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Noted. Might just be luck or perhaps a bug.
We'll check, just in case, but this is an issue we specifically tried addressing with our changes on nodes, including for clan/house nodes.
This used to be true, but when we implemented the distance based mechanic, we split each item of a "multi-item swing" as an independent roll.
Meaning that you can get "3 iron ore, 1 sulfur, 1 rare" if you were supposed to get 5 items per "swing" on that node.
Here is an illustration:

What a FoV change does is show a different "window" of the world. It shows more/less objects on the sides of the screen.
The squashing/distortion effect is due to having to display more on the same resolution.

In other terms. The plane of view and the camera position do not change, but increasing the view angle makes more of the plane of view visible.
Hence why you see more things on the side and why your character appears smaller/faster at a larger FoV setting.
This is not going to happen.
First and foremost because the maximum of a stat, with frontloading, won't be a meaningful difference.
And secondly, races will get different perks, but nothing that would encourage a specific playstyle.
We do not want race selection to force title selection, or vice versa.
Correct, they will be removed.
There was a bug where some characters keeping the specialization, especially the malus.
This is in case someone with such a character logs back in later, they can still solve the issue.
At launch, it won't be an issue since characters will be deleted and rebuilt with only a selected amount of data.
There were two successive implementation, and it seems there is confusion between the mechanics of the two.
- The first one took only the nearest point of interest. Be it bank, chaos/clan bank or NPC guard tower.
- The second one, being current, is a heat map with all points of interest impacting a location.

In the current system, being near civilization in general is what impacts a node's yield.
Being at 1000m from 3 cities will be lower results than being 1000m from a single city.

There are still plenty of locations remaining above the old values on the main continent, but subcontinents are set to be preferable.
The logic is that racial lands, or anything within multiple holdings, should be safer, hence should reward less.
Accompanied by PvE drop nerfs, it is also a relative buff to clan nodes, and by extension, player holdings, as they are a scaling source of resources.

Maps, chaos chests and all forms of gathering are now impacted by location.

For the center of the map:
It is already a PvE hotspot, and in future plans, it will be a PvP hotspot, so it will be a "sink" of base resources, while it will export PvE resources.
We also want to drive different type of players to different types of location, with better harvesting being a side effect of land ownership on the subcontinent, as opposed to more safety/access to racial advantages on the main continent.
It only looks like it is pushed back because everything takes less room on the screen due to the wider angles.
Here's a test:
- set your FoV to the lowest possible and get close to a wall.
- turn around and you'll see the camera get "stuck" on the wall and be moved closer to your character.
- increase the FoV.
=> Neither your character nor the wall have moved but you will still have the impression that the camera is further back.

An increased FoV really messes with human perceptions, it also gives the impression of more speed.
Set the lower FoV, and sprint forward.
Set the highest FoV, and sprint forward.
=> You will feel you are going faster, but your sprint speed is still the same.
A field of view change does not move the camera further back.
Things appear smaller because the angle is wider, especially horizontally, hence everything seems smaller.
You see more on the sides, but not further back, it is extra peripheral view.
That's why a lowering down the FoV does a zoom effect. Things aren't closer, they just get more screen space.

The whole point is to avoid an exodus due to Min-Maxing.
The size of a target or the angle of a camera can be adapted to. They are only a factor at low skill level.
If larger races have both higher natural reach and higher effective reach, they will be mathematically superior, hence the forced choice at high skill level for anyone that wants to incorporate melee in their playstyle.
Their current higher camera height in first person for Mahirims is already an advantage for range, so it would make Mahirims the absolute optimum choice.

Again, the larger hitbox needs to be compensated, but melee reach is not the solution.
It would make min-maxing issues worse.
The camera has not been placed further back at all.
Changing FoV does not change the height or location of the camera, it changes the angle it registers.
Here is a definition of field of view.

Other players are correct when they say that a higher point of view is an advantage when at range, especially with magic.
However, you are correct that a higher FoV makes Alfars smaller at range, but it also makes a mahirim/ork's body less "in the way" in melee.
You have a "zoom" feature to compensate for that. It narrows down the field of view on demand.

