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Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Durability bug.
This is not a bug.
Trueforge used to give a flat buff, it is now a percentage.
Durability is now lost slower in general and all items in a set made with the same crafter should break around the same time.
General Discussion / Re: Where is racial warfare?
Here's the thing: racial war already meaningfully exists.
People want to PvP, but they get punished if they kill racial allies, so they turn to the "free" targets: VCPs and racial enemies.
Since there is travel time back and forth, and starter zones are usually inland, you get natural borders and ways to converge/intercept raids.

This is emergent openworld gameplay and is the core of the racial wars.
Warfront objectives are a side show by comparison, a small bonus to add some spice but it isn't the main course.
When we introduce them they will have as little structure as possible to avoid damaging organic interactions. That is why they were always planned to come not only post launch but as the last item of our announced roadmap.
We need to see how players behave in natural engagements before starting development of a feature that may ruin it by being overbearing.

At this point, titles are far more important than warfront objectives.
We'll be looking at bundles and/or other item combination. We'd like also the ability to sell multiple non-stackable items of the same type in one go too.
The various attributes of these combination/items offer a challenge in terms of presentation.

We'd like to keep the workflow as simple as possible for purchasers so that it can become an habit very early on in a new player's life.
For example, we currently limit to sell only full durability items to avoid clutter for a player that doesn't know better yet.
General Discussion / Re: Why I’ve lost interest
To reply to the various points:
- Lack of meaningful race war
New Dawn has already a pretty harsh alignment system and reasons to work with your racial allies.
A more localized game also contributes to having a "frontline" of sorts, where players can organize to converge/intercept reported raid parties.
Upcoming features will reinforce that with more rewards to being blue and fighting reds.

- Lack of physical (melee and archery) skills
We do not want to make the physical playstyle focus around abilities, especially not anything that feels magical.
As others have said, we have already improved it with more natural mechanics, like timed blocking, side steps and a working seize.
We have some more plans, but this will remain a more FPS/action playstyle as opposed to magic which will remain a more RPG/rotation playstyle.

- Forced first person ranged
Unfortunately for you, that is not going to change.
Battle awareness is a skill we want to foster in the game and first person on range creates a linear progression curve.
Note though that we've increased the base FoV to be 106 degrees and you can bring it up to 120 if that is more to your taste.

- Necessity of magic
We've already moved away from this with armor traits and the magic overhaul. If you go full physical, your magic will be useless utility wise, but you'll have the damage/survivability to compensate. Titles will contribute even more to that aspect.
We'll eventually implement non-magical alternatives to transfers, but we're taking it one step at a time when it comes to stat regen.

- Reagents
Arrows and reagents will remain.
There needs to be ammo/cost involved with ranged combat and this helps the economy have a few more consumable commodities.

- Forced to use staff for basic magic
This will remain. It is the cost for the utility, to swap weapons and/or point of views.

- Forced to use 4 types of weapons (2h, 1h/shield, bow, staff)
Less needed already, and will be even less with titles.
For example, mana missile works underwater now, and there will eventually be a magical disable too, eliminating the need for the bow when you are a mage.
With timed blocking and how it works for shields, 2h are not as necessary. We've buffed it in the last patch too.
The need to have a 1h/shield is something we'd like to tackle as well.

- Lack of combat specialization
Armor traits already allow for a deep specialization when using full sets, and titles will add on top of it.
We confirm: only the start of the spell should do damage, while the rest doesn't, specifically for the reason outlined in this thread.
Events / Re: GM event: Sunday 22nd at 7PM GMT
There are some daylight saving times shenanigans, but our time is accurate.
7PM GMT will be 9PM Paris time this Sunday.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Sunday event 10pm gmt
We created a new thread with more information and the time changed to 7PM GMT, so that people get more time to be there.
The initial time was selected because it is when we traditionally have the highest concurrent users, but it does make more sense to do it earlier rather than later.

If you wish to discuss the event, please use the new thread, and remain on topic.

See you Sunday!
Events / GM event: Sunday 22nd at 7PM GMT

Greetings, we will be conducting an event this Sunday at 7PM GMT, 21:00 Paris time.
The primary goal is for us to get footage for our trailer. We will do a few scenes, with travels and props provided by GMs.
All you have to do is be there and have fun.

Aside from filming scenes, we will cap off the night with some PvE.
This will be a great opportunity to test spawn scaling combined with the new AI tweaks.
It will guide what tweaks are needed when facing a larger number of players.

