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Suggestions / Re: dont do that
Last post by Bim Bam -
NO thanks.
they remove everything,kill all magic,and game still dead.I better go play dead roa with good magic,than dead dnd with common pvp.
What are you waiting for? You said that numerous times but you are still here to Q_Q. DnD is not the game for you, go play RoA with your spamming of magic and roots everywhere. These things will never be changed back here because you said so, you non factor.

I would rather see you leave the game, you cant read you cant type and your point of view on this game is exceptional. Do an IQ test if you score under a 100 shut up and listen to people who do have the brain capacity to have a valid opinion.
Suggestions / Re: Dear UberFailers
Last post by Bim Bam -
agreed fix it asap, Ub3r listened to carebear players 2 much during Indev and this is the result.
General Discussion / Re: Having a blast. Thanks Ub3r
Last post by Bim Bam -
Some of the loot is underwhelming but we are able to find mobs that drop enough of what we need. For sure the days of farming up a quick 20K gold are gone, but that was part of the point. There is likely a bit too much gold in portions of the system because of VCP's. Our clan has about 19 actives and we have less than a mil gold combined- not outrageous for 2 month's play.
I play maybe an hour a day, more on weekends and have almost half a million gold. This shouldn't be possible. Vcps are a problem for sure.
In that vein though, IMO if you're only playing an hour a day, spending that time capping villages isn't your time well spent. If your enjoyment comes from making lots of gold, sure, but I haven't done a village for I think over a week now, because there are things I'd rather do than cap uncontested villages and then spend more time running back to pvp grounds.
I think there are too many villages. Get them off of the islands. I'd rather they just remove the temptation. Plenty of people are probably hitting uncontested villages on islands daily because 'omg all the gold and ore!' - but in reality, they don't really need it, are unlikely to even use it before they get bored and quit.

Most stupid suggestion ever in the history of Darkfall, just amazing to see the lack of intelligence on the more carebear centered players. Game is dying because of lack of content and you say there are too many villages.

just amazing.............
Trade / Re: With cottage deed
Last post by beightel -
you are selling a cottage deed? how much?

Not long enough or expensive enough.   You guys who want to play temporary murderer and then take a month break to meditate and get back to blue are bad for the game, seriously.

Maximum negative alignment should be -999.

Srsly... Is this the goal of this thread? go make a suggestion if u aren't happy...
I did make a suggestion.  Going full red should be serious, permanent commitment as it has the potential to undermine the race war, which is meant to be the cultural under-girding of the game.  Fair weather life-stylers who want to have their cake and eat it too are bad for business.  In turn, this will create a sense of community among reds that is enduring .... because it will be.   A lasting 4th faction of this nature would add to the game.
In my view, if red is indeed de facto permanent, the planned meditation and stat penalties should be lessened a bit.  Especially if no trading is allow between blue and reds of any kind without alignment loss to the blue, except in Chaos Cities.

Going red should have consquences i agree 100% but placing red players outside of the game will hurt this game more then it does good. Going red should be a choice and not a prison sentence, that it costs players a lot switching between blue and red is fine as it is. Ub3r choose to make this game more blue based then red player based as it was in DFO and thats all fine but this game is still a sandbox game not a carebear refuge. Sandbox means you have freedom of choice, you can switch the way you play whenever you want and in this version the consequences are big. Increasing those consequences even further will lead to more players leaving the game.
Your suggestion if implemented will be the final straw for many DF players, they play this game because of the pvp adrenalin rush and the large scale pvp options. This version does not deliver that atm because of low population and game hasnt implemented pvp hotspots like warfronts, so many choose to go red because they are bored. If you change anything around the red player mechanics then do that after all pvp hotspots are implemented and working as intended.

There are so many players who think that kicking/nerving out the more pvp based players in this game will lead to a new DF Walhalla. Players go red because of lack of content and boredom not because they want to be assholes or negative attention addicted people, if the Race Wars would deliver that content then no one would consider going Red. Any succesfull game provides content for all or most type of players inside their game. If you only aim towards the more pve based gamers then this game will die for sure.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: kept for posterity
Last post by Maximiliuss -
I got drunk one night and removed all my titles. Costed me a week of passive title leveling time. This game isn't drunk friendly. WTF @Ub3rgames

4 more weeks till I sieze.. :(

PS: Also, buff water magic (since you took toxic out and nerfed the debuffs to dust). Gimme something I can use on water, how you gonna let fire mages have Water superiority. I need a god damn Captain Planet reference here...
Questions and Answers / Re: Player house unbound
Last post by Bim Bam -
Easy fix for that, we only need to get rid of the no travel options fanbois screaming that it is all good since it is absolutely not good at all, people are leaving this game because of boredom.

My suggestion:

If we had runestones back in the game then most problems with travelling are gone. Make it so that a runestones can be created at a bindstone or house. So all clan owned holdings, player owned houses, racial city's and chaos town you can create a runestone at the bindspot. To not let this fast travel option collide with local banking make it so that you can only use a runestone while being naked and nothing in your inventory.

We need more quality of life this game is dying because of it.
Somerstone costs 2k a day and we never used it. You should sell that for us Mister Sayan. Let there be bang!
Many changes are promised, but right now there are 2 types of people:

The ones who wait for ARAC&Aligment changes and keep their aligment, limit themselves and feel like a dumbass after 2 months of release, still believing something Ub3r says, not killing some assholes because they are blue.
And don't they fucking dare to take part in a siege, lmao, -100 in 10 minutes.

And the second type of the players are the ones who don't give a fuck and just have fun killing anyone, they understand that ARAC&Aligmenr changes are coming in years. And the further time goes, the more people are changing sides.

P.S. The same with magic though.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Relaunch/World of Tanks
Last post by funashimi -
You've turned into such a crybaby. Sad.
I want to be wrong, really. But I see where it's going and this is totally sad.