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People use this in different ways like some people keep a 2h and a bow unlocked so one way is the weapon and the other is the bow or I just keep 1h+S so any spin pulls it and have block on the push.
Ha, understood.
In general, we like that the timed mechanic is easier to pull off with leather, or that it can be used by bone/robes to somewhat compensate for low physical protections by outplaying the opponent.

What you are suggesting could be a title in another wave, though. We'll keep it in mind.

I just like the idea if metal is to be buffed its something that fits with defensive gear. Another solution is a  title that takes 50 off encumb but has some other defensive oriented title as a prereq so if people want to spec into heavy with utility they can, you can even allow the title to be slotted twice for 100 off. This will allow utility on heavies for a price and even pen up paladin type builds.
I would avoid a clan whose recruitment idea is "spam all other recruitment threads"... just seems so childish and I stupid.

Bad omen indeed
Note that timed blocking already works like that.
There is a period of "perfect" blocking, then a period where it gradually loses effectiveness until getting down to the low percent of damage mitigation of only holding it down.

We do not want to scale blocking on encumbrance as it should be a tool available to all, including leather wearing characters.
The shield and timing itself should be the determining factor.

Let's not swing the other way either. :)

No what I mean is the longer you hold  block the less it negates and have encumberance expand this time frame, or have shield only drop to 60% and weapons 30% instead of 50 and 20 and have it take twice as long for it to drop from max block % to minimum, so those in heavy defensive gear have advantages playing defensively
Make it so if it's a frontloaded curve with the timing system. The sooner you parry before a hit the less dmg it reduces. It makes survivability a skill instead of just loading shit tons of protections onto armor. Combine it with  a little more health regen since these 2 things would synergize, reduce arrow encumberance and it should be enough

Yeah and it can scale with encumbrance itself so the more encumbered you are the more effective blocking and holding block become and then like you say give a little more wiggle room in archery encumb so they have better range dps and now they have some pressure at range with some excellent turtling skills
How about giving metal armor a bonus to parry damage reduction?

I was actually thinking that exact same thing because it ties in well with the point of a full heavy build, but im not sure its enough.
This is where the problem lies....

When you made encumb resist knockbacks you made mages have to play keep away from heavy melee pushers, so the mage has to mobility himself, but that same knockback resistance also prevents the heavy from keeping up at all and in this might lie the fundamental flaw. Use to be mages could knock heavies away but the heavies also could have more mobility to keep up, because heavy wasnt double penaltied on mobility, like here now they lose mag from the encumb as well as power of the mobility spell through the knock back resist of they encumbrance so they are most effected by encumb.

Red players aren't hurt enough. There still needs to be more incentive to stay blue - or rather, more disincentive from going red.
Meh , i actually think the opposite. I'm all for fixing the broken alignement system we had for years so it actually makes sense , but i'd rather give more incentives to staying blue than punishing red directly even more.

If we go the "bash the reds" path instead of "help blues" path , you'll indirectly be too forced to stay blue and i'm afraid there won't be any reds while the plan is to have a fair small pourcentage of the population red.

Don't just do the opposite of now , it does not fix the problem

Even if everyone of every race is blue that will still make 2/3 world red to everyone, this isnt RoA.
Cameras behave the same way regardless of their position.
Whether they are in the head of the character or behind them, a FoV increase allows to see more of the world, hence more of the ground.
The camera positions have not changed. You see more because of how FoV function.
Again, please look at the wikipedia page, especially the picture examples that clearly show how new objects appear in view with a change of angle.

Do you really not understand from the pictures above, where I prove your camera is moving in 3rd person with FOV adjustments by moving it from passing thru (75) to pass behind the mahirim at 120? Do you really not understand all that stuff you linked is referring to 1st person perspective, are you trolling me? like whuut.

I dont even care about my original question trying to show how the increased view changed the balance of power and smaller races are going to have a much easier time. Seriously GL.

Everyone is telling you that you are mistaken on this one, do you really think after all this we are all just not getting it?
The problem has been that pop has been to low for good data to properly balance and most likely we wont see real balancing until launch and even if titles were in 6 months ago the pop is still too low and too dfo vet centric for good raw data, so it would be the same anyway.
omg... @Ub3rgames stop wasting time on this idiot and go back to work. We want a clean lunch. TY.

