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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA

Hmmm - now where have I seen this idea before?

Ultima Online =)
General Discussion / Re: DND Why should i buy it?
You shouldn't. Wait until it comes out and see if it's actually good or if it goes the same way as Rise of Agon.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
Of course it feels a bit good to watch all the RoA believers squirm now that it's all coming tumbling down. The fact that they so blindly believed it would succeed was mind-blowing but it did last longer than I'd imagined. I don't doubt I'll be writing the same message down the line when it's DND's turn to close their casket but sadly I don't think a lot of the believers around here will be as fun to say "I told you so to" as they'll probably handle the ship sinking with more dignity.

Just like RoA i'm sure one can have some good fun with it before the fall though and maybe not leave empty handed =]
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
It won't stay alive and some of the assholes will come over to DND on launch and contribute to DND failing just a tiny bit faster 🤷
The zones had a really nice overhaul recently but not gonna argue with the legendary trashsmasher or I'd get cancer.
Albion is a nice little mmo with full loot and if you've been into UO in the past this game can give you some real good vibes. A lot of varied landscapes to roam around in too. It's also not gonna be at risk of having no players as fast as the DF games imo and they do a lot more to not make newbies get ganked into oblivion but there's still a lot of room for griefing and having fun as a PK.
Nino, why are u care? U deving RoA, what is ur goal than?

Ты говоришь по-английски?
Can we please patch so we get some people to come back for a few weeks at most before getting bored again and going back into "when is next patch?" mode?
Guides and Player Help / Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
Haven't really changed my binds ever. Just used the same ones mostly since early df1. I don't like switching between hotbars so I just keybind everything I want pretty much and since DF is not very keybind intense compared to other mmo's it works well just staying on hotbar1.

Shift 1-3: Transfers
Shift 4: Heal Self
Shift 5: Witches Brew

1: Melee Weapon
2: Bow
3: Staff
4: Bolts
5: Debuffs
6-8: Potions
9: Mount
0: Food

X: Sword+Shield

Shift+X: Field AoE
Shift+F: Come Hither
Shift+C: Confusion
Shift+TAB: Wall of Force
Capslock: Stormblast

Q: Sacrifice & Heal Other
E: Rays

Middle MB: Disables
MB4: Whirlwind
MB5: Power Attack & Eye Rot

Shift+Q: Fireball
Shift+E: Magma
Shift+R: R90's
Shift+T: Vampiric Touch & Stamina Leech
Shift+Y: Varies (Usually a special debuff or pot)

Ctrl 1: Bspike/Shraphnel
Ctrl 2: Begone
Ctrl 3: Explosion

Guides and Player Help / Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
Warning: Not newbie friendly.

Bind Gui Hotbar Column 0 Row 1 -> Skill tree, for example heals, put sacrafice on it, check switch to this hotbar and nothing else.
To cast heal other, press W, but have this on autocast, no other options.
This way, every cast is about 2 presses, either a key + mouse attack or 2 keys on the keyboard.

Movement keys at the center of the keyboard, since pinky finger is the less fixed, due to not being used by movement, it has a higher range of keys to use.
D, T, G, H movement keys serve as a pivot for other fingers, for example when I have to press V for heals, I do it with my middle finger in case I am strafing left/right, if I am pressing forward or backwards I use by point finger.
No cycling or modifiers.
Can't use all the spell, unless enable cycling, but that beats the 2 key cast.
Will have trouble when more melee skills will be introduced as there are are hotkeys only for 8 skills, including the column selection.
Transfers and other important actions are one keypress on autocast, like potions, mounts, food.
Power hour used with mouse, to not accidentally toggle it.

Part of the binds on hotbar:

1 - Melee weap / Shield hotbar, shared
2 - Bow
3 - Displacement spells
4. - Heals (Self heals, heal others and leeches)
5. - Debuff + blinds
6. - Other buffs
7. - Unused
8. - DPS spells
9. - Unused
0. - Self buffs

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Test server on RoA
DND is also going to be running one. It's basically the norm but most people don't play on a test server besides a few hours after a new patch in most games. Nothing to worry about population wise.
any chance this map could be updated ;D

I'm not playing DND right now so I am not updating the map for now. When launch comes I'll start working on it again but for Indev I'll just update if the game goes active again during the end of beta land-rush maybe.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: dead politics
ninogan  ;) always up for he short tiny win but blind like always for the marathon goal

Didn't know whatever you think this is was a competition :(
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: dead politics
Damn so this DND siege had less people than the random group of dwarves I just met up in dwarf lands on RoA.

Well thats the difference between a beta and a launch, you are old enough now to figure that out on your own. no?

Did you get upset?
I'll buy all your Q1 bone PM me on here with in-game name i'll hit you up.