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General Discussion / Re: Semi-fast transmission
Last post by Unknowm Mantra -
Suggestions / Skill/title buff - Gold sink
Last post by Eilistraee -
Hey, I had an idea while taking a dump:

Be able to buy with gold a buff that boost ur skills/titles up to max/75% whatever, but only last until ganked and a max duraiton. Helps evening the battlefield for sieges and maybe even villages if 75% option is way cheaper, keeps up some possible gold sink, having fully leveled character is still worth more due to efficiency and once defeated in a siege, no need to waste time on getting to NPC to boost.

The boost would degrade slowly under 5-6 hours to no effect. Or have differnt option on duration, but none would persists over gank.

People could even buy it for farming efficiency. Some people would also buy this boost to try out new titles, playstyles. Definitely a good gold sink and an option to have a brief view into what awaits the player commiting to a title.

Having maxed out characters, there would be no gains, it wouldn't work for them, but would be more of an incentive to level up to max, so this boost is not req, desired.

If you have concerns about abuse, just have a CD on it.
How you label clans with 5 or less actives as "dead", is quite odd.

Dead should literally be where no one is playing anymore. Like Exiles, which have long been gone.

Surely your list should just be;

Medium pop
Small pop

p.s You have forgotten about Two of Nomads allies from that list, and also another Alfar clan, all of which are active. So the fact you think you know all, is amusing.

Wouldn't be as dramatic if he didn't list clans who changed names the first month and are still active. He listed two sub-clans from SKD who never had 5 members to start with lol, and SKD is still capping VCP's so I dont see how you can list them as inactive....
The vendors are nice to quickly get back on your feet when something happens. But I would really like to see all "gear vendors" also carry casting regs... There are quite a few places in Alfar lands where I can buy my gear but nothing to actually cast.

Unfortantly the racial lands do seem a bit uneven when it comes to some important points of interests. Chaos banks, merchants and mediation quests are all really hit or miss. Its more of an issue with Alfar because they have no racial ally lands to go to.

@Ub3rgames really nice job putting rafts on the merchants.
General Discussion / Re: NEW PVE SHIT SEEMS LEGIT!
Last post by Ivar_theBoneless -
It is legit now, 20 thick leather in 25 minutes solo without the skinning title and I wasn't really trying. I was shocked. I'm betting you could hit 50+ thick leather skins in an hour easy if really hitting it hard.
Suggestions / Re: Remove towers from playercities
Last post by inkarnation -
Have you thought about subbing more alts?
Then just take a remote city like khayud, harvest with your 10 alts to build towers and enjoy your safezone
@SomeBK @KrajecRoz123asd am i doing it right?
Announcements / Re: Server Status
Last post by Ub3rgames -
Server is back online.

You need to find a way to address the problem where skills post 55+ off line mediation is faster then in game grinding, even on a top tier mob in a group. Its encouraging people to stay off line (this has been said for awhile now, you have to address it guys- its like bitter pill but needs to be done :)), especially mages who need more then a few skills in the 90-100 range (and I'm not a mage).

Maybe ease the grind/difficulty past a set number of skills at 100, so it becomes easier if the skills are in the same magic school or matching the time invested in their titles. OR even allowing mediation skill gain while on-line.

edit~ and the difference in grind time between in-game post 55+ and off-line mediation is significant
Suggestions / Re: replace all the water with acid
Last post by wildNothing -
yeah,acid instead of water will be brutal,because atomic war is already happened and only 20 people survived,so acid is right thing,empty brutal world survival
Exactly! Fits darkfall theme perfectly! And solves problems.
Suggestions / Sell item X in Market weekly quest
Last post by lambdaExpression -
A quest to sell certain mastery item in the market. It will give clan crafters incentives to visit city once a week.