made for raising combat titles ( also magic schools) to level 50

You are right, but you talking long-term here.

In DnD, i still somewhat need to use all magic school. Fire has haste, earth has iron-skin, air has arrow-ward & tornado, infliction has shrapnel, witch-craft for mana drain and for some reason, you can still cycle lighting-strike+r50 fire nuke +. Right now, i want my magic to be unlocked and good. I'm not thinking about combat. Beside, in dnd, you can win with magic only from what i've seen.

IT's nice that i'm getting combat books, i only wish that the rate of getting combat and magic books was equal.

Shrapnel is raw magic and you dont rly want that since its a r90 now. Mana leech and drain both are arcane magic. Witchcraft has nothing of interest.

Important schools are air(arrow shield, tornado), arcane(mana leech), fire(haste spells), earth(stam leech, iron skin), spellchanting(general other heals).
Max out 1 magic school for dmg (preferably air/fire) and unlock the above spells and youre good to go.
I dont think global markets is a good idea. On the other hand i see no damn reason why there are 8 different markets in every racial area... they should just link them in their respective racial area. Maybe even link hintenfau, ottenhal and espenhal markets into one. They are close enough to each other anyway.
Crafting is not a different playstyle at the moment. Its a browser game like semi-afk activity that can add another goal to your characters progression which mostly isnt worth it hence people use alts. Prozessing wood, iron or leveling a craft with 1000s of trash weapons. Who in their right mind would do that on his main character?

Adding a industry titel slot might help solve crafting alt trend for people only wanting to concentrate on 1 craft as a sidegoal. But crafting in general is such a time consuming activity that you can hardly consider it an actual playstyle.
Media Highlights / Re: Quarendel Siege 1st video
And who are you?
Noone important I am afraid :( although having at least one person watching/healing the cannoneers back is a good idea at all times, and using a strongbox with a bit of preparation can avoid the naked issues. Take of this what you will, but try to learn from mistakes instead of blaming one roamer.
It's not that simple because if we wiped then the cannons would be left behind, but an alt you choose when to log in. If you carry them on you, then if you die they're gonna be used against you. People shit talk without thinking first...
The point is, if Rats wanna interfere like that, I'm sure they won't like it at all if we do the same. They'll basically never win a siege again...
Yes we dont mind you roaming with 1 or 2 guys and trying to loot. Youre welcome to try. Honestly, come show up with your whole siege force, that would be even more fun for us. We had sieges in indev were the fucking roamers were outnumbering siegeforces or straight up destroyed siege stones. If you think what i did is heavy interference youre being delusional.

The moment you chose to log in your alt you have to babysit him. And whoever has to controll him, cant fight properly. Better go for a hidden strongbox and an alt as an emergency tool. Protecting an alt is waaaay harder than a strongbox. Youre average roamer does not carry 50 b spikes on them and you can just replace it with new ones if it gets low.
Media Highlights / Re: Quarendel Siege 1st video
my roaming pov

was fun :p
around 12:40. That convo=full on wheelchair retarded.

How is it not interfering with a siege force if you try and fuck with their logistics? I mean it's clear what that naked alt has and still you gleefully try to sabotage?

To be fair i thought it would mostly have the looted gear and maybe some spikes etc and not all siege gear xD I mean come on, thats just being stupid.
Media Highlights / Re: Quarendel Siege 1st video
too many people were drunk and confused
Suggestions / Re: Fan's amazing counter siege idea
Yes yes i like wildnothings input. 30mins countersiege window sounds great!
Media Highlights / A few siege fights
Suggestions / Re: Fan's amazing counter siege idea
Which would cause the Sieging Clan to make an alt Clan to drop the Siege to protect their own Holding, which happens 1/2 the time now anyway.

When did that happen? Alt clans are too much of a hassle nowadays. And if you siege someone you obviously plan to have players online, so why shouldnt that open you up for countersieges for the siege time regardless of your primetimewindow.
Suggestions / Fan's amazing counter siege idea
When a clan drops a siege on someone they should automaticly be vulnerable to counter sieges even if their clan primetime is set outside of their siege drop.
General Discussion / Re: Mages, what are you specced in?
Besides witchcraft, spellchanting and raw, every magic school is useful (even those 3 can be useful in specific situations). Balance isnt far off. Its good enough i would say... the game doesnt need endless combat tweaks. Fix wof and we are good. If they rly wanna add some more combat changes besides that, they should concentrate on adding more melee and archery abilities.

Other than that fuck combat and concentrate and player retention, content (bindstone quests yes?), gui overhaul etc.
General Discussion / Re: Mages, what are you specced in?
Imagine stormblast having 20s cd. It would be impossible to melee a mage. But with the current 60s cd this skill is okay and not too strong since you can only rly use it in an emergency. Wof should be similar to this.