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General Discussion / How many more months?

Now we'll talk about the coming features with a high impact on a player's medium to long term decision making.
Just like for the racial passives, we want players to make an informed choice.

Planned ARAC clan limitations:
It is important to spread the word for clans to be ARAC only by choice.
Gameplay will drastically change for them if they do not heed this warning.

Members of a clan will be rogue based on their clan's settings in Clans->Configuration :
- Rogue: If the clan is evil and/or accept members of different racial alliances.
- Rogue: If the clan is allied to a clan that is rogue or made up of a different racial alliance.
- If a member of a blue clan becomes red, he will be automatically kicked.
- If an ally of a blue clan becomes red or rogue, the alliance will be automatically dropped.

The idea is that it really stems from the leaders choice of how they set up their clan.
If they alter the configuration to get a red player in, or ally a rogue clan voluntarily, then and only then, will the clan become rogue.

Planned magic and combat changes:

We still have three weapon types we feel are under-tuned:
- Clubs and Greatclubs: better damage, increased stamina drain on power attack.
- Polearms: Better damage and reach, change of the power attack to do a melee slow.

Now on to magic changes, we will have two utility schools split between regeneration skills and cantrips.
These two schools and their spells will start maxed out at the exception of mana missile.
They are the base toolkit for a mage.

- Heal Self
- Mana to Stamina
- Stamina to Health
- Heath to Mana

- Mana missile: only exception that needs to level. May have velocity increased to better serve underwater.
- Heal mount: no reagents.
- Hasten spells.
- Launch: with a stronger effect borrowed from Shrapnel.
- Beacon: no reagents.
- Begone: minimal power increased.
- Confusion.
- Telekinesis: No reagents, minimal power increased.
- Unburden.
- Light: when dropped/unlocked.

Arcane Magic:
- Will no longer do stamina damage.
- Mana damage increased to 40% of health damage.
- Wall of Force: minimal effect buffed to almost always be useful. Maximal effect slightly buffed.
- Reflect spells: Remain as is.
- Mana drain at lvl 1.
- Lend Mana at lvl 40: Linked to durable spells.
- Mana leech at lvl 50: Linked to mana efficiency.

Air Magic:
- Stormblast: buffed to be useful.
- Come Hither: will gain around 60 impact protection.
- Lightning strike: will be reviewed to be less glitchy/floaty.

Earth Magic:
- Meteor strike: will be placed outside of the r90 shared cooldown.
- Earthquake: will be usable while moving, with potential increase in non-self damage. Linked to school.

Fire Magic:
- Magma Storm: will be placed outside the r90 shared cooldown. Will lose damage but have faster casting speed.
- Inferno: will lose its knockup effect. Will gain slightly more damage.
- Fireball: Fixed/non floaty effect. Effect may be impacted more by title to prevent being madatory pick. Up to community debate.
- Wall of fire: Have effect better tailored to be an area blind. Lower damage.
- Haste and rapidshot converted to percentage based traits for clarity.

Infliction Magic:
- All infliction damage reviewed to be bellow average, but becomes above average when flesh curse is applied.
- Venom at level 1: changed to be the "bolt" of this school.
- Infliction Shield at lvl 10: Linked to school level.
- Flesh Curse as signature: Linked to school level.
- Insect Swarm at lvl 30.
- Infliction Ward at lvl 40: Linked to durable spell, may cancel DoT's on target (similar to first aid potions). Up to community debate.
- Rend at lvl 50: changed to be the r50 of this school. Gains a small infliction debuff.
- Exhaust at lvl 60: Linked to mana efficiency, bug fixed.
- Undeath at lvl 75: Linked to quicken spell, bug fixes.
- Toxic Rain as signature.
- Needles at lvl 90: Faster cast time, is placed in the r90 shared cooldown.

- Does 5% less health damage.
- Loses both mana and stamina damage.
- 5% of damage leeched as health.

Raw Magic:
- Arcane damage to be reviewed to be average.
- Eldritch Sphere at lvl 1.
- Magic Shield at lvl 20: Linked to school, small protection to all magical damage.
- Magic ward at lvl 40: Linked to durable spell, small protection to all magical damage.
- Blast: serves as r50, gains cooldown, keeps knock up, loses debuff, loses DoT.
- Shrapnel: Is placed in the r90 shared cooldown.
- Missile Fury: Channeled spell sending forth a flurry of projectiles down range. Requires to be immobile/overburdened walk.
- Burden: duration and potency reduced.

