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General Discussion / Re: Finally The Truth!!!
It will be too difficult to do anything meaningful and impressive without the original New Dawn developers.
So he needs to bring them back.

The game needs more unique content. I've been waiting for watchtowers and taxation of mob spawns, so you can passively get benefits of owning land in good locations that other people use. But everything tanked before watchtowers were made.
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
No matter what, it's better that the game is online even with no more updates than it shutting down.

Do you realize how much we all went through just to get this game back online?
.. I might not be playing right now and Ubergames might not be working on it right now the way they used to, but that doesn't mean we don't all appreciate everything that HAS been done. People just need a break. Now with the lawsuit. That bureaucracy takes a long time, so let them deal with it in the best way they can. Even if that is -seemingly- doing nothing. 

We all should give Ubergames the benefit of the doubt. They have always treated us very well and communicated a lot.
I have no doubt in my mind that they're doing the best they can.
Suggestions / Re: Shrink the world
i still strongly believe that islands is a cancer for this game and for the population we have or will ever have

I strongly believe that you are a cancer for this game and for the population we have or will ever have.
Don't touch Yssam.

ill repeat my self again, this map was made for 10k online. ONE of the reasons ppl not coming back is the empty world. even in the release i could farm for long hours without being spoted. its insane specially when the core end content of this game is sieges and controling territories for high resourses.

Farming for long hours without being spotted is fun and profitable. The core content of this game is not sieges or controlling territories. The core content of this game is FREEDOM to play it how you want, which includes or does not include sieges and pvp (whatever your preference is).

Yes, I understand that sieges and pvp is your main entertainment because you think its fun.
So you would actually be happy with a 5x5 kilometer map or instanced battles with teleports or Agon or 50% of Agon.

But that isn't Darkfall. That is a slaughterhouse and you would lose players who don't want sieges or pvp.
Actually, most players like pvp - but they just dont like constantly losing in pvp. The same for sieges. Many people get demoralized and depressed from losing sieges unless they didn't care about the siege and they just did it for the heck of it. But then you are moving towards a perverted and sick idea of the game where your actions are not serious and you just siege for action. Which ends up devouring/killing the population because you are preying on people to get your own fun.

Darkfall needs more players and more fun, but you won't get that by removing continents or creating constant/easy fights everywhere. More fights & sieges = more ragequit/crying etc..

You need to find ways to give players a feeling of success and fun. This wasn't such a big problem in summer 2009 because people were at the same playing field, but now people are shitting all over weaker opponents in PvP, so its not fun.

This game's population will grow when you can have success in pvp even if you suck.
General Discussion / Re: DnD has future
That poem litterally makes no sense in this context. And here I was, thinking that it's some deep shit worth reading.
Thanks for wasting my time ^_^ @Prokoz
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: dead
I think people should stop complaining about what Ub3rgames did or didn't do.
Everyone had/has a chance to give their feedback on everything and the developers have both listened and done many things mentioned by the community. Do you really think, though, that you have all the missing answers on 'how to make Darkfall great again'? Nobody does, although I think Darkfall IS great again. The population might be lower, but the devs just need to save their money and keep working on the game. At least their lives are not as stressful anymore. And the fans need to understand that A) players burn out B) there are many other interesting games out there that Darkfall has to compete with.

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: kept for posterity
Followup questions:
In the first few days of release, we said that PvE was superior to VCPs and even went as far as saying "it was a better use of your time and your alts".
People did not believe us then, and even got angry at us for stating it, yet it was designed that way and we observed it in game even early on.

A few weeks later players publicly released data that prove it was true and that they made more without ever using a VCP.
Their intent was not to support our explanations, but why did that information have to come from players to be believed?
And even then, why didn't the public perception shift to adapt to that "new" information?

Where is that information?
Come on, that's tasteless.
Trade / Re: WTB Large Villa - Paying in skill gains
r0lf :D
@Recasintra French Connection have many good people, like you said. But you must also understand that it is difficult to manage the clan and keep everybody happy. Especially, during a time of war/siege. I sympathize with you to some extent. You have sacrificed yourself to help the clan, but you are a new player and you have almost nothing yourself. Everybody can understand that you give everything and try your best. But - it's also important that you know your own limits. You should have said "no" and farmed for yourself when you could see that it was becoming a problem for you. Do not expect Etain or somebody else to know your bank. They are focused on clan things and they cannot know what you need.

You also said a lot of other things that I think are true. For example, that people are split up. Yes, this is a problem in Darkfall.
But the reason why people are split is because everybody needs something different. Tell me. How can the leadership of a clan make everybody go together? .. They already tried that when you farmed Selentine. That was a call for help from leadership. And you helped. But it's a paradox because how can you do these things when you are very poor and need selentine too? .. And this happens every day. People have priorities and little time to play.

So, if you have more ideas and information. I think everybody would be happy to hear them. How can we make things better?
For example, sharing the bank, as u can see, there are problems with that.

So what can we do. What would you do different if you were clan leader of French Connection?
I really don't think your extreme criticism of Ub3rgames here is warranted. New Dawn has implemented a huge amount of things to the game and Darkfall has improved dramatically from a technical perspective especially, but there are also interesting content additions such as spawn scaling, mount changes, local banking, localization/teleportation, loot apocalypse, title system, holding upkeep, meditation changes, village changes, siege protection changes & war declaration costs, etc..

As for combat, it has become much faster to switch weapons and cast spells. Spells have been changed to be more balanced. THe UI is better. You can expand windows.

Don't be so ungrateful. The list of Ub3rgames' changes is very long.

No, I think the answer to why the game is breaking is different. But if you still believe that the answer is with lack of content. Then name content that will change the game?

Faster ship speeds & sea towers?
Racial Warfronts?
Improved markets?

I dont think those things will change it because ask urself. Would you play more if those changes were in now?
Probably not.. The reason why people play is very complex and very different.

But ultimately, I think people play when they have goals in the game and because they have fun.

Anyway, the game hasn't tanked or failed. But I do think we need more content to provide more fun and goals and the developers agree with that. .. however, we also need changes to village gold and other issues that come up and people care a lot about. We can't just focus on new content and ignore pertinent problems.

@wildNothing I agree. Why do you think the game breaks apart?
Deadlyhit, you are extremely unstable and toxic.
My clan is doing fine. Stop talking shit.
@Rigan So you post a video from 2009 because you can't beat me in an argument in 2018.
well atleast he gets on your nervs mad kid

And why is that a good thing to get on somebody's nerves?