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I am not sure how the Dwarf racial bonus is OP?

They have a max of 400 hp.  In a fight you heal or get healed quite a bit, so for this example lets say you healed 200 hp for a max of 600hp before death.

You take 20% stamina damage (or 40% if air/water) on incoming damage. 
20% of 600 = 120 stamina - A 10% reduction in this is only 12 stamina
40% of 600 =  240 stamina  - A 10% reduction in this is only 24 stamina

Is that 12 or 24 stamina going to make you OP? Its nice I grant you and the longer the fight goes on the more stamina you save as it were but OP?
General Discussion / Re: Transfers Nerfed
I get two ticks now not 3 anymore
This was an oversight of the original patch notes:
For technical reasons, and to play it safe with persistence, individual local banks are limited and we set an overall cap of items.

Individual banks:
- 2000 items per bank.
- 6000 items overall.
Clan banks:
- 4000 items per bank.
- 12000 items per bank

Once we monitor how it behaves, we'll decide on a final amount.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

We'll go through the other comments in this thread in a bit. Just wanted to get this out as soon as possible.

Can our banks please show the total number of items we have in them and the cap i.e 1250/2000
It will help us manage our banks
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: About Titles
I have some concerns

1). If you remove jewelsmithing for launch then you remove alot of items that enchanters level up on.  Alot of the apparel enchants use the enchanting mats people dont really use for gear bags so are great to level your enchanting on.  Having to level enchanting using helmets, chests and sheilds if difficult and expensive.

2).  I don't like the idea of tying enchanting to a crafting title because;

a) You will need atleast 5/6 people selling the gear you want with the enchants you want on them to get a higher end gear bag togther. (Physical metal/leather mix gear bag example below)

Weaponsmithing - Keen
Staff crafting - Haste & Magnitude
Bowyer - Keen
Heavy Armorsmithing - Feather
Light armor crafting (leather + bones) - Stamina Effic
Tailoring (Robes + bags)
Shield crafting

b). I was looking forward to the idea that a enchanter was it own profession that would be able to create a "scroll or gem" that could be sold on the market with a enchant already loaded into it that could then be applied to a item of your chossing.  Being able to buy a item un-enchanted and then search the market for a enchant scoll to apply will be easier for people and create more trades and a market for enchanting scolls.
Oh I get it now.  The chest option shows dungeons where there is a chest inside even if the dungeon option is switched off.

If you have chest selected but take the tick off dungeons it does not always take all the dungeons off the map.
If you have dungeon not selected and put the tick on and off chest it then adds and removed the dungeons and the chests.
Suggestions / Re: Meditation
I'd add slightly off topic that I think med should come from PvE and crafting too, we have to go out of our way to get med if I only have a hour or so I might just want to chill and farm something but then I would not have any med and it feels like im forced to play around med all the time

I do understand this.  If there is not a chest nearby I can pop i.e in a dungeon, farming outside even though you need the mats can seem like you are being inefficent with your time.
Suggestions / Difficult to get Enchant mats

The devs asked for some feedback and sugestions on which enchants mats could do with a tweak.

Q3 Bile and Q3 Horn are really hard to get, more mobs need to skin for these.
Q4 Darktaint is very easy to get considering its Q4. Gray Ork warriors, assasins and maulers are easy to farm.

Q3 Claw from Matayins is a pain to get as they are a underwater mob.  There is a few place where they are above water buts its rare.

Q2 Eye from Ceil Fye.  This seams to be a rare skin, if you look at how easy it is to get other Q2  mats.  Maybe they just need to skin for less Q1 stuff.

Q3 Lifeforce.  The respawn timer on Forest Phrophets seems high compared to other Q3 mob types.

Q2 Quartz - Everyone hates farming brownies.  Could this not be move to a different mob? and Renamed

Its a lot harder as a a physical player (melee/archer) to get the rare mats you need for your weapons/armour than as a mage.

Rare Ores - Golems - A Q3 R50 acid tranmuted bow does 20 or so damage where a acid bolt does 38-40 damage
Snow Hide - Ice Jarl - A Q3 R50 fire bow does 30 or so damage where a acid bolt does 38-40 damage.
Exarch Scales - Sun Exarch - A Q3 R50 acid bow does 15 damage where a holy bolt does 40.

The healing & regen of these high end mobs making getting the materials you need alot harder as a physical player than as a mage.

Can something be done to balance this out?

I dont want to play as a mage to get the mats I need to play as a physical player
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 4.1

@Ktorr @Rimamok
Number tweaks of essential aspects of the game like this one cost a lot more time than coding.
It may feel counter intuitive, but testing functionality is binary. Either it works according to specifications or it doesn't.
But anything that involves tweaking takes a lot of time to validate.

The community often jokes about xml changes, but honestly, they are the hardest. ;)
I understand some things take more time than others, but considering it took about a month to do this patch, and what will all the other stuff that is on your road map that you consider "essential" for Launch, I don't see how you can realistically continue to claim that you still plan on Launching by the end of this year.  Which is only about 10 weeks away.

They have said many times one dev works on the small patches whilst the rest contiue to work on the big ones i.e the next 5.0 patch.
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 4.1
Confirmed only working on new crafted.  For some items the new durabilty to less then than old.  I.e. leather gloves and shoes.
Because you cant see the base durabilty of armours its hard to tell if its working correctly.

GM Marc confirmed that Wisdom does not affect melee weapons, bows or staffs.  Just incase anyone is testing and notices this.
Suggestions / Re: Merge all reagents to one
How about the best of both?

Make each school only castable with one reg type and each spell cost 1-4 qty of that reg.

Air- Mandrake
Earth - Resin
Fire - Sulpher
Water- Nacre
Witchcraft and Necro - Bone
Spellchanting and Arcane - Ash

You could then make each reg cost the standard 4gp each.  This would also work as the devs are removing and reworking lesser and greater magic. Another benift is for single school mages only needing to take out one reg type with them.
Suggestions / Standardize Spell Unlock Levels
I think it would help players to Standardize Spell Unlock Levels as follows. With signature spells associated to that school coming at the levels indicated (e.g. Stormblast is a signature spell to Air)

1   Bolt
5   Debuff to Magic Damagic e.g Lightning
10   Shield to Magic Damage  e.g Lightning
15   Signature
20   Signature
25   Charge Up Ray
30   Signature
40   Buff Other Magic Shield e.g Lightning
50   R50 Aoe
60   Signature
70   Signature
80   Field AOE
90   R90 Aoe
100   Signature

The reasons for this suggestion are as follows;

1). New players can choose a school and know when their damaging spells are going to be unlocked as they no longer will be buying them, they wont see when they can "buy" their next spell.
2). The power (damage projection) progression of the school is kept the same no matter which school you choose.
3). It makes it easy for the devs to see which schools need a tweak as certain types of spell are missing from certain schools e.g A holy ray
4). Knowing that a school should have a a signature spell at R100 for example gives the devs a reason to adjust a spell for that type of big final unlock, something to want to work towards. I,e, maybe making Earthquake or Tornado a big final AOE spell like Volcano in Fire or something fun.

Great thank you
Suggestions / Merge Mental & Maledition stats into one
The Mental  & Maledition protection stats and spells have never been really understood.  They both protect against the affects of certain debuffs but no one seems to know which debuffs and how they work.

Would it not be better to merge them into one stat "Debuff Protection" (Call it what you like) with a easy to understand stat like % chance to resisit the affeect of debuffs?