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Our guys are all NA and they are happy with an EU server. Honestly the game vision is likely to cater more to an EU than an NA crowd. We'll play wherever it is.
General Discussion / Re: Shader Change with Patch 4.0
Last post by Wyverex -
My responses were about game in general, not about my personal situation.
But thanks for caring.
General Discussion / Re: Shader Change with Patch 4.0
Last post by Mycke -
Upgrade, or stop being a cuck.

Da fuck? 0.o
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
Last post by Kenman -
These were my comments on their Forum last year:

Hyld, Sep 9, 2016
I think the biggest difference with DnD is that you would have already got a reply from Ubergames to a post like this (if not to any post anyway).

The fact is that BPG is a community project, that means that many individuals from different places/viewpoints banded together to take over an old project; you can see how technically skilled they are, but when it comes to core redesigning of the game, it is quite likely that there are 30 different heads thinking, as no one was able to impose one coherent direction from start, simply not to upset all the seems like the issues are brought on the table one at a time and each one suggests some solution, then things are decided by hand raise, a sort of piecemeal way of proceeding. I might be wrong, but it does make sense from how the group was organised at the start and it does give this impression, at least to me.

This is a pity because you can see how talented are many devs/game designers.

I am afraid that unless Andrew or someone else takes over and crushes this sort of "Democratic" way of proceeding and imposes ONE coherent view, the creative/lore/strategic part of the game will suffer.

Hyld, Oct 29, 2016
Sad to read here DnD and RoA clearly part ways....RoA goes down the DFUW path in this and many other cases....(obviously not for the PvP system, where it is closely sticks to the end of DFO)

This will satisfy fast paced quake style players that care (or understand) little of lore and game immersion.

Racial Wars were not working as intended in DFO and thus required a long term, coherent and deeply thought and re-balanced overhaul of the game, something an heterogeneous structure like BPG can achieve with difficulty, so I understand why for them this is the best (or less worst) option.

I am doubtful that this will be helpful on a long term...certainly not my cup of support ends here for the moment.
Good Luck

No ship has two or more Captains...unless it wants to end up on the rocks.

Edit. many talented people on the BPG roster, however too much confusion, plus some of the designers even admitted that they hardly read the forums....not really professional and the outcome can be guessed, not the timing of it though.


It was run like this, i can confirm the hand raising.
General Discussion / Re: Shader Change with Patch 4.0
Last post by Kenman -
Modern desktop CPUs that beast literally ALL games cost only $129 and its been that way since sandybridge in 2011 if you were willing to pay more

At this point not having a cpu that gives great darkfall fps is like not having an SSD or a 42+ inch flat screen TV. Theres no excuse.
Maybe in the US.

In EU, the same parts are up to 50% more expensive (even more so in shit countries like my own)
And combine that with lower income... and it becomes hard to upgrade computer parts...

I'm sorry to hear that, i have a solution.

1. Make more money

If that doesn't seem feasible

1a. Move

If that doesn't seem feasible

2. Accept that you're just going to get left behind in the gaming industry, cause technology is on full throttle forward.
I personally do plan on moving, but don't tell me that your "solution" is to ignore half of Europe and most of Asia?

There's a reason super successful companies (ie Blizzard) try and make games with low system requirements - it allows them to earn more money by selling more copies.

I don't really care for a solution. Take the business out of it and create a superior product. My solution was for you, specifically. You cant afford to play games you need to repriorotize your life, its really very simple. Im sorry that you cant afford your hobby.

Furthermore, another point to consider is the day and age. Darkfall was indeed created long ago where system requirements were far lower. 2009, 2010? Really? You haven't upgraded since then? I had a system from 2013 that could run darkfall on maxed settings, and at launch i played with around 70 fps with a shit computer. But i was a child then with no income of my own and made due. I accepted it and enjoyed it.

Take a few lessons from that and own up to it, fuck sakes. Lets make a superior product, seems selfish to me.

And yet, in the end, ub3r has stated its not even feasible atm STILL for whatever reason it causes considerable drops STILL so why the fuck is this even a discussion still is beyond me, but my points still stand i think. Upgrade, or stop being a cuck.
Media Highlight / Re: Moherah Siege
Last post by Mycke -
Literally the best comms I've ever heard. That's entertaining.

Also1 , whats up with the meteor strike nuclear animation and sound

Also2 , why is everyone flying with weird animation
Thats surging meteor, though you dont get extra damage, if your combined mag is high enough everything acts like a surge graphically.

The weird flying is some is odd floating effect that got bugged in from knock ups.
Media Highlight / Re: Moherah Siege
Last post by Sup Dude -
Literally the best comms I've ever heard. That's entertaining.

Also1 , whats up with the meteor strike nuclear animation and sound

Also2 , why is everyone flying with weird animation
Questions and Answers / Re: Name & Race change at launch?
Last post by seventhhen -
I'd prefer the whole thing be wiped. Eliminate carryover and govern progression without immediate holdings/title/med - cap max progression by month, cycle or availability.

Force people to use the crap suggested names, and earn the right to change haircuts. Maybe change race too? At high "defect" race...maybe a progression penalty to change race (like 10-20% loss of stats or skills, or "titles").

World buff the imbalanced races or genders by % to encourage diversity.  Limit clan membership and/or alliances until something is achieved/paid, etc.

I don't really care, just an opinion occurring to me while reading thread.
Media Highlight / Re: Moherah Siege
Last post by Wyverex -
Thank you for sharing vids :)
Media Highlight / Re: Moherah Siege
Last post by Raap -
This siege voice recording was powered by Kermit.

I gave the go-ahead to share it since otherwise you'd watch 30 minutes of fighting without context, which would be impossible to understand.

@Ub3rgames Fix Magefall.