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only 3? :)
good fight at nymgate @epoch+AMD+loserkids
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Staff magnitude bugged?
the value from gear and title are multiplicative.
Dmg ... Damage value from staff, int, skills, spell level (see equation above)
Gear ... spell magnitude value from the trait on your robe/bone etc
Title ... modifier from title

final_dmg = dmg * (1+Gear/100) * (1+Title/100)

it does affact the aoe size as well.

to leveling:
the short answer is, no. use a slow staff.

only if you want to level your school you might want to take a blackbolt.
As soon as you want to level spells with cooldown the slightly faster casting speed is even less of a factor.
i maxed out every single spell in indev and i always use a robe and a slow staff when i level my magic.

the casting speed modifier from your robe and your title are multiplicative. this means a slow staff benefits more from it than a fast staff, same goes for hasten spells.
the casting time difference between a fast staff and a slow staff is smaller with hasten spells on and/or wearing a robe than when you compare them without the buff or the gear.

unfortunately there was a patch shortly before launch where they tweaked all the casting speeds so all my tested numbers are not up to date anymore.
i only updated the values for the medium staff in my detailed spell list.
all the tests i did about speed differences with the different staves with all kinds of spells and how hasten spells affects casting speed are all invalid now and i didn't have the time to redo them before indev was over.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Staff magnitude bugged?
r50s are affected too. i don't have any hard numbers because lightning strike moves the target so it's not easy to test but i notice the difference when i duel with a darkheart or a blackbolt.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Staff magnitude bugged?
to add to the nuke radius discussion:
using a blackbolt and a darkheart to cast exploding charge. crosshair and target were not moved.
on a direct hit:
blackbolt 22.47dmg
darkheart 26.16dmg
difference: 3.67 dmg
on the splash damage:
blackbolt 6.63 dmg
darkheart 12.4 dmg
difference: 5.77
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

this shows that the aoe radius is very much affected by magnitude.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Staff magnitude bugged?
magnitude has a linear correlation to damage.
the simplified formula is:

damage = k * staff_magnitude + d
the slope k is different for all kinds of spells.
the offset d includes the base damage, the bonus from spell level, school level, int and so on.
d is also different for all kinds of spells

i was too lazy to figure out k and d for all different spells during indev,

you are looking at low level staves so the d value is a lot more important than magnitude. once the magnitude values are a bit higher you will see bigger differences between a cobra staff and a corpsecaller

for a maxed character ball lightning has:
k = ~3.3
d = ~31.7
that means:
a cobra staff with 0.28 magnitude does ~32.6dmg
a corpsecaller with 1.61 magnitude does ~37 dmg

those values are from december 2017 and only represent a maxed naked char without titles hitting a naked target. i don't know if ub3rgames changed anything with the damage formula since then.
ja sind wir ;)
@CeliahAiley why would anyone need to pay siege costs? just abandon the holding and the other clan can claim it for the cost of one clan shard, i.e. 20k
General Discussion / Re: Fight EPOCH
Rekrutierung ist immer noch offen.
We moved out from erinthel with a group of 10 last night. We hit dag went to ottenhal to bank the gained loot and the emergency mounts. And then moved on to long march and finally andruk. At andruk we lost one guy who thanks to local respawn could spawn nearby and get regeared with looted gear.
With the old system the evening would have been over for him. 

On our way home we ran into a group of epoch, an encounter w e wouldn't even have had with instant travel. We lost that one and the guys who had died regeared in ottenhal and went home
We had one guy lose both his mounts and he had to buy one for 4500 gold

The tour was definitely more fun thanks to those changes you don't like
The more damage you do the better. No matter if it's because of better weapons debuff or mob weakness to your damage
Guides and Player Help / Re: How do I Side Step
Side step is useful in dnd
General Discussion / Re: Welcome to Magefall: New Dawn
Yeah studded armor is really expensive. And you can farm iron semi afk. Try farming enchanting mats semi afk
General Discussion / Re: Does spell reflect work?
Yes it works