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Not going to bicker with you, but youre flooding my topic with your ME ME cries, not realizing the benefits of the move. The game is not made to please you, regardless of how much you invested in the project.

lol - but the game should be made to please you, right?
7 likes? the hype is real!
Everyone in my clan just dreaded the thought of them doing a release date announcement for 2017.

Its simply not ready

On the other hand, it will never be ready.
Glad there are still some people left with an open mind. @Ub3rgames any response?

In your op you didn't explain what you meant - what your reasons were for the request. Maybe they and we don't know what your point is?
Reread lambda's post. Maybe I shouldnt of assumed that most know the pros and cons of the nodes in holdings, but then again you know them too. Its just that it doesnt align with how youd like to see the game upon launch.

Not going to bicker with you, but youre flooding my topic with your ME ME cries, not realizing the benefits of the move. The game is not made to please you, regardless of how much you invested in the project.

Now down to business, @Ub3rgames what are your plans regarding this issue?
When is the last time lux sieged?

Not trying to swing the votes one way or another, but im pretty sure they've been sitting on the same holdings for quite a while now
Also, whats wrong with sieging stuff you want?
Isnt that what a conquest game should contain.

I mean, i get there's greed, hypocrisy and the need to talk lightly about such matters.
But the problem with responsibility is that people have different perspectives on situations.
So one person thinks its unacceptable, while the other thinks there's no other choice.
In the end, regardless of good intentions, if your seat gets hot enough you'll use means you normally wouldnt consider to save your own hide.
Then let's go other way around - keep long removal of gear, but make gearing up almost instant ;)
What if you are alone in the city and you see three people hit the system? Instant degear? Nah, I don't like it.
Originally this mechanic was introduced because people removed heavy gear instantly to cast a few spells and then regeared instantly.
There were even scripts for it.

So yes, while in-combat removal and equipping of gear is an issue, out-of-combat it should be almost instant.
Media Highlight / Re: Village of the day: Ryhandel
Last post by Mycke -
Don't adapt to meta, blame meta, ask for change.

Yeah never understood this, I mean if i think something is imbalanced thats one thing, but otherwise the devs make the rules and ill adapt to them and never considered trying to have the game changed just to suit me, but I guess some players are kids and must think because mommy and daddy spoil them the rest of the world will also cater to them.

Fnights is so bad I cant tell if hes spectrum, troll or a child, though my gut says hes sincere and just really young or not so high functioning.

General Discussion / Re: Proper Localization
Last post by Mycke -
having experienced many iterations of RUST resource displacement,  I'm inclined to agree with wildnothong here that a "harder" sort of localization as he suggests is the way to go. While all of the core resources should be available everywhere, they should be so in limited fashion creating tension, and specific resources should be in abundance in specific areas,  i.e iron in dwarf/ cairn, etc.

Outcome is impossible to predict of course due to number of variables at play, I do hope we will have ample time to test localization, though without a bank write I don't see how that's possible,  so fuck it,  well do it live I guess.

One thing I don't like is that there seems to be a tendency on these forums by people to treat potential players like they are stupid care bears who need their hands held.  This is a serious miscalculation and in fact there is a large base of players looking for a more hardcore, sandbox game, and I think that is who dnd appeals too and should be designed around.

If you agree with wildnothing, the first thing you should always do is reevaluate because hes only right on accident due to being a troll whose trying to be stupid and in this case he succeeded as usual.

Making the common mats scarce and localized may look okay now, but at launch it will be a mess with all the noobs being left out while vets and clans control those important early resources with cloth being an obvious bottle neck as it is. Then add is a region has all its ore in one area then all the harvester killers will go there so no one can get anything done.

As a rule wildnothings ideas are bad for the game, intentionally I believe but hes not the sharpest tool so who knows, but everything he says is suspect.

I am glad he found a home with all the other outcasts and trolls that seems to be the perfect clan for him, though sometimes I still think him and nataz are the same person, but if not they can troll the forums together, they both have a knack for illiteracy and will make the same stupid point no matter how much data is presented.

They are like spectrum kids that latch on the first thing you say and no matter if its updated or repeatedly updated they will still fixate on the original point, I even think Nataz took off work July 14th for launch, which is why hes so angry.