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This forum is a cesspit anyway,  I'm giving myself a forum ban for the forseeable future. I hope you find peace in all of this @naturezz  and just know for those who try put you down what goes around comes around.

Take care
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Desperation
Fact is I know I'm likely doing a lot better in my life than they are in theirs, my status in society as a whole tells me that just for starters (hell, perhaps Pat will appear in front of me in court one day - although neither s/he nor I will ever know). The fact that you're so publicly vocal about your own issues suggests you too are better off than many here.
No I am a gooooooood boy :-)
@Bonii5 You realize it's illegal to post pictures of children under age of 16, that you have no relation to? Because I know that pic is definitely not you I want you to know this.
How can we realistically know the state and mind of anyone on the forums? Should we ask for medical statements? Should we actively try to offer preferential treatment to these people based on these medical certificates?

Further to our private conversation...

I can email you a copy of numerous psychiatric and psychological reports, and I can consult with the NHS (National Health Service) who will provide me with further evidence regarding my diagnoses (plural intended).

Despite this; such repeated episodes of stalking and harassment with intent to maliciously effect someone in real life should result in a ban (with no warning) irrespective of whether the victim is diagnosed with a serious psychiatric condition or not. This is simply not an acceptable way to behave. It has breached your TOS on many grounds, and additionally breaches the law in many countries.

There are many victims (including myself) who would prefer to be subject to physical trauma rather than psychological trauma; because brief exposure to psychiatric trauma can take years, even decades to heal. There are numerous comments that have been made on this forum that will stick within my mind for many years to come. Similar comments that have compiled over 15 years of my life have amalgamated to form my current psychological state and subsequent diagnosis. There are a select few, including yourselves, that I have shared the exact details of my diagnosis some attempt for you to understand my reality.

Furthermore, my information is based upon my experience as a professional working in a related field revolving around safeguarding high risk victims. Unfortunately, I do not believe that the general public can fully comprehend the notion that a 'trivial' action from their perspective can have very serious consequences to another person.

specific location

This was shared in the first incident, how do you think this makes me feel?
Nature you are testing my sympathy you are going really extreme going on about Z condition from the way you describe it someone with such a condition shouldn't even be allowed internet access for the good of your own well being.

I take it you never read Twitter, Reddit or 4chan?

Come on man.

So we are genuinely turning to the community here:
What is the threshold bar that you would feel comfortable living with as a community for an immediate ban of game and forums account?
Going forward zero tolerance no warning just straight ban for any IRL details exposed, harassment or threats IMO.

No point tip toeing round that dangerous line, it's all round less trouble for you and your community with such a policy going forward.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Desperation
Hope GIANTS are happy with themselves giving ub3r this unnecessary head ache instead of being able to focus on improving the game.

Congratulations you played yourselves.

Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Desperation
Have you gotten death threats or something like that? Mate, take it in private with Ub3r, explain what has happened, they'll deal with it accordingly.

I am trying to communicate with Ub3rgames via PM, however their lack of response further fuels their unprofessional and unethical image, and furthers my evidence to support the avenue in which I will pursue the matter. I am cataloguing every last detail.
Give ub3r a break man, this is indev period it's Evening time I'm sure you aren't the only one he is communicating with and this is not just a game in development it's a company these sort of situations he can be damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

One things for sure is that he won't want you lost from the game over this, going forward I can imagine much clearer procedures in place for any future behavior of this kind.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Desperation
You just don't know when to stop, do you?
Another screenshot.

Yup, add it to screenshot where i "Liked" a post on a forum.

Calling out Homophobes seems to be crime now too. I best head to the Gulag.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Desperation
Banning ppl for stalking is one thing, Banning ppl who clicked 'like' on their post is.another.
The people liking aren't just random people it's GIANTS members egging each others on encouraging such behaviour no doubt it's a group effort behind each post by a member , all of them on discord squealing like little gimps at eachs dogshit banter and zero personalities.
Pointless post Pat, their clan has more collective forum accounts than any of us. It is up to @Ub3rgames if they want to read my post or not, and whether they ban or not at this point will say a lot about them as a company.
The no votes are really irrelevant it's more to show ub3r the amount of people that are not happy with there behaviour or feel uncomfortable to play a game with such behavior tolerated, we all know they will spam the no button on there alts etc but it's really irrelevant if there is good amount of people showing there discontent.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Desperation
Azmoodeus the gay stalker.
Seriously, who the hell saves pictures of other videogame dudes on their harddrive? That's next level weirdo.
idd what a bunch of dweebs
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Desperation
You say that I am in the 'wrong game' if I just want pvp with 0% toxicity or drama..

I am hopeful that the Racial war-fronts and racial clans will provide that, you just go in an kill the other character based on if their avatar matches your, simple PvP for the hell of it and some prestige points.  No war declarations needed, no crying over why your attacking.

With racial clans we might finally get out of the elite-v-newbie and NA-v-EU dynamics that the server is in right now.  The Steel Bones has a nice racial skirmishing dynamic with the Horde, though the fights aren't huge they have been mostly drama free.

Edit:  Posting someone elses picture should indeed be a ban-able offense, this forums needs stricter moderation as it is quite toxic.

This, GIANTS can flip it around and try make out it is justified but there is no justification ever , you crossed the line YOU PAY THE CONSEQUENCES.

Hope clique of dweebs enjoyed your briefed laughter IRL harassing Nature again, this was the last straw.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Desperation
It's bang out of order you've written a constructive fair and well balanced post to Clottbott and his members starting with Rawr insulting you have turned it back to real life harassment. I really hope @Ub3rgames deals with this correctly this time.

Too many chances have been given these invalids.

I try to speak to people with respect, and in turn I get makes no sense.
IRL if I treat someone nicely, they always treat me nicely back.
I don't understand the logic or gratification that is being obtained here.
If you just read this thread alone you'll see this was completely unprovoked attack on you and no amount of twisting and turn from the dweeb squad can hide that fact.

Punishment awaits me thinks.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Desperation
Which you cause to me and others on a daily basis, pot kettle black?

What are you even on about? I barely talk to you guys.
I couldn't care less about your irl, or making malicious comments about someone else's appearance.

Exactly. What was Mega's name again?

We've been over this a thousand times. Finding the name Andrew on an open gaming website is on a completely different dimension to this. The more you post, the stronger case that I can build, and the higher % chance that you can get perma banned.
Rawr is just displaying the classic no you as a deflection and refusal to take responsibility for him and his clan mates actions.

At no point have I ever seen you be as personal and IRL harass any of them dorks. The ironic thing is you are actually much better looking then Rawr not that it is relevant just to highlight the irony of it all.

I think most neutrals like myself will view this ongoing on harassment as a complete one sided attack at there doing.