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Games dead anyway, just go to one of the sub continents and solo cap 4 villages with no contest and be done for the week
Cute troll
General Discussion / Re: Dear Diary
Alfar own the entire sub continent of Yssam, and most of Cairn.
Wolves own most of the northwest territory.
Orks own most of the northeast.
I believe Human alliance owns a large amount of Niffleheim.
Rubiayat is pretty dead with a small mixture of all roaming around.
Pick a target and start a race war if you'd like.
A. They already said this is what they are working on
B. AV has been missing for weeks now, so writing to them directly is pointless.
C. Meditation is easily obtained on sub continents by just roaming around gathering chaos chests, farming Champion spawns, or doing daily dungeons.  1 dungeon will be enough meditation per day, 5 chaos chests, or a few champions. It's not difficult for even the most casual player to stay up on meditation if they want to.
D. Thanks for failing us AV.
Enclave literally gave me herpes and turned me into a cuck. I'm glad I got out of there while I still could or I might have turned full on Tranny like TerrorAx.
General Discussion / Re: Communication
They do not recycle the same garbage. Game has changed. It's simply not finished.
Yeah, it's strange they do not post anything. I don't think you threatening that you will go to RoA will change anything in that matter. All it changes is our perception of you.
Perception of me is entirely irrelevant. I am not the only one that is overly frustrated at the lack of communication.  Sure, not everyone else wants to jump ship to Rise of Agon, but regardless where they go, they won't be here.  I'm making two points with this thread - This game was licensed out to two companies, who are vastly different in their approach (One communicating and one saying fuck you), and the approach that Ub3rgames is taking is certainly going to kill off what remaining base it has.
General Discussion / Re: Communication
If you are so "CreZee" why do you sound like you are about to cry?
Eh, it's a play on words with my initials. CRE. I'm not about to cry, I just find it utterly disappointing that so called Darkfall players wanted to buy this license because they saw the problems AV had and could fix them, but then they recycle the same garbage.
Don't be mad pumpkin. We'll only bring 7 "guilds" tomorrow.  Just the ones you've openly declared war on and said "Come at me" to.  Why cry when it's literally what you asked for?
General Discussion / Communication
I'm honestly considering going to Rise of Agon at this point, purely for the fact that their dev team actually interacts with the playerbase.  They are constantly discussing things with members in the Discord, they respond to forums, and they are still patching.

@Ub3rgames you are going to start losing your members extremely soon if you don't get your shit together. I don't know if this is EU mentality or what, but how you guys handle your customer interaction is EXACTLY like Aventurine, and it's sickening.

Step it up nerds.
Media Highlights / Sunstone Island siege
Sorry my PC doesn't like Darkfall. Sorry I record with an open mic. Sorry I have awful editing skills. Sorry I suck at PvP.  Last but not least.. I'm not actually sorry, suck it.
I think it's funny Enclave trying to talk numbers or "coalition" or any other nonsense. Not only did they field in one clan more than Sedition or Garbage Men + Affiliated Mandrake Dealers could, but they also had their allies help (Mooninites & Sinners and Saints).  Give me a break with this numbers game. It's entirely irrelevant to why we lost or they won.  I agree with Dread that it was just poor planning, because we are new to the siege mechanics.  However, I can promise by the end of the war, noone will be new to the mechanics and that won't be an excuse again. 

See you all on the battlefield :)
Gf was fun wish we brought more guys for a better fight :( but that survival game tho!
Yeah, always wish we could bring more, right? Oh well. Looks like game is starting to pick up some new players from the looks of the last few videos. That's good news!  Good fights today, look forward to more(though I wish you guys had some mages so I could get some gear for me :P)
Just another Pee vee pee video in this dead game.  MAGEFALL
General Discussion / Dear AV

Please promise us there will not be a wipe and that resources have not been diverted to a new game.  Also, could we have an update? You said you would update us a week ago but then it's been radio silence and you do not respond or post on the forums at all.

Avrio my friends.
No one sells anything because there isn't a surplus(unless you use 30 alts and share loot between 4 actives).  Level 4 bone exarch gives TWO Dragon bone. TWO!  That is not a loot increase from 1 player, and there is no second bone exarch.  How can anyone possibly think an economy will thrive under those conditions? This is a fucking recession where when someone gets something valuable they cling onto it like it's their last gold coin. 

Ub3r screwed the pooch with the loot tables in this game. Royally.