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The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

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Ha, understood.In general, we like that the timed mechanic is easier to pull off with leather, or that it can be used by bone... Bugs & Feedbacks Re: Full metal armor ... Today at 05:52:05 am
You have not answered these questions. The only example you gave is an argument against your suggestion.The human female synd... Suggestions Re: FIX before launch... Today at 05:38:01 am
Note that timed blocking already works like that.There is a period of "perfect" blocking, then a period where it gradually lo... Bugs & Feedbacks Re: Full metal armor ... Today at 04:31:51 am
@mezferic FoV notions are valid in first person and in third person. A camera is just a camera, regardless of where it is pla... Suggestions Re: FIX before launch... Today at 01:57:49 am
We can change the way races "feel" in ways that are lore compliant without forcing the race members to be a specific playstyl... General Discussion Re: @ub3rgames Will R... Today at 01:30:10 am
No news on framerate limiter, it is not planned in the short term.If you have a solution that works and it doesn't impact you... Questions and Answers Re: In-game frame lim... Today at 01:27:19 am
Full metal is not in a place we like.There are a few problems that we want to address:- First and foremost, there are still p... Bugs & Feedbacks Re: Full metal armor ... Today at 01:23:55 am
Yes, we'll take a look to confirm.As said in the first reply, it could either be a too low sample size, or a bug in probabili... Bugs & Feedbacks Re: Low level vs high... Today at 12:32:13 am
@Nuyur That's true, but it is another matter.We're considering opacity/clipping in these kind of situations, which would also... Suggestions Re: FIX before launch... Today at 12:29:28 am
Exactly. If you mouse over the dungeon marker, it will tell you which chests are in the dungeon.Since a good portion of chest... Bugs & Feedbacks Re: Bug in world wide... December 15, 2017, 10:55:12 pm

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