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Its a heat map with npc guarded banks having high heat (out to about 3 zones) and player and chaos banks having around half that with the farther you are from the bank within the heat the less effect it has, though heats overlap. So in npc lands you have many high heats and get the minimum 20 units per with little rare chance and with no heat you get 200 units per with maybe 1-1.5% rare chance, and all point inbetween.

Chaos chests and maps use the same heat map too and if you get 1k med from a chaos chest you are in a no heat zone and can judge a zone by the med it gives you.
We'll be looking at bundles and/or other item combination. We'd like also the ability to sell multiple non-stackable items of the same type in one go too.
The various attributes of these combination/items offer a challenge in terms of presentation.

We'd like to keep the workflow as simple as possible for purchasers so that it can become an habit very early on in a new player's life.
For example, we currently limit to sell only full durability items to avoid clutter for a player that doesn't know better yet.

Couldnt you add filters and then have a 'new' 'used' and 'enchanted' which will teach new player the difference simply by existing as filters and be useful by allowing used gear for noobs looking for better quality stuff on the cheap.
General Discussion / Re: Why I’ve lost interest
My problem is hes a uw fan and is complaining about race wars, something this game will have and that one didnt, so hard to take him serious.

Never mentioned UW but yes they to should of had race wars.

Have you read the road map or followed along at all? Your thread is titled you have lost interest but some of the things you mention give the impression you never had much interest to begin with, at least not enough to know that race wars will be a very important thing in this game with the devs making that repeatedly clear and the design feeding that ends.
General Discussion / Re: Why I’ve lost interest
My problem is hes a uw fan and is complaining about race wars, something this game will have and that one didnt, so hard to take him serious.
You quote a show in the early 90' from a very old man? Just lol

I guess you never have heared from the MEDEA - Project.

For you and all the other uneducated individuals and deniers, ignorance is no excuse!

No Carlin is right, the Earth is fine with the worst case scenario is we destroy our own habitat and go extinct which will open many ecological niches and new life will flourish.
General Discussion / Re: Why I’ve lost interest
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 4.1
Streamlining of mage progression
Rework of crafting XP gains
Title system
The loot table apocalypse
The Crafting Renaissance
Market places
Local banking with global gold
Engagement system step 2 and anti griefing fixes
Removal of basic crafting tools

That's whats left and though I could see it done by end of year Im not sure their current pace supports such a belief, local banking prob wont even be in until mid Nov or later alone.
Im sorry Axil but ever since you argued all three stats are just like 1 I lost what remaining respect I had for your opinion.
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 4.1
You think the game is dumb?... Then don't play, because you're sure not adding anything productive to the conversation. lol

Instead of calling all of Ub3rs changes stupid, try suggesting a strategy to solve the issue yourself, seeing as you seem well versed and wise on this topic.

Oh and great patch Ub3rgames
Another retard. Quotes post with suggestion how the problem could be dealt with while saying I should have given an example... Christ.

Also dumber does not mean dumb. But we are getting there for sure. Base stat regen (passive) boosted by 30%! Holy shit. And armor traits (passive) boost it even more. Sad you guys don't see it. You don't even try. You just nod when ub3rgames speaks.

Your solution is move leeches to lessor magic lol
So who is communicating with satan to know who he approves of and would not the one communicating with him also be approved and thus not be worthy of trust?

I really don't see how any decent reasonable person would think that shit was acceptable...

Things have gotten so absurd over the past 5 years I'm completely reevaluating my stance on everything including religion.

I was always agnostic/atheist, but seeing so much evil especially in our government/Hollywood has made me open to Christianity again. TOO much of the crazy shit people like Alex Jones have been spouting for decades has turned out to be real.

I always just thought it was mostly jokes and memed stuff because it triggered the kind of people I inately disliked.

The red pill rabbit hole goes deeper than i even want to follow, but NOTHING would surprise me anymore

Who cares someone else is a tranny, if it makes them happy why should anyone give a fuck when we are all imperfect beings? Only those trying to raise themselves by lowering others actually care, everyone accept others have different flaws than them, but that doesnt make them any better or worse, just different.

PS The Christian mythology would fit right in with all the other crazy shit you believe, so i say go for it.
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 4.1
So having done various tasks all day including a few duels (not many tired today and wasnt in the mood but enough to get a feel lol) I feel base regen might be a tad high though the overall feels good and would even suggest possibly moving the +5/10/15% from the base to the food so its a little more meaningful and base regen is a tad lower. Though I admit I do like it, sticking with your thoughts on the matter I just feel I can now do too much without needing food including some pve, which is totally contrary to your views on food needing to be important.
General Discussion / Re: Where is racial warfare?
We realize that it is hard to judge speed when one is not a developer, and it is also not your duty to do.
However we cannot insist enough on the fact that frequency really has nothing to do with speed.

We still intend on releasing this year and we're cramming as much bonus features as we can in the time that is available to us.

By release you mean beginning of final free period or actual launch?
So who is communicating with satan to know who he approves of and would not the one communicating with him also be approved and thus not be worthy of trust?
General Discussion / Re: Where is racial warfare?
Warfronts were never planned for launch and is quite a minor part of the overall plan.
They are actually set to come last.

To explain:
Racial wars are first and foremost a meaningful alignment system and open world interactions.
It is about a reworked reward system to foster positive interactions between same faction players and redirect PvP towards defending/raiding racial lands.
Warfronts structure will depend on how well organic PvP emerges. Ideally it needs to be the least overbearing possible.

As a side note, the work we've been doing here will be underwhelming mostly to veterans because they are not the target and we're addressing issues they "survived".
The target are people that wanted Darkfall but were turned away by its mid-game flaws.

There is nothing glamorous about doing  foundational work, but it will pay off far more than focusing on content on an unstable base.
Especially since that base is what turned away so many players in the past.

Having mulled your guys plan to do all the boring fundamental stuff (to the average player) during indev and then just bang out content patches after launch, its hard not to agree its the best way to go.

That said im again concerned by your speed, the last main patch you guys said you had a couple patches back logged that were just awaiting QA and yet almost a month later you release just this minor patch. There are just like 11 weeks left in the year and im starting to feel you will end up launching before your prelaunch check list is complete, which i believe will be the biggest mistake you can make seeing it as bare bones minimum for any success to begin with.

Just the player engagement system alone seems like it will take you guys at least a month with local banking taking a month from now, leaving little time for everything else.

Are you guys still committed to launching this year?
Uprising will end up being the first clan I ever blocked like every single member lol