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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: kept for posterity
Last post by fitteslim -
Serious amount of downs in this thread.
General Discussion / Re: Convince me NOT to play DND
Last post by grimtide -
From the guy with 5x post activity. Lol
Best of it is the fact that four of the haters here are the same person on his forum alts.

Haha, well that's an interesting "fact" that I find hard to believe.  Who is a forum alt?
General Discussion / Re: Poll: Should we moderate the forums?
Last post by Bloodymurderer -
Does that mean you are going to moderate threads where we bash other games?

If that's so, add a ''spam'' sub forum and don't moderate it unless ppl decide to take it to the extreme since there are things we obviously don't give a pass such as giving real life informations and stuff.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: kept for posterity
Last post by Prometheus -

We're sorry for everyone who feel different. In hindsight, we still do not know how we could have communicated any more clearly.

As an Uber fanboy and indev supporter from day 0:

1.  You fucked the economy with shitty untested village design.  Still have not apologized and admitted your mistake.

2.  Your market implementation is total shit.  UI design shit.  All markets should be outside of guardtower range (like nodes are supposed to be), and be player craftable in player cities.

3.  When you guys start punishing ARAC clans...  Don't act in shock when we stop playing.  It's going to happen.  Sure most will just drop clan on their blue alts making your entire entire punishment pointless...  The rest of us will stop paying you.

4.  Housing system shit.  Gnomes have access to global gold but player safes no?  Rent management is a goddamn nightmare of a boredom chore.

5.  Fuck your combat title punishment system.  Let me play how I fucking want without needing 3 combat alts.  Fuck your altfall.

6.  Mob scaling?  You assholes knew scaling was an economy destroying shitshow from indev and did nothing.  Apologize, and fucking fix it.

7.  You think your race wars shit is sandbox?  Real sandbox is letting ARAC players forcefully enforce full ARAC (which could be total chaos OR total lawfulness). 

I'm so disappointed in uber....

calm abit are just a tiny costumer! for 7... you are so wrong on the most points
General Discussion / Re: Forum Restructure @ Ubergames
Last post by walcanar -
Hi Uber,

In order to keep the forums freedom of speech, this wont sound popular to others but it will to subscribed players:

UNSUBBED PLAYERS: Access only to General Discussion (moderated section to stop people spamming the same hatred against DND)

SUBBED PLAYERS: Full access to all forums with full freedom of speech unless it breaks EU laws

This worked very well for DFUW and DF1 back in the day an stopped people from spamming hatred that put other potential new players off trying the game.

We need to grow the population with a free trial and advertising eventually and we simply cannot afford to have hate posts or spammed threads/posts constantly from the same people that do not even play DND.


too bad Uber doesnt listen/communicate at all recently
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: kept for posterity
Last post by MNO -
No one looks in Offtopic. That response would be better off getting sticky'd.

Even if people don't like the answer, an answer they don't like it better than no answer.
General Discussion / Re: Poll: Should we moderate the forums?
Last post by psychobilly -

Fuck moderation and instead just reply to all the game breaking issues.
Not long enough or expensive enough.  You guys who want to play temporary murderer and then take a month break to meditate and get back to blue are bad for the game, seriously.

Maximum negative alignment should be -999.

I would quite happily stay red, but my clan wants to be blue, still undecided on what I want to do yet. Not attacking people because they are blue seems boring. It is a pvp game, pvp is fun, why limit the amount of pvp you can have?

DND is not a PVP game.  It's an MMORPG with PVP.  That means there is structure and lore to PVP - to violence - so that it serves larger goals such as meaningful territory control, not just killing for shits and giggles.  There are no "limits" in absolute terms, only consequences.  The race war should be the dominate theme and murderers, who go deep red, should be permanent outcasts in my view, akin to being an enemy race, to all.

If you read my posts carefully, you'll see I support red players and that they should exist.  I am against onerous stat penalties - provided reds cannot meta game with blue alts so easily, provided there is still basic viability for the playstyle.  Indeed, I already secured a house while they're still available just for myself specifically so I can go red with far more ease, if I choose to do so.  I've been doing all character and economic building to date until the final core features are implemented with their particulars known, keeping this long term view in mind.

But screw those who want to go back and forth from red to blue on whim.  Maybe the gold costs will stop that; only time will tell.

Well a big problem they did not start with any real positives / negatives of being blue / red, and plan to implement them, I guess it would be nice if they gave a every1 an alignment reset when the positives / negatives come out.

These devs have form for it hey, another example of this is local banking without anything else to support it.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: kept for posterity
Last post by Valar -

Currently we have 4 Devs who also carry out GM duties, 1 artist currently focused on world building and 1 communication mainly focusing on the press and other partnerships.
As we said we lost 1 UI dev a while back and we have a set of 3-4 people helping us on part time contract work when necessary.
(sys admin, extra art, extra dev, music, etc)

Please introduce these people or why should we trust what you say? There is no evidence of them even existing on your website.