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With meditation I have Auto Meditation on just in case I hit 100 in skill while off-line.  I'd like an option to either:

a. queue the skills I want to level; or
b. a toggle to remove skills I do not want to level from system, i.e. I will level knives and greatclub so remove other 2h weapons from the queue.

Re: Meditation
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I'd add slightly off topic that I think med should come from PvE and crafting too, we have to go out of our way to get med if I only have a hour or so I might just want to chill and farm something but then I would not have any med and it feels like im forced to play around med all the time

I do understand this.  If there is not a chest nearby I can pop i.e in a dungeon, farming outside even though you need the mats can seem like you are being inefficent with your time.