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Don't adapt to meta, blame meta, ask for change.

Yeah never understood this, I mean if i think something is imbalanced thats one thing, but otherwise the devs make the rules and ill adapt to them and never considered trying to have the game changed just to suit me, but I guess some players are kids and must think because mommy and daddy spoil them the rest of the world will also cater to them.

Fnights is so bad I cant tell if hes spectrum, troll or a child, though my gut says hes sincere and just really young or not so high functioning.

having experienced many iterations of RUST resource displacement,  I'm inclined to agree with wildnothong here that a "harder" sort of localization as he suggests is the way to go. While all of the core resources should be available everywhere, they should be so in limited fashion creating tension, and specific resources should be in abundance in specific areas,  i.e iron in dwarf/ cairn, etc.

Outcome is impossible to predict of course due to number of variables at play, I do hope we will have ample time to test localization, though without a bank write I don't see how that's possible,  so fuck it,  well do it live I guess.

One thing I don't like is that there seems to be a tendency on these forums by people to treat potential players like they are stupid care bears who need their hands held.  This is a serious miscalculation and in fact there is a large base of players looking for a more hardcore, sandbox game, and I think that is who dnd appeals too and should be designed around.

If you agree with wildnothing, the first thing you should always do is reevaluate because hes only right on accident due to being a troll whose trying to be stupid and in this case he succeeded as usual.

Making the common mats scarce and localized may look okay now, but at launch it will be a mess with all the noobs being left out while vets and clans control those important early resources with cloth being an obvious bottle neck as it is. Then add is a region has all its ore in one area then all the harvester killers will go there so no one can get anything done.

As a rule wildnothings ideas are bad for the game, intentionally I believe but hes not the sharpest tool so who knows, but everything he says is suspect.

I am glad he found a home with all the other outcasts and trolls that seems to be the perfect clan for him, though sometimes I still think him and nataz are the same person, but if not they can troll the forums together, they both have a knack for illiteracy and will make the same stupid point no matter how much data is presented.

They are like spectrum kids that latch on the first thing you say and no matter if its updated or repeatedly updated they will still fixate on the original point, I even think Nataz took off work July 14th for launch, which is why hes so angry.

ROA population is in downward spiral which is going to be very hard to pull out of.

It needed to attract new blood and keep them , but failed.

The server had terrible problems for weeks crashes and lag, new players are unforgiving unless the game proves itself special out of the gates.

They thought grind for skill levels , stats and gear was content. DF pve has nothing to offer compared to newer titles.

DF does not become fun until you have you character complete, your bank full of gear you can feel happy to lose and, this is the most important point, had chance to duel for hours and hours and hours so you can go out into the world without feeling like a free bag of loot.

Only now has ROA realised if they cannot get the new blood to that point as soon as possible the game is just vets who eventually stop playing as they are bored.

No arena DF doesnt become fun until you are redy for the arena, a sandbox game doesnt need you to be max in a week so you can fight the same 50 people you have been fighting for 8 years,

ROA made a lot of mistakes and you didnt name one, if anything those who want a max toon and full bank before they can have fun are far too dull and boring for this game, so they should stick to something that one dimensional and shallow that caters to their limited gaming interests.

There cant be more than a few score of vets who are so scared of losing to a more developed ot better geared toon, such insecurities in a video game cant be that common and is usually a sign of major personality disorder, normal people can have fun without a max toon or a full bank so let the 'need to prove worth in video game' kids stay at roa.

We only have 8 holdings and need to take this one from a clan with only 3 because we know we can best them

Yeah they have Truedon carrying them so Raap is feeling frisky...
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
New Dawn's excuse is "this is In Development, stuff is not meant to act like a live server yet". What's RoA's excuse?

I think their excuse is they really have no choice, their population sunk like a rock in just a few months so even some die hards just went and played  that shit hole albion. I dont know if they can save themselves or not, but where they were going sure as well wasnt going to cut it.
Guides and Player Help / Re: PvP Tips and Q&A
Where's the line when I can PvP competetively?

How many stats do I need?(all 50, 70?)

What level skills and spells must be?(50, 75?)

I only asked about minimum. Just want to know when I can fight with some chances.

Thanks for answers in advance.
Actually it's 80% player skill which can only be aquired through a shit ton of dueling/fighting.

