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Suggestions / Re: Delete cooking tutorial quest
Last post by Alberton -
A new player can take the cooking title for a day and then ditch it.

Not really a big deal.
Think you forgot pil og bue and painkillers. They are both alfars, saw pob members in race chat yesterday.
Sounds really great @Ub3rgames

I'd also like to see ...

- Daily crafting quests, which give Skill Progression Scroll. For instance get a quest from the Blacksmith to craft 20x 1H Sword. Upon delivery you get Gold reward and a Scroll which increases Weaponsmithing +5. Or get a quest from the Fighter to craft and deliver 20x Studded Cuirass or so and get a Scroll reward which increases Tailoring +5.

- Increase chance of mobs dropping Basic Weapon / Armor Resources like Iron Ingot and Wood to give even more incentives to PvE and alternatives to AFK mining / chopping. PvE should be more rewarding.

What do you think?
They've already said crafting quests are out of the question.

Pve is already too rewarding with some few exceptions like bone exarch.
No thanks
The vendors are nice to quickly get back on your feet when something happens. But I would really like to see all "gear vendors" also carry casting regs... There are quite a few places in Alfar lands where I can buy my gear but nothing to actually cast.
Pretty accurate imo, I'd like to add DOH to active, I run into them every now and then, at villages and spawns, and they might not have many more than 5 but they should definetly make it.

Loserkids is gone, but not inactive, they joined in with Mandrake Dealers.

I have not seen any Seek and Destroy around, but I that's because they moved to Ruby again, they still cap villages. Should probably count as active but I can't back it up really.
Combat title consumables


but not actually because it doesn't matter what ub3r says he will agree with it #hivemindlyfe
Lol, you were complaining that titles takes too long, that they were preventing people from trying different they give you items to potentially get right from the bat both signatures and half the bonuses of a maxed titles, and you complain about that too?
Thanks for showing, once again, that no matter the changes, you will just troll away with your one-liners posts.
Please tell us how much fun you are having playing RoA too, you forgot it to add that in your feels incomplete trolling if you don't at least tell us how better that game is
Announcements / Re: Server Status
Last post by Ub3rgames -
Server will go down for regular maintenance in 1 hour. Estimated downtime of 20 minutes.
Think of packing your mounts and their inventories before that.
How you label clans with 5 or less actives as "dead", is quite odd.

Dead should literally be where no one is playing anymore. Like Exiles, which have long been gone.

Surely your list should just be;

Medium pop
Small pop

p.s You have forgotten about Two of Nomads allies from that list, and also another Alfar clan, all of which are active. So the fact you think you know all, is amusing.
Buy orders will assist greatly, I would wait to see how that goes.

These aren't a thing yet? Lmfao.

RoA: Lightyears ahead.

How are your college grades they must be terrible since you are addicted to video games.
Better rank - more damage
Better chant reagents - more damage
Elemental damage always 50% of base damage.
Base damage depend on rank and quality of reagents