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Shit talk us again see whats up
Who's us? No idea who you are.

And shit talk? Which part of that is shit talk? Lol.

It says in his Sig.

Dont know whos more of a retard, you or Mycke.

Don't see sigs on me phone. I'm sorry that I cant sit my fat ass in my moms basement all day long.

Nothing worse than someone on a minimun wage job talking down to kids that live at home.
Does wasting your life away in a factory make you feel special? Did your boss let you have a 5 miniute break to go talk to your friends on the forums?

You cant do simple maths, think alts are expensive, and argue that their cost is a deterrent to altfall, so you obviously dont have a job thats worth shouting about.


Forgot the meds ?
Media Highlights / Re: Aer Tithil siege
Thank you for video seem fun.
Aproved , I hope QoL patches come in :)
Media Highlights / Re: Share Gaming Setups
So you brought a shit TV and a shit pair of monitors? Then took it all and put it at the back of your mums garage? ROFL

Keep up the hard work m8 :clap:

The jealousy is real. QQ kiddo.

The two gsync enabled monitors I have I'm sure alone are worth more then your potato of a PC  : 0

I actually still live with my mum and dad.
I have a £10k PC/Media setup, that my parents brought me.
I fuck sluts and smoke weed while playing Darkfall all day.
Who's the real winner Kiddo?

Is it You? The guy spending 10hrs a day being somebodies slave?

Pics of bitches and woes and weed or shut the fuck up brah.
General Discussion / Re: Live Patch 1.3
Good patch keep it up Uber.

When are you bringing in fullscreen borderless windowed at 1920x1080?

This has been the standard for YEARS what the actual fuck?

I dont want to use a third party software that cheaters use.

Indeed , make it so plz.
General Discussion / Re: How many more months?
I dont think you even play or have the slightest clue what they have done, actually after reading your post im positive of it.
I don't follow what you mean if you're trying to say he's flat out wrong.

I'd say half (maybe even less than that) has been implemented

For the mentally impaired, the original post has no bolding, that bolding is his and is what he thinks they have done compared to not.

I started to, but then realized it was going to be too tedious since some things in schools were half changed, which you can tell by me stopping at earth. As it seems, most people didn't put any stock in that because they werent grasping at whatever straw they could find to discredit my post. But yeah everyone else is definitely mentally impaired because they didn't make the same pathetic inference that you did.

Even if what you said was correct, is the point of my post incorrect? They haven't implemented at least half of this and they posted it on February 1st. Most people assumed this stuff was around 2-4 weeks away at the time they posted it. Now we're halfway through April and we're at half-mast on arguably some of the least impactful changes to the game. Almost everything being developed here has to be changed due to the already terrible changes that Ub3r made in the first place, like making almost all magic utility useless. They had to put in months of development time to tweak those things just to make them useful once again and they're only half done.

I guess people dont see a problem with the slow dev game pace , you do maybe this isn't the game for you?I mean what is the purpose of your post?
What a low quality posting .
General Discussion / Re: Patch Friday - Discussion
Fire 100 title representing :)
Nuyur is accurate in his statement.
We chose to handle community management ourselves because it was the only way to have full knowledge/understanding on nearly each post.
It takes a lot of internal back and forth for every single reply, and it would be a lot more with someone not "trained" to the game and its community.
For context, just this reply took 1 hour to write.

However, the "taking feedback in" part is still being done.
We still read most if not all of what is being posted, since that workload can be spread regardless of the replying bottleneck.
You can see in our current tasks that we are addressing all of the concerns raised here or in game.

With that said, we hear that we're missed, and we miss interacting on the forums too.
We had to shift to a more "broadcast" oriented mindset due to the increased throughput of feedback to process.
Once these heavy in debate/QA patches are passed, we can hopefully get back to more regular chatting.

Well one thing you can do is ban some users for some days , for them to chill out.
General Discussion / Re: Patch Friday - Discussion
VCP chain breaking tweaks as outlined in the discussion on alts, with a reduction of rewards to be perceived closer in value/effort to dungeon dailies.

does this mean vcps are gonna drop like 5k gold and 3k meditation, or is it like when they said you can get the same amount from trolls?

Trolls give 5K gold and 3k meditation?
General Discussion / Re: Patch Friday - Discussion
well if they keep launching patchs each week iam happy, but prioritize magic,arac,contracts changes plz.
General Discussion / Re: ETA end is close!
on Sunday, I spoke to marc ingame for about 50mins, he said he would hopefully be updating us on monday which is long gone, and said hopefully patching for thursday if not next week sooo guess its all hopeful

Very professional addressing one player in PM's.

That is the reason he didnt post anything on forums , he spoke with deadlly.

are you considering moderation by the year 2025 ?

This ...Just moderate forums  or give it to the most sane known players to moderate , this forums are shitshow.
General Discussion / Re: Fix Titles
Just make it so that if you want you can freeze your combat titles for meditation and gold , when you change to other titles and make it cumulative.