Having extra hp and better gear helps tho.

Exactly this!

Though you can get group viable/ average tier viable pretty quick it does take some time to have a top tier viable character, but at the same time the personal skills needed to play at those levels can take even longer. As far as numbers go 50 is good enough and 75 is perfectly fine for with front loading 50 is like 75 and 75 is like 95 so there is little to gain in that last 25 skill but 5%ish of bonus.
General Discussion / Re: Proper Localization
Spoiler (click to show/hide)


Hes one of those guys you will eventually block like so many of us have :)
General Discussion / Re: Proper Localization

"Diplomacy" by itself says that the player needs to know the game and its other players well enough to contact the right people (and then be important enough to have them spend time with him/her) to get safe passage through their lands.

That's one reason why the alignment system is going to be harsh - so that being a blue means more within your own racial alliance borders.

I'm also not sure why you're disagreeing with the devs here - when their approach is aimed at making trade viable at all levels, not just at the alliance/elite pvper level.
Starting to think you never played a sandbox game in your life other then the sandbox"ish" dfo. What experience do you have under your belt to discuss this topic other then your personal opinions?

I'm disagreeing with hand holding, people will learn. Like we did when we started this game.

No because when we started the game there wasnt a whole generation of vets who grew up playing it, so there will never be that equal footing again (well wasnt fully equal there were Betas they knew shit, but not like today)
Questions and Answers / Re: Bind slots at villages
I remember reading that stuff, I guess I was just wondering if you'd be able (with the help of neighbors) to make a mini city

Part of the housing revamp will allow either a crafters workshop, a tavern or I think a stronghold (small clan base) so im pretty sure you could though you might need a couple houses made into workshops to cover the full spectrum of stations.
Clan Recruitment / Re: Uprising
Unfortunately we are most active NA time and pretty much only run into OTG or Noah with an alt and we just cant compete vs 4 in EU time yet, but we do have some new members who are starting to get developed enough that you might start seeing us soon at those fun EU villages :D
Questions and Answers / Re: Bind slots at villages
What I recall is if you are an owner or guest you can bind there and after housing revamp there will be Taverns that will also rent rooms (slots) and local bank access.
Bugs and Issues / Re: Massive FPS drops fighting mages
This is what I discovered, if in a windowed mode action made my frames go down a little but if I ever clicked outside the window on accident then it would begin a process of getting a lot worse. If there was no action on my screen ping would be fine, but as more people and effects happened my ping shot up and frames dropped like a rock to the point of getting half second freezes. The whole problem was solved by only playing full screen when playing serious.
Questions and Answers / Re: Economy Patch - ETA?
We do see an issue with the feather enchant being over represented in general.
Other enchants need to be just as desirable, so that it is an actual choice with an opportunity cost.

You base this on what? Any actual player could tell you right now that, post-magic patch, feather enchants have become obsolete.

They do not stack with Unburden and on their own they are not relevant enough to open up new possibilities. Having it on a full metal build does nothing. Having it on a metal hybrid build does nothing. Having it on a mage build is pointless as well since you're already at 0 magic encumbrance. The sole purpose may have been to make metal hybrids able to cast spells, but then again since it doesn't stack with Unburden, and since Unburden does not move you to 0 magic encumbrance unless you're mostly in leather, the entire enchant is pointless. The issue is made worse due to all magic being completely gimped the moment you have anything above 0.0 magic encumbrance.

The protection enchants are perfectly valid choices right now, along with keen, casting speed, slayers, and mana/stamina efficiency. Feather and attribute enchants along with a few weird ones that exist are completely obsolete.

The only edge case is someone wearing bone gear with metal pieces, but that is an illogical setup in the current combat meta since these two gear styles do not really compliment each other, and it is mostly cheap people wearing such sets so their deaths cost them literally nothing.

Edit: corrected an error.

Feather is still very useful for melee archers to keep archery encumb down and for hybrids to use leather/metal with their bone.

Posted to correct an error :P
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
RoA super patch that was to address all issue, cure all diseases, eliminate poverty, did umm NOTHING!  Population very identical to pre patch.  Albion excuse is gone.

You're absolutely incorrect.  Pop is not identical... it's down.

Well in all fairness its partially down because its in a transition phase and people dont want to invest in an old meta while waiting for the pieces of the new to be in place.