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[MAP] - Interactive & Up-to-date
Note: The up-to-date part is a WIP ;)

Hello, hello!

Me and my old friend and DF vet Lillis Slowfoot have started working on an updated version of the old classic Darkfall Map made by Geckzilla.

It can be found at: Is a work in progress and it aims to be an up-to-date version of one of the most popular maps for Darkfall Online. The previous map is still accessible but has some vastly outdated info (notes of village house owners from several years ago to name one example) and with this version I aim to, with the help of our community, keep it up to date and a nice go-to resource when you're out of the game.

I'm well aware of Ub3rs work on making the in-game map so nice that eventually these online maps will be pretty much obsolete. However, for me personally I would still utilize a map that is available on the web even when the in-game one is great and since there may be people that are the same as me when it comes to this I figured I'd make it public rather than keep it to myself.

The upside of going public is that if someone wants to they can help out by posting in this thread if something is wrong or if they have found something that hasn't been added to the map but exists in the game world.

There is a lot of things that I'd like to do such as:
Correct GPH (Gold Per Hour) for all villages
Adding icons for the trade routes
Sea Tower icons
Correct mob data. This is the hardest thing since a lot of mob spawns have incorrect numbers but Ub3r has hinted at the in-game map getting this information soon which would mean that it's just a matter of punching in all the info on the website too. I do not look forward to that :P
Better notes all around for mobs and poi's.
Adding more mob info to most mobs such as known weaknesses and resists.
Some flavor stuff like giving selentine, leenspar etc chests their own icon.
Adding info about which clan owns which holding when hovering over cities and hamlets.

If you have any other suggestions on what you'd like to see added to the map then please post in the thread!
Note: Please use the coordinate system at the top right of the map when posting about something, thanks! 

Making this map double as a political map would be really sweet so for that I'll try and contact leaders for a start but if anyone knows some owners already of various holdings feel free to post that too! This is not a huge priority until the game goes live and by then it might already exist in-game which would make it easy to keep updated :)

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Changelog so far

* Mobs
- Removed submob Fire Elemental at the Deathless Mage spawn near Imathir and made it its own poi.
- Added Deathless Servant to the Imathir Deathless Mage spawn
- Changed Deathless Mage count to 1 at Imathir spawn.
- Changed count of mob type Varangian Runewielder at poi "1862" from 4 to 3
- Changed mob type at poi "1182" from Elfwraith to Elfshade
- Added Fire Elemental spawn at Hildershall
- Added Dire Spider spawn north of Hildershall

* Villages
- Updated GPH (Gold Per Hour) for several villages
- Fixed typo for the Duke's Landing village
- Fixed typo for the Eyrkla's Shadow village
- Added Orthok Village to the map (previously only the Hamlet by the same name existed)
- Removed Village "Ahraghat" since it does not exist.

* Holdings
- Updated several holdings with current clan owner to the right of the holding name

Would love some feedback on whether or not you guys like the way it is now with the holding owners in the name or if you'd prefer it to be written in the note when hovering over the holding instead.

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Great work

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Thanks Ninogan! It was much needed :D 

Next time we kidnap you we will take you to a nicer place I promise :p

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Great map, thanks.
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Good job Ninogan
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Andruk, Spiderfang - The Horde
Elish, Bloodscar - Simiran
Hal Kali - A Few Good Men
Istaruk, Skogul - Manly Janitors
Gulghat - I Know My Chickens
Quarendale - Raged
Banagar & Brockmoore - BEEFCAKES
Moradar - The Crimson Brotherhood
Qiqatak, Vranghorn - Just Kidding
Apautan, Ichtan - Jungle Kingdom
You don't see things as they are, you see them as you are.

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Thank you, awesome. We even get a political map :D

Frostbourne, Mavengar, Kryzerok  - Harbringers de Fromage
Frostcoast - Reapers
Skogul, Tenaland - Manly Janitors
Longmarch - Perkele
Sunstone Island - Nomads
Sorgom - Alfar Nation
Talpec´s spelling is wrong , currently owned by IKMC
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Good luck with your endeavor. Thread is now sticky.
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Exellent job!

South of Khosgar are 3 matayin spawns along the coast and to the just to east is a grey iklit.
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The Horde currently owns Andruk, Aldan Enak, Eronetil and Spiderfang.
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Mehatil - rats in the hats

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Good map, well done.

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Talpec´s spelling is wrong , currently owned by IKMC

That caused so much confusion so far that devs should consider renaming the area to Telpac ingame :D

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Thanks for all the info guys.

6th February Changelog

* Villages
Fixed typo for the Moradar village

* Holdings
- Additional updates on current city & hamlet owners
- Fixed typo for Talpec

* Mobs
- Added three Greater Matayin / Matayin spawns in the Khosgar area
- Added Gray Iklit spawn in Khosgar area

It's already coming along quite nicely and a lot of holdings have their owners added now!
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