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General Discussion / Re: Meditation carry over
Last post by Maejohl -
And it needs to be much, much harder to be a successful red. Hopefully the respawn debuff will be enough. I don't think it is though.

And at the moment the incentives are there to stay blue - there are no real disincentives to not turn red - except for NPC city access (no big deal given alts).

I also don't agree that there's an overwhelming desire to have a % of the population as red. The desire is for the focus to be on race wars, not murdering your own race. I agree there is a recognition that some people want to play the "kill everyone" - but also a recognition that this (perhaps above all things from what was happening on RoA in the launch days) was an early "Fuck this, I'm outta here" factor for players new to DF.

By all means play a red. But don't come crying on the forums when you realise that the rest of ingame society doesn't think you should have anything like the easier life that being blue brings.

So, I still think there need to be heavy downsides to being red - and at the moment there's not enough.
Good fun guys, good luck with the game!
General Discussion / Re: Meditation carry over
Last post by Wyverex -
The issue I have with Reds so far was - they want to have the cake and eat it at the same time...
They want to kill whomever and whenever they want, yet they still want bonus rewards from dungeon quests, etc

Yes, I am well aware this post is oversimplification and overgeneralization.
I am definitely for creating a different gameplay experience for Red players, but it needs to be different, not better.
They can't fix traits until the think in encumbrance and negative encumbrance. Bonus damage would be enough for magical and speed enough for leather. Now mages are machine guns, leather beats heavy in melee. Do this and metal armor gets buffed by itself.
Metal armor represents survivability, so it should not get a bonus to any form of damage.

However, we could try out a solution where we keep the slow down of archery with encumbrance but reduce the damage reduction.

That might bump up the range pressure of metal armors without impacting too much of the rest.
Would't it  make leather armor archery a little bit stronger too?

You fucked up with armor traits. It costed you half a year of adjustments already and turned this game into class based mmorpg direction, killing one of unique aspects of darkfall. Stop changing class after class, creating new imbalances. Wait till we get titles, grenades for heavies, etc. Just fucking stop already.
btw @mezfeic have you noticed how you run faster with 120 fov vs 75 fov

you should cry about that instead it makes stickybacking so easy
Suggestions / Re: 2 specialization ideas for melee
Last post by Wyverex -
I was under the impression that Chugger is already planned (title to reduce potion CD and/or increase potion potency)

As for Rage, I don't think the healing component needs to be buffed - it is already super strong as a defensive buff. On cooldown reduction I wholeheartedly agree.
General Discussion / Re: Meditation carry over
Last post by Sup Dude -
Red players aren't hurt enough. There still needs to be more incentive to stay blue - or rather, more disincentive from going red.
Meh , i actually think the opposite. I'm all for fixing the broken alignement system we had for years so it actually makes sense , but i'd rather give more incentives to staying blue than punishing red directly even more.

If we go the "bash the reds" path instead of "help blues" path , you'll indirectly be too forced to stay blue and i'm afraid there won't be any reds while the plan is to have a fair small pourcentage of the population red.

Don't just do the opposite of now , it does not fix the problem

Even if everyone of every race is blue that will still make 2/3 world red to everyone, this isnt RoA.
My point exactly , they don't want that. They want a part of the population red even to their own races.

I don't know why reds are automatically seen as a bad thing ( if it's done properly ) , as big bad retards just because they are reds , some want to play that way you know , they're just regular players wanting another experience.
..... the camera does not move, ......
omg... @Ub3rgames stop wasting time on this idiot and go back to work. We want a clean lunch. TY.
omg... @Ub3rgames stop wasting time on this idiot and go back to work. We want a clean lunch. TY.

Hes a nice guy hes just very hard headed and not naturally analytical enough so hes prone to get stuck on wrong conclusions and hard to push off them. (i have this prob with him all the time :p)

Ya.........its me.

 I'm the only one who can see that mahirim behind me looking down in 3rd person view or the fact I can swing the camera not through but behind the mahirim going from 75 to 120 FOV~not because the in game camera is being moved farther back in 3rd person in the DF engine by the FOV slider, showing more of your surroundings, but because of space aliens. Space Aliens and "fish-eye" effects.

Edit- I'm sure this extra FOV only effects me, so probably not going to be a balance problem. Carry on

I'm quoting this post for archival purposes.
Clan Recruitment / Re: {MMA} Mahirim Militia & Armada
Last post by Sup Dude -
Do you even know what your fighting for?
Do you ? I mean , I know what city you really want to go for. Once you realize it's already taken and will carry over to launch , will you quit ? Please do