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Re: fix pls
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DFUW melee had a lot more arsenal. That is what is missing

UW melee was a mage with a sword, it was dumb as fuck, come on....
What in particular was dumb?

Never ending vamp strikes and knock-up blinds, invuln shields and super heals, need I go on?
It is still not mage because it was not range. I am not interested in playing you definition of melee which is pretty boring consist of hit and block. 
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Re: fix pls
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good mages can do this(video below) and be as slippery as a snake right now.  just duel wiz khalifa and find out.  when im in thickleather/giantbone, its not a fun experience; spells being cast at you so fast, being bounced around or thrown everywhere, blinded, and torn between healing or parrying.   definitely not a fun fight vs good mage in master robes.  very infuriating and challenging to overcome.  granted, they are a glass cannon... its just difficult to get your own shots in for it to be even.
(someone beat wiz in a duel last night, can u share the clip perhaps? king wae i think?)
video: blast juggle
who is this and i only appear good because the great players arent playing often enough to put me in my place
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