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DF does not become fun until you have you character complete, your bank full of gear you can feel happy to lose
I disagree. When you have your bank full and character complete, that's when the real boredom of nothing to do/lack of individual goals kicks in. If my definition of having fun would be to make deaths close to not matter, I wouldn't play darkfall.
Monday you will get more promises and assurances that everything is going by the timetable from the marketing department of Ub3rgems.
Suggestions / Re: Starter Skinner vs Starter Weapons
First thing I put on the item counter is a skinner.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Announcement
Darkfall, a community of toxic gamers
Regardless of the less than perfect setup, 100 of a given mob represents a specific number of hitpoints, depleted over 1 hour's time, with a different number of hits for each weapon type, which can be normalized with modifiers that account for the speed and damage/number of hits.
This is where you are wrong. When you take a sample of mobs that are low HP, you can't properly compare the speed of leveling for the two weapons. If a mob has 100hp and your hits do 25 damage vs 30 damage per swing, then slower weapon will give you more gains, because it will always take you 4 hits to kil it with either weapons. So every 4th time you swing weapon with 30 damage, you would do 20dmg that is not accounted anywhere in your "calculations".

To kill 10x 100hp mobs, you would still need to do swing same amount of times no matter if weapon does 25 vs 30 damage. If you take one mob with 1000hp though, the results will be a lot different, because the amount of swings will be actually different.

In this case your comparison is only good to compare leveling speeds on that specific mob, but not overall (and you are trying to make overall comparisons). If you want to compare overall melee leveling speeds, find a spawn which does not negate half of the differences of the weapon.

1. obviously not; the speed/damage ratios between weapon types are baked into the types, and both were the same rank as stated
Rank of the weapon itself does not matter, the damage you do does though. You need to test at mobs that you do same damage with both weapons.

Regardless of the less than perfect setup, 100 of a given mob represents a specific number of hitpoints, depleted over 1 hour's time
This is also wrong. Gains are based on the damage you do. It does not matter if a mob has only 1 hp left or 30hp left, you will still do full damage to it and get full XP for the hit. The amount of hits is the most important factor in the skillgains.
General Discussion / Re: wildNothing is back!
1. Was the damage the same that you were doing with the weapon? Doing more damage = more XP.
2. Weapons that have slower speed, give more gains per hit.
3. Testing on something like a hobgoblins is quite bad as they have little HP and the disparity between amount of hits required to kill one  monster with a weapon can greatly affect results in a longer farming session. If it takes you same amount of hits to kill the monster, than slower weapon will always give more skillgains and you should really test on a mob with higher HP to get accurate results on the speed of leveling.
Questions and Answers / Re: Economy Patch - ETA?
Need a fix sooner than later, not every one of us likes to fight in pijamas.
General Discussion / Re: Free Trial?
There was a plan initially for balance betas and this wouldn't be on a main server. I asked abuot this few months ago, but iirc the devs didn't give a straight reply.

There is no plan to hand out developed characters - no way should a load of RoA guys who spent all their time badmouthing this game get to come over and play without having worked their way up to it.

We're going to be picking up RoA people anyway...
A sign of a guy worried about losing his holdings more than testing the game.
General Discussion / Re: DND Why should i buy it?
There is no reason to buy this game now for you, wait for release or even some time after release.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Hellblade
I wish I could get so excited for a cinematic trailer
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
lol, BPG is going full retard, it will be funny to see the empty server few days after the patch hits.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
No darkfall game has ever had racial wars?
No game had implemented neither working racial wars, that is completely true.
Suggestions / Re: Add inventory to rafts
1km is maybe good for scouting, but no way you will catch someone if they can see you from 1km. When I say detection, I mean something like in EvE's world map, where you can see the activity (i.e. the number of ships that passed / are in the title in the past 30minutes, number of ships destroyed etc), so you can see sea activity in general.