In melee, there is a difference between having the same "face to face and immobile" effective reach and having a higher "arms length" natural reach.
For example, the reach of melee abilities are multipliers of natural reach, which means better for larger races.
Illustration for seize with the same made up numbers than earlier:
Melee attacks are arcs based on natural reach, Mahirim/Orks attacks cover a larger overall area.

These small advantages pile up. This is why we fixed the Alfar reach bug in a way that made effective reach the same in a face to face but keeping natural reach different. It is important that all races can hit each other at the same time in 1v1 melee confrontations, otherwise we would have specific races funneling their players into melee or pushing them away from melee.

Min-Maxing is about what is the best in absolute terms.
In the discussed case, larger reaches have it slightly better mathematically, but not by enough to be meaningful.
It is fuzzy enough to not be a factor once players are good enough at the game, which is where Min-Maxing makes sense.

However, and as we said in the previous comment, Mahirims and Orks are indeed easier to hit in general, that is something we need to address.
This is a matter of general survivability and needs a relevant solution.
The survivability of an Alfar is in its size, for a larger race it should come in another form, either damage mitigation, regeneration or something else.
In the case of Mahirims, its faster strafe speed is part of it, but it needs a bit more.
That is something we will be changing when we look at race perks.
Announcements / Re: Server Status
Server is back up with Hotfix 5.0a:
- Fix items durability preventing sales.
- Allow all old crafted item (before this patch) to be sold
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't sell an item if you had exactly the amount of gold required by the marketplace.
- Fixed a bug in the enchanting window where you could place ingredients everywhere in the window
- Fixed a few map bugs:
    - Selection will appears on login
    - Allow the text search for "marketplace"
    - And more tweaks to make the map  more logical.
- Fix marketplace display issue when no items are placed, the paging show now "1/1" instead of "---/---"
- One of the gnomes had escaped a marketplace. he has now been properly shackled by his manager.
Announcements / Re: Server Status
Server will go down in 10 minutes for Hotfix 5.0a. Downtime of up to 1 hour.
No. We're happy with the current frontloading. Some would say it is even a bit too front heavy, but we like it this way.
In the last patch we fixed a bug that made the whole progression lack granularity, now you should see a smoother curve, at least damage wise.
In general, we recommend to always act based on announced changes.
In this case, we can wait for the last minute and have race changes prior to it, but it would be best to already prepare in whatever capacity you can.
There is a reason we discuss things and warn players very early on: features will inevitably come.

You are basing this post on outdated/erroneous information. That's not how this works.

We have fixed a bug that made Alfar melee reaches lower than it should have been, but it is still lower than Mahirim/Orks.
In the same patch, we changed the melee attacks to start from the arms rather than the eyes, which has helped Mahirims/Orks.
We have not changed anything about the camera aside from the field of view. It is still at the eye level, so higher for larger races.

Reaches can be different but characters can still hit each other nearly at the same time when being face to face.
But the higher reach is still an advantage in most cases, especially with latency. Alfars are just at less of a disadvantage than they used to be.
Here is an illustration to understand why:
Numbers are not to scale with in game reaches. They are just used to explain.

A higher point of view is a valuable tool in Darkfall, don't minimize it.
There is also an animation glitch where larger races and dwarves have their hitbox not follow the animation well, which makes them harder to hit instinctively. Though that's not something that should be taken into account as it is a "bug" that has to be fixed.

With that said, if we were to balance hitbox sizes it would be through relevant statistic, such as increased survivability to compensate for being easier to be hit.

We will release our racial balance plan for launch, pick your race according to that.
If you pick a race based on misunderstandings (Alfar) or based on a glitch (Mahirim), it will be only temporary and your loss when the tweaks come.
In general, we recommend going with what you find the most appealing thematically or alliance wise.
General Discussion / Re: Meditation carry over
so, if I earned 100k MP and used 50K, I will get 100K MP for the release
What you earned doesn't factor in. Only what is left unspent.
In your example, you would get 50k for the release.