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Noone is arguing ARAC clans should not exist -_- Only that there should be penalties associated with it.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA

does that mean you can always walk around in lawful areas untouched by PvP? with no time limits?

No it means that you yourself will be blocked from doing damage to other blues.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: For all you DFUW lovers
Classic. Too bad DND will never get big enough that people will even bother to make a vid like this about it.
Did you make an account just to post this one post? Maejohl touched your sensitive spot?
General Discussion / Re: Why I’ve lost interest
The greyflagging of all members of ARAC clans needs to be in come launch.
General Discussion / Re: Where is racial warfare?
@Ub3rgames There is a difference between racial wars and going to racial lands to jump people farming or harvesting. Without anything, anywhere in the world to converge at that can serve as some sort of focus point for the racial conflicts, the massive back and forth battles will be few and far between and what we will mainly see is small scale raiding of farm spots and newb areas in nearby hostile racial areas, not massive race alliance vs race alliance battles.
General Discussion / Re: Game fall down go boom
mantra rage sieged over losing their 7th and 8th warhulk.  I'm starting to suspect he guy is slightly unhinged.
General Discussion / Re: Game fall down go boom
General Discussion / Re: Game fall down go boom
Very good activity the last couple of weeks, its nice to see people coming back to the game!

If you want an active clan feel free to join up!
If you believe this you also still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy ✌🏻
The Tooth Fairy is real, I've seen him IG.
Media Highlights / Re: Battlehorn spam
nice cherry picked videos
Questions and Answers / Re: German Players
warum warum ist die banane krumm?
Media Highlights / Re: Look, i did teamplay!
Mylina is a very good mage.
General Discussion / Re: WARRIOR IS OP
It would be helpful if your damage examples also included what kind of protections you  were hitting.
Hate it or love it, you wont like what comes after America.
Also, OP is a total loon.