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General Discussion / Re: post your titles)
Last post by Big Abbo -
after trying to test things with this long winded title system
currently have

Water Infliction Necro Scholar

The WINS build. Kappa

Troop commitment? I didn't plan ahead? Are you fucking high or something?

We live in Tiquiya. If we wanna go to Caxul village, we gear up and ride for 25 minutes to get to the village. If we then die due to a zerg, we get to respawn at a chaos stone. Then we have to run to Tolenque on foot (no closer option). That's 10 minutes or so. Most of us have mounts there, so we can ride from Tolenque to Tiquiya to regear, that's 15 minutes more, at least.

So we're spending 25 minutes doing LITERALLY NOTHING except AFK running to regear. How fucking insane do you have to be to consider this good game design?

And before you say "just bring gearbags to Tolenque" -- what's the fucking point of player cities then, if you're just gonna keep all your shit in chaos banks anyway and never return? Why have a holding? So you can AFK craft in a bit more peace?

Let us respawn in our owned holdings, regardless of distance to where you died. It will make holdings have actual fucking value, and it will reduce the pain and frustration of PVPing far away from your main area. It will make people more willing to travel to other places, and leave their native zone. You still have to spend the time to run there, and you still have to move all the gear you have to use. Just can just cut out the absolutely useless, retarded time spent AFK running.
Suggestions / Re: Remove weapon sheath and skinning
Last post by falloutdc -
yes it's annoying. It should be kept for player graves tho.
Suggestions / Remove weapon sheath and skinning
Last post by Fore Core -
I would like to skin / loot grave without sheathing my weapon every time.  Constant sheathing makes the experience clunky.  Please stream line it so the fast pace feeling remains. 
General Discussion / Re: post your titles)
Last post by Bim Bam -
Greatswords. Archery, Combo, Warrior, Veteran Brawler.

Mostly wearing 3/4 metal armor pieces with leather armor.

If these titles are near 100% there is no need to pick duelist or quick draw, just meditate quickness (around 85 it really starts working for you) and the speed difference is very very small. If you dont believe this go test it, duelist gives more speed to heavy metal armor players but for me as a melee/archer hybrid with armor set as mentioned above the DPS and stat management is way better then with duelist or quick draw.
Announcements / Re: Server Status
Last post by Ub3rgames -
Server is back online.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Siege area players
Last post by Fore Core -
Quote from: Ub3rgames
- In areas around siege stones and bindstones, all characters not officially involved with the conquest challenge are free to kill for attackers/defenders and their allies.

Blue players in the designated seige area are still shown as blue.  They don't turn grey like VCP.  Can anyone that killed blue roamer in the siege this past weekend confirm that your alignment didn't change?
General Discussion / Re: post your titles)
Last post by Alberton -
Archery, Polearm, Bowyer, Armorsmithing, 5th title on rotation (labourer, tailor, cook, tamer etc)

No alts.
The reason is troop commitment.
The walk of shame has to stay, but we also have to find ways to make it less frustrating.
This has been our position from the start, but now we can spend some time to explain why.

To explain:
Today you will occasionally have a walk of shame. It is annoying, on that we absolutely agree, but the situation is still avoidable.
This is mostly under your control. You moved there and didn't prepare/anticipate. Some players even enjoy the methodical aspect.
Some do not, however it is a necessary evil as the alternative would be far more frustrating.

As InDev and even the VCP behaviors early in the life of the server proved, players are risk averse and hate fights where they don't have a chance.
We've seen people stop going to VCP near them and even complain vehemently because they were too small to compete.
This will plague any objective in a game like ours which has no instancing.

Now fast forward a bit, when there will be harvesting nodes out of cities, raid stones, watchtowers and racial war fronts.
Imagine every single attack from smaller clans or individuals, which are the majority, turning out facing a massive opposition.
People would stop attacking, large clans would become entrenched and bored, and in the end everyone misses opportunities for fun PvP.

I do not see your point as said before, in current mechanics players who have a holding near a vcp or other pvp hotspot allready have the option to revive at their holding. Only clans who have holdings further away from the fighting area/death location will benefit from a bindstone revival, they can regear ride back and participate in the fight. I do not see any difference between that and having gear near a choas bank, gear up there and then ride back.  The only difference i see is the amount of time involved in transporting the stuff. You might think that it is a great solution but it gives players with a lot a time spend ingame a huge advantage over players who play casually. As said before the WoS pushes the wrong kind a of players away from the game.

I totally see the zerg aspect in your reasoning but i do not see how zerging can be stopped by adding a WoS, a big zerg will revive their members and the smaller clans will still die and loose their stuff and not be able to regear quickly to continue fighting if they choose that option. If one of the players of the zerg dies, he use's a local bindstone runs back naked to the fight location loot his grave or gets some gear from his friends and keeps on fighting.

Imho local bindstones favours the zerg more then it does 2 smaller groups, if we had only bindstone revival and no local bindstone then i do see a better future for smaller groups. A smaller group can then tactically attack the bigger group and one by one lower their numbers, with bindstone revival the zergling has to go back to his holding and can not spawn almost next to the location of the fight so the time added for a zergling to replenish their numbers is higher with bindstone revival then with localised bindstones.
It would add a WoS for solo players and give players during a siege big problems regearing but since this game promotes regional control over clans having holdings all over the map it might even a more positive result then having a WoS.

I hope you see my point that the WoS is not a solution to avoid zerging, the number advantage in this version is allready huge compared to old version so that the Dev team wants to protect the smaller clans is 100% correct but WoS is a negative solution and pushes casual players away from this game.

The most common suggestion is "naked with 24h cooldown", but that isn't any better.
Clan doctrines are a thing. If you have a territory to defend, as a leader, the optimum strategy is to order your players to not use their recalls. If you want to be a kind leader, you're at a disadvantage compared to your competition. it is a no-win scenario.
Even if it is once a day, the first raid would essentially be gear donation, with all those who came back still being in the area making subsequent attacks not worth it.

If a zerg comes to a city and the smaller clan can recall and defend that is not a bad thing at all, they can choose to not defend no issue's there. If a smaller clan raids a zerg the naked bindstone revival can give zerglings an advantage 100% true. but this is only during a raid. Siege mechanics are untouched by having a naked revival.

Not to mention all other issue like defending two locations at the same time.
People living near location A having to bind to location B, since in case of death they can still respawn at A and effectively live there, but can reinforce at a moment's notice the other side.
The whole population is essentially defending both locations at the same time, regardless of distance.

You can only revive at a holdings bindstone to which you are bound, if you havent then you cant revive there. easy fix....
Still this is an example of mechanics during a raid which hardly takes place in this version. 90% of all fighting is around vcp and mob spawns, with battlefronts added the raiding pvp will even be less frequent.
In conclusion:
The inability to cross the map instantly, being on death or on a recall, is absolutely necessary.
However, the consequences for the individuals do not have to be as aggravating as they are now.
More tools can be implemented to make the situation even more in the players' hands.

I totally see the point you are making and 100% agree with deleting fast travel in this game but....... if the solution or mechanics only creates non contructive or boring content then people will stop playing. The introduction of the WoS covers most issue's around fast travel so i understand why it is in the game but i challenge you to rethink your solution. I do not challenge the reason why you introduced the WoS.

Sup Dude made some great suggestions in the post above this one, there are really better solutions then a WoS. This game needs population above anything else, we reached the point where people are leaving the game because of the low population. So it is time to rethink some of the changes and solutions and try to improve them so people are more inclined to log in.
Don't worry Combat Bar v2.0 will sort this problem out lmfao