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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: kept for posterity
Last post by SomeBK -
Not to worry, we all make mistakes. Let's just call this like it is and view the remainder of time as an extension of indev. Just know that there are entire clans like ours who legitimately care about the game but won't fail to exploit areas you deem legitimate after we've brought up concerns. This village and spawn scaling incident are not the only two areas we've helped out with regarding concerns.
Guides and Player Help / Re: WTF @ digging???
Last post by kiwiitis -
Digging is pathetic no I do not think you can procure maps from digging should though.Even in roa you can dig sand and dirt I think my digging has reached 5 owww.
 I am going to try roa free trial for a few days don't hold much hope
What a shocker folks. Glad to see Enclave at least moved to yssam before GSC could continue their rampage on that entire alliane with their 16 "blue blocking" -100 alignment characters.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: kept for posterity
Last post by Ub3rgames -

The following is a long winded way to say that we heard the feedback and processed it, even during InDev.
We saw that it wasn't backed up by statistical evidence and decided not to punish regular players over a negligible proportion.
We underestimated how little that mattered to those worrying about alts, and failed to anticipate that people wouldn't care about what we had to say.
We got used during InDev to jump into topics and ending them by sharing facts. This doesn't seem to reliably work anymore.

It pretty much felt like we were on player's ignore list at some point.
It is frustrating for both sides, we'll try to adapt to this new climate as much as we can without harming average players.
In all that, please remember we are engineers. We'll rarely, if ever, do changes that run contrary to the observable data.

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This gonna be gud. Expertly written piece..
Et tu?


Don't understand. All i know is: remain calm and do nothing. Wait for server to close. Do *NOT* pay attention to whatever ppl might be posting in race chat.

edit: game is dead. Everyone stay calm and accept that.
Just to give people a heads up on what to expect if you make the mistake of joining or Allying Myckes Rastalfarian clan from somebody who played in his alliance thru most of InDev and till recently as a solo clan member of his alliance and to keep the spot light on Mycke for being the complete pussy in a video game about pixels that he is. Hopefully this is at least entertaining 8) while Duke tries to lose to Syracuse.

- He lives in a NPC city, but asks everybody to move in to the Khosgar holding and do not expect to see this guy responding alone against PK raiders ~at any time~ If he doesn't have more numbers then the attackers, he doesn't get geared up to fight. He will suggest to people in the holding to hide if out numbered, not kidding.

- I asked Mycke to remove access to his clan discords main channel from some guy who was hitting the EU alliance members in Khosgar every EU morning (my usual playing time) after checking numbers in discord, he refused. I had to pretend I didn't talk to Mycke about it prior and get another rasta clan officer to do it when Mycke wasn't in channel. He has a list of "friend-enemies" (AKA red players) that have access to the main channel longer then the list of actual clan-alliance members.

- The day Mycke told me the GM's turned down his request to reverse the Furgum siege results (see below *) while he was bitching to the GM's about the Girl Scout Cookies clan I made the mistake of telling him that complaining about them while the alliance was absorbing the good and bad from DDA & the general population was kind of hypocritical. He booted me from discord (lol) and ninja set my clan to neutral thinking my main bank was in Khosgar because I had moved in shortly after launch. When I called him a bitch in game for doing that on the sly without saying anything to me about it, he smugly told me I better be careful what I say to him or he will take back the offer he sent in discord (to set up a time to move my stuff out) I told him to get fucked, I had actually moved my shit out that week. I couldn't take being allied to his clan much longer.

Now here is where is gets good. 99% of the people on this forum (myself included) no matter how toxic they are on forumfail, tend to be very cool & helpful people in game and in comm's (minus the occasional disagreement) during PvP and general game play . Just seems to be how it is, everyone in rasta and the alliance are cool as fuck except for Mycke. He is somehow the exact same person in game that people here on the forums complaining about him say that he is. The guy is a complete coward and idiot who could care less what effects his shit starting has on his clan, most of the time dying first in PvP and complaining about heals literally while you are still fighting. Not only did somebody have to ask him to stop doing that, alliance members made him promise to stop posting for 2 weeks (which he is currently doing) because his shit talking on the forums was putting his clan in situations they couldn't back up without help.

Anyway, back to the story ~ Sooo when I showed up the next day to grief the holly fuck out him during his crafting power hour in Sorgom and he realized I had told the truth about moving my bank and he didn't have anything to hold over my head, he did just what I've read on the forums numerous times from other players that have stomped on this guy said~

-tried to say he enjoyed being griefed, how much fun it was (till he logged halfway through)
-wall texted me
-tried to flip it and make it look like i initiated this whole thing ( lol ) while he clutched his pearls in shock at the griefing
-tried to 'math' it , thinking I would forget the mat's donated vs. the resources taking out
-when I told him this goes for his entire clan, the guy didn't even care. Never asked me to keep it between him and I. Actually watched me bump another AFK rasta crafter off a table, didn't say shit about it. What a leader folks.
-an Alliance member watched me both times as I logged in to stick to Mycke or the other crafter, never once said anything lol. I told them I wasnt going to actually kill them in the city, and they basically replied "Ok, grief away" both times.
-never tried to even fight back, or anything that would require actual PvP.
-made sure to quote his discord message to clan members showing how hard he tried to reach out to me while clutching his pearls with his famous "ive got no idea what happened" (sound familiar anyone?).

Hopefully this was mildly entertaining, I enjoyed watching mycke squirm like the little rat that he turned out to be. Just going to leave this here, not going to respond to any of the flames I'm sure will be posted by guys sticking with Mycke because he has the mine and a ton of clan crafters. Totally understand, keep that gravy train going fella's.

** after the Furgum siege, mycke reported GSC dropping the holding and switching it to their main clan right after they won, which is against the new siege rules posted on the forums apparently. He thought the holding would be given back to him. The GM's ruled against him because the safe window to siege it back was longer then the time remaining in the war dec. He was pretty butt hurt about it.

edit- the only person that asked me to keep it between mycke and myself was another rasta member. Amazing leadership lol.
General Discussion / Re: Convince me NOT to play DND
Last post by rikilii -
Help me convince to stop playing this version of Darkfall.

My situation is

--Most of my clan still active
--we PvE regularly
--Selling things well in Market Place
--I can find PvP if I look for it
--Still getting city raided every night
--Char is not max. Progression still has meaning
--Bank is not full. 
--Haven't started conquest prep and logistics
--Way too much too do
--No time to bank stare

 Worse of all I am still having fun and looking forward to login next day

Do you have a job/can you pay your rent?

If yes, I got nuthin.
Suggestions / Re: dont do that
Last post by Maximiliuss -
There was only 7 spells that caused knock up in dfo.  Now they mostly cause a bump. Magma knock up was retarded, the issue of no physics on magics is they make them all feel exactly the same. 6 schools, that all do the same thing? Imo, add more effects to magic and then more tricks for bow. Also I noticed a lot of people here that post a lot like fnights want a melee like mmo? This game has terrible melee, try mortal online.
Et tu?