Hes a nice guy hes just very hard headed and not naturally analytical enough so hes prone to get stuck on wrong conclusions and hard to push off them. (i have this prob with him all the time :p)
I want to go heavy melee, but currently I'm forced to go either mage or leather playstyles at launch. That or heavy on mounted

Yes and the problem with heavy on a mount is that you easily get into enemy ranks during team fights, but you cannot get out again because of terrible mobility and lack of support behind enemy lines. You also cannot do enough damage to warrant the risk because mounts die too quickly.

In 1v1 situations, it's not a viable strategy either because mounts die quickly and there are many ways to evade mount fighters. You can go on rocks, buildings or stay in the blind spot. Meanwhile, the mounted fighter cannot heal himself, while you can heal. And you can shoot him off his mount easily. Another reason why it's not good in 1v1 is because, while you may have a slight advantage if you do manage to damage your opponent and get close to him (if he's bad). You're still full heavy and full heavy isn't very good compared to the other armors.

I think one thing we can do to increase efficiency of full heavy is to remove archery encumbrance from a full heavy set. Pure archers will still have an advantage due to leather bonus, but the advantage wont be as big. In fact, hasn't @Ub3rgames talked about removing the encumbrance system or changing something major about it. I can't remember their plans..

useful only in team fights or melee farming
You lost me there. So where is the problem?

The 2 other armors are useful in every situation. PvE, PvP 1v1, PvP small scale, PvP sieges. In fact, they are superior.
Metal armor is situational because it is not useful in every situation. Hope I found you again.

Leather is baseline physical gear and bone is baseline magic gear, then metal is defensive (mainly physical) and robes are offensive (mainly magic). So there are two basic gear type and two specialty gear types.
General Discussion / Re: Harvesting 'zones'
@Mycke  what do you not understand about having more resources + clan nodes = more exponential power. Power is already in numbers, compounded by better loot and leveling speed of scaling. It has never been so lopsided before, this environment will deter diversity and the individuals. Not everyone enjoys being thrown in a clan straight away, and sometimes it's for the better to let the player grow first. It's not about any specific location or exploit, it's about stacking advantages. You're like a broken record replaying some "misunderstanding" you clasp onto in every post when I can assure you there is no misunderstanding, your evaluation of danger is skewed by the amount of time you play in a empty beta, when the server is populated your notion of "reasonable" will not be the same and you don't account for this at all. I just hate communicating with you honestly, it's a linear conversation of you repeating the same attack over and over without bothering to understand truth in anything.

I don't want to have a conversation revolve around pointless back and forths, this is foremost about the player experience, I think we need to put emphasis making the game engaging for people to play, but the changes such spawn scaling, gathering nodes and so forth favor the clans, the alts, the large grouping and safe farming which all contributes to avoidance. Natural pvp encounters will be fewer and clans will grow exponentially and relatively more powerful than in any other DFO. That's not an issue by itself, but if the solo experience is rubbish then this is a game that is not going to do well in the long term.

You can say whatever you want but when soloq was taken out of league there was so much pressure on riot that they had to revert the change. The same thing happened with OSRS when trading and PKing were effectively removed. Individuals need a reasonably sound (fair and reward vs risk) platform to exist on or games die. This is why this topic is more important than you give it credit, and the fact I have to sit here writing essays about it is infuriating because I've been saying this on many occasions and evidently on deaf ears. The node mechanic is not the sole reason, but it is defining a logic that is very dangerous to the future of the game and must be adjusted.

and what mezferic said is correct, the system concept is good but it's implemented badly.

I give up....

(PS solo isn t gone and if I wasnt running a clan I would solo launch, your argument makes no sense to me and im done trying to talk sense to you)
People are still thinking DFO where metal was 'melee' armor but now with traits leather is melee and archery armor and metal is 'defensive' and meant to be mixed with other armors to dd protection, but full metal is full defense and that would really only be useful in bigger scale fights where having a 'tank' would be useful, but going all defense isnt really good for small scale, you really dont have enough damage sources to merit giving up all the dps of leather.
General Discussion / Re: Harvesting 'zones'

just don't complain when some clans that know exploit the crap out of it while others can't.

I dont think anyone else sees a way to exploit this so if you do you should share it, because up until now your arguments have been based on misunderstood mechanics and were unconvincing, but maybe if you explained this possible exploit, people would see it in a new light.