For the duration of the event, we will ask players to put aside their differences and cooperate.
We will organize through the Unofficial Discord Channel.
The page has been disabled as a public page because it had outdated information.
For example, it had initial concepts when actual implementation of things mentioned turned out differently.
The roadmap page is its replacement.
General Discussion / Re: Where is racial warfare?
Loot table changes are still planned. They should come in a patch 5.x, alongside other economy related changes.
General Discussion / Re: Where is racial warfare?
That's why we're keeping only polishing during the free period so that we don't have anything risky for launch.
But that being said, and to be fair to RoA, we also expect to have our first month be about extinguishing fires that didn't start during InDev.
We'd be lucky if we can have our first patch be about content.
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 4.1
@Mycke @Battle Smurf @mezferic
Food still gives +50% regen, which is quite a large number really.
If you weren't maxed out before, you may also be noticing the impact of the now baseline passive regen skills.

The way the system works is that you have a base regen:
Base regen was 0.5 pre-patch, it is 1.0 now.
Food creates a combined regen that goes to 1.5 both pre patch and now.
Then you have modifiers that multiply that final value.

The modifiers have been changed so that the final combined regen per second of each vital stat was increased by 5/10/15%.

@Ktorr @Rimamok
Number tweaks of essential aspects of the game like this one cost a lot more time than coding.
It may feel counter intuitive, but testing functionality is binary. Either it works according to specifications or it doesn't.
But anything that involves tweaking takes a lot of time to validate.

The community often jokes about xml changes, but honestly, they are the hardest. ;)

Active tools, in this case, would have been the change making the game too easy, especially at the high end.
This includes transfers and leeches.

To explain: Increasing burst self-regen allows for making more mistakes and recover without team play. Caution/positioning would become optional if reseting became easier. We want resets to remain close to their current level of difficulty, but push back the moment you can no longer apply pressure. Regens in how static they are serve that purpose.
It would also have been a buff for magic playstyles, which is not needed currently.

That this solution is impacted by armor traits is a positive too.
Remember that the initial intent of the regeneration traits was to compensate for the anticipated damage and mana/stamina burn increases.
This change helps these traits serve their purpose better, because they obviously weren't enough.

And last but not least, this should make the lives of new players easier and reduce PvE downtime.
Transferring is easy in the grand scheme of things, but it still is a barrier of entry new player have not passed yet and it is a frustration to constantly do in PvE for anyone else.
General Discussion / Re: Where is racial warfare?
Ideally, we want core systems done for the free period, and then only do some risk free polishing/tweaking during it.

@xzxDJxzx Terrorize
ARAC will always be possible, but sandbox is about mechanics and their interactions, choices and their consequences.
For physics sandboxes, push a boulder and it will roll downhill, in a virtual world sandbox, ally yourself with the enemies and be viewed as a traitor.
In Darkfall you're free to do everything, including killing your own kind, but it always should come at a price.

We have delayed multiple times already.
We never gave a release date to keep the option to do so, be it on the first launch of InDev or on our estimates for actual release.
However, InDev has outstayed its welcome, you can sense it in the community.
We have plans for years, but there is a point where we have to give players a persistent world.

Note that this was our wishlist when we started out, but we ended up doing a lot more based on player feedback.

Most here today have been playing for years and have a very focused/expert view.
But there is a divide between what a veteran thinks a new player needs and what new players actually want and ask us feature or question wise. The feedback from newcomers that are not burned out by it is almost entirely positive or on its way to be addressed prior to launch.
We still have some core changes to deliver in the next few patches, but the game is already fun to discover. It always was. It was its mid-game that was flawed and not worth bothering for. The end game only being seen by people that could have passed that gap.

Once we improve the economy and further expand build variety, the mid-game flaws will be resorbed enough to prolong the honeymoon period and get players to see the end game.
At that point, we can focus on content additions.
As you can see in the video, they remain in the marketplace and have to be manually picked up.
General Discussion / Re: Where is racial warfare?
What you imagined that a player could do is exactly what we envision as openworld racial PvP when set in a proper reward framework.
It existed back in 2009 until people realized that the alignment system was meaningless and killing anything that moves was more rewarding.
People want racial wars, and being rewarded for playing along ,or at the very least not being punished, should be enough for emergent gameplay to occur.
That's why we want to keep warfronts for the end, to integrate them in a way that doesn't ruin what can be self organized by players.

And we are at a point where delaying more would be a disservice to the game's long term success.
The community is in full on "early access blues", and the momentum of a launch with more content oriented patches is what it needs.
We could spend years refining the game, and we intend to, but without persistence, an MMO is nothing.