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General Discussion / Re: Downloading the game...
Try running it as an admin
GLHF Pat, the community will never be the same without you.
He's not left.

Check the newest account in this thread :) Oh and the current troll on Discord.
Maybe so, maybe not. I can't be bothered to check as I come back here like once a week myself, I'll give pat the benefit of the doubt tho
Go Lapinou and the crew, bon chance!
GLHF Pat, the community will never be the same without you.
General Discussion / Re: Monk in Darkfall
you can be a mong though
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Knockbacks bug?
While the physics can be improved, you hit the fireball too high for it to knock up.
Clan Recruitment / Re: Russian clan
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: <3 Mycke
(Truth is I dont mind being a target and really in some ways try to draw the attention of the more mentally ill, figuring its better for the game they fixate on me than those less thick skinned)
At least you found a purpose in life! Gratz.
I think it's fine that Cairn is the wealthiest continent. But not by a factor of 3 compared to anywhere else.

If you're using such smart term as "factor", it would be wise to at least get familiar with the term and it's meaning.

Otherwise, Yssam is as good as Cairn, just in a different way, but I don't think anyone expects Celiah to make unbiased posts.

Having all continents be equally balanced is just boring and does not promote landgrab and wars. There can be better balance, the devs have been working on rebalance for long time already, it's wiser to wait for the patches.
Suggestions / Re: Warrior Titles
And 10% is not a big differance.
Lol, this statement is simply not true, racial reach differences were less than that

TL;DR btw
General Discussion / Re: DRAGON KING HAS RETURNED
dick picks when? welcome back

EDIT: mrW 1 : 0 Maejohl
Suggestions / Re: siege mechanic
It all depends how land towers are implemented. There must be a proper incentive to build them. Considering you will be required to destroy / conquer all the towers before being able to siege, maybe there doesn't even need to be a 24h timer at all. Conquering towers will be a longer process and this can serve as a proper warning of impending siege already so the virtual 24h timers could go away.

Still, this is very pointless thread as it only thinks in terms of current mechanics and does not take into account what the devs have been planning. The OP shows a true lack of understanding of any more complex game mechanics so I doubt there is any point to make this post or discuss the suggestions.