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Re: @Ub3rgames
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Elon Musk is smart guy but this video is on a level of a motivational video compilation for graduates? Next thing you will suggest is reading The Secret?

"Our title system is an expansion of the titles in the same spirit than the destroyer title. These will NOT be classes and will be completely optional."

Re: @Ub3rgames
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Re: @Ub3rgames
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Walking with hot blonde yet showing he's gonna wank with his right hand tonight.

What a loser.

Re: @Ub3rgames
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succeed at the cost of working 80-100 hour weeks and not be able to hold a proper relationship, yeah let's all be realistic and emulate him

I love what he's doing though
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Re: @Ub3rgames
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Fall in love with your work instead of people.

Also, she's an 8/10. To me.