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Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Furgum Seige
Last post by SupremeBeing -
Mycke's attempt at humility so he can start to play the victim card if they take more holdings off him.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Furgum Seige
Last post by Mycke -
Very good job today at Furgum Good Game/GSC and to be completely honest we were out played, having been less prepared than previous sieges and you guys being more prepared, making the age old mistake of underestimating our enemy.

Good fight!
I just found out you can vote directly on roa's roadmap, @Ub3rgames please add only subscribed voting!!

Yeah, lets force out everyone who quit and just listen to the remaining 200 people.

Hmmm... i wonder why they quit, maybe their input and feedback is valuable.
Suggestions / Re: About villages - Timers, stacking and more.
Last post by Zyrre -
This would be the number 1 easiest fix by far, to keep people playing the game. I would probably prefer the more random timers to spread them out, but either way just to make sure all villages dont stack on the off hours.
General Discussion / Re: Reasons this game might die too
Last post by HarvestR -
Read it you fuckheads. The dirty lot of you. You know who you are.
Thats some esoteric new age hippy shit and wrong on all levels.

If you are in love with a woman / man and see that their bad habbits might risk your relationship, you try and fix it. It is not like "I love you and we have two kids. But you <insert random bad habbit>, so I leave you and move on to find a better one." Nobody would do that. And if he does, he / she isn't in love or even passionate about the relationship.

Same here: I love Darkfall and play it since 2009. Back then I was trying for two solid months until I was finally able to buy my fucking copy in April 2009.
And I have seen all version come and go: DFO, DFUW, RoA, DND. And I would HATE to see this version go too. Thats why I try and give some feedback. I don't claim I'm 100% right and that the Devs HAVE TO listen to me. So some people might like it and agree or dislike it and call me a mentally ill retarded man-child with downs syndrome. I don't really care.
Last post by viciousboxx -
Posted my thoughts on the issue in a new thread since it's slightly broader than just the timers themselves.,9100.0.html
I just found out you can vote directly on roa's roadmap, @Ub3rgames please add only subscribed voting!!
A lot of people are talking about changing village timers, some say 6-8 hours others ~22. But the same problem remains, that villages drop out of prime time within 3-4 days if they are heavily contested. The only fix for villages that makes sense is to give them Static timers. This creates meaningful village rivalries, increases pvp participation and balances the map.

Around center map there are some very lucrative villages and some okay villages, larger clans would fight over the more valuable villages allowing smaller parties to get smaller scale pvp.

The scaling on villages are also too strong, the gold rewarded is not justified. I would change the cap to 100% (from 240%). 4 days is a good amount of time to control a point, having these massive villages doesn't promote pvp or territorial control because the fight itself no longer matters.

Example: every day at 17.00 server time gul jarnath goes live.
General Discussion / Re: Reasons this game might die too
Last post by Rigan -
New bridge Cafe makes steak tips i don't care for.
Floramos makes steak tips I find delicious.

I eat at floramos.
I don't nag new bridge cafe or picket outside for them to cook steak tips differently.

You have multiple options for darkfall and lots of other games to try out.
I'm all for reporting some bugs or major flaws, but the group of you that constantly while about the core features of new dawn need are responsible for your own enjoyments in life. If you can't accept it, you need to move on.

Read it you fuckheads. The dirty lot of you. You know who you are.
General Discussion / Re: Reasons this game might die too
Last post by Rigan -

Walk of shame because you made the effort to try to have some PvP fun? Check.

I really dont get that. Bring an extra mount, bank it in the area and if you die use it. Happend to me on ruby yesterday.

That doesn't resolve the issue of it being a giant waste of time to get back to where you came from mount or no mount upon death.  I'm all for no recall with loot or anything on you but on death they could have thrown people a bone allowing them to be transported home if they wished it.

The walk or ride of shame is just a time sink of tedium no one wants to endure.  They could have found a more casual friendly method.  When you're talking about guys that have only so much time to game per week the idea of much of that time being used up simply walking somewhere because you died is pretty disheartening.

Hopefully it's just auto pathing on roads they add.

Used to be an advocate against local banks and the walk of shame/no bindstone. But it's really grown on me and I do think the world is alot more alive now in the wilderness than it ever was.

And no, I don't see naked running everywhere, people exagerate.

My opinion on that was the same as your. Didnt like the idea but it really has grown on me because of the random encounters. Just moved 900kg of stuff up to yssam. Was really exciting.

And actually we meet one of your guys on the way in the middle of the night :-D

what you probably didn't know was he also was carrying his bank from Yssam into our newly claimed holding :D