- All attribute buffs are converted to percentage based traits for clarity.
- All attribute buffs heal a bit of health and a bit of the attribute they impact. (health/mana/stamina)
- Lay on Hands at lvl 1: Keeps cooldown, places other heals on its cooldown. Best heal for multitaskers. Linked to school.
- Heal Other at lvl 10: No cooldown, shorter cast time, most mana efficient. Great to keep chip damage for a group in check. Linked to school.
- Sacrifice at lvl 20: No cooldown, least mana efficient, costs health, most burst healing. Great to save a single target at personal cost. Linked to school.
- Adept: Temporarily increases Spellchanting potency greatly, decreases protections and all other forms of damage greatly.
- Mana blast: Becomes an healing blast. No drop off for healing effect.
- Healing Chant: Can be used while moving, better healing, no drop off for healing effect.

Water Magic:
- Ice Storm: Effect fixed to be an in battle blind. Faster cast time.
- Slow and Delayed Shot switch to percentage based traits for clarity.

- School rewarding rotation skill and accuracy. Support and single target damage focused.
- All spells do Malediction damage, which will be set to start at bellow average like arcane damage.
- All attribute debuffs are converted to percentage based trait for clarity.
- All debuffs have a cooldown similar to r50s, or slightly lower, to encourage rotating two of them in combo mode.
- All attribute debuffs do a base health portion of damage and a part of the attribute they impact. (health/mana/stamina)
- Ominous drain: Serves as r90 and is added to the r90 shared cooldown.
- Spell Curse: Debuffs malediction and does damage. Debuffs are of malediction type so successive applications increase in strength.
- Witches Brew: Current self healing effect is applied to others without drop off, self healing divided by 3.

Less than half of this has been implemented, and this was posted almost 3 months ago. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.
Remember all the times Ub3rgames said that they felt like the map wasn't too large, and if anything it wasn't large enough? Local banking with the current tiny population and this unwieldy, pig of a map is sure working out like gangbusters. Glad we all held on to that vision for dear life.

Why anyone still calls them competent developers is beyond me.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Infinite carry weight bag bug
This is super easy to replicate. Let's you run around with infinite weight. Existed in DF1.

Muh lugistix tho

Great game.
I've taken a bit of a meditation break.

Would you say the game is thriving or dying? (Growing or Receeding)
General Discussion / In Scarcity We Bare Teeth
But in Darkfall: New Dawn, this is what I log in to on just 1 character after not playing for an entire day.

What is there to fight over with this level of abundance?

Too many people are tilting over not knowing whether they should bother leveling Greater/Lesser magic for their basic utility spells. Many people I've talked are now just wasting away leveling Greater Magic to get Spell Haste.

You really should have just given the listed Cantrips to everyone at 100 immediately after posting those notes. You did it with transfers and heal self rather quickly, this seems like an easy band-aid? If that isn't the case a soft ETA at least is needed so that people aren't just left in limbo.

Help us out here.

Honestly? How much time and thought went into this system?

10-15 seconds to loot each mob grave for little to no reason.
Why is the magic grind about 20x as long as the Melee/Archer grind? Seems like another thing that's been ported over from DF1 that doesn't fit this version.
Is the character grind the only content in this game? What am I looking forward to when my character is finished?

I've seen new players ask this question multiple times in race alliance and I've never seen anyone answer it.
Magic schools are getting some sweeping changes that were announced after the game went live. Ub3r believes that warning people about the upcoming changes was sufficient enough for people to plan ahead. Not everyone reads the forums, so those people are in for a surprise :(

Combat Titles lose what is currently a very large chunk of their progression when they're switched. Obviously we would need to limit this to combat only and leave crafting titles as is. It seems like it's going to cause a lot of feel-bad moments for a lot of players when they want to switch titles after major changes.

Do you believe that @Ub3rgames should allow this for this specific circumstance?
Global chat is ruining immersion and allowing people to spam negativity. It's also making logistics too easy and de-localizing the game. I believe this is one of the biggest issues we are currently facing.

As it stands people can communicate via tells or global chat channels and it's really pulling me out of the game. They can coordinate attacks on enemy racial areas and enemy cities without needing to even move to each other to do so first. Imagine how many fights are lost because people don't even have to move around to each other to communicate. The logistics for sieges are way too simple to coordinate as it stands.

My solution is to remove all global chat channels and make it so you can only communicate via public chat range, in close proximity. Add carrier pigeons that have a small usage fee and add an NPC station to holdings and all racial capitals that will deliver a message. This has to take time though. I'd say a message should be capped at 240 characters and take at least 4 hours to fly to it's destination. Add a title to the game called a Fancier that reduces the time it takes to send and receive messages by 6%. Maybe even make it so that you can shoot down enemy pigeons to capture intel?

I think this will really help with immersion and logistics and should definitely add more pvp to the game. Thoughts?
General Discussion / Darkfall: Leg Day
Oh boy there I go running around the map again.

You people are a lost cause. Every constructive thread turned into "go play ROA".
Just kidding. Servers down.
General Discussion / Hmm, maybe I'll go grind some mobs.
Just kidding. I can shoot 1000 arrows at the same shit over and over again and gain 0.2 skill and the mobs drop no loot. Riveting stuff.

Back to harvesting and meditating.