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Re: Hello world thread. Come and say hi!
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Hi all I'm Jason the adventurer.  Looking forward to adventuring in an old school, organic way of role playing.

Re: Hello world thread. Come and say hi!
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What's up.  I'm Ake from OTG.  Been with them since 2014. Old school Asheron's Call Darktide player here from launch in 1999.  AC-DT, DAoC and SB were my favorite MMOs to date where your guildmates were Fam and your enemies were real.  While I dabbled in DF and DFUO, I found both lackluster.  The hacking, cheating and developer lezza far attitude were also huge turnoffs; so I'm like the many who were done with the title in a few short weeks.  I'm optimistic DND can deliver on the Roadmap and provide an MMO where your decisions and actions do matter and where relationships with friends and enemies are meaningful.

- Akede Skullcrusher
Old Timers Guild
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates

Re: Hello world thread. Come and say hi!
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Hello everyone.

I'm entirely new to Darkfall, but after seeing some gameplay and reading about the two different reboots, I like where New Dawn is headed best.  Still trying to get a handle on all the different mechanics, but the community's been very helpful.

I haven't played a ton of MMOs, but have put a good bit of time into WoW and about a year into Eve Online.  I'm looking forward to some of the Eve Online-ish mechanics in darkfall (e.g. pvp looting, meaningful character interactions by limiting character slots/account, localized banking).

My IGN is from Planescape: Torment, and is one of my favorite characters from my favorite game.  I'm 33, married, and work full time from home.

Re: Hello world thread. Come and say hi!
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I was under the forums on an old name, I since then decided to return to my roots. Just bought in dev

see you all in game
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Re: Hello world thread. Come and say hi!
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well.. just to drop and say Hi!!  8)
played original DFO and now slowly cheeking out (inDev) DnD coz it's looks interesting and in spirit of old DFO.. could be something could be nothing.. we'll see...
hoping for the best coz DFO is quite unique game  ;)
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