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So bindstone recall is gone but there's plenty of people just suiciding after de-gearing to travel long distances which granted is not something anyone would do if they have been in a dungeon with lots of loot with them. For that there's other ways such as bugging through geometry and coming back to the bindstone.

Will these be addressed before launch?
and had a blast:

He had around 8k viewers. He'll stream more today.
Media Highlight / test video please ignore

Threw together all the clips (i dont record much anymore) I had from indev that weren't too long and boring to watch (15 minute vids are dull!) Recorded at different resolutions and shadowplay is unruly with me so it's a bit of a sloppy vid but I wanted to clear the drive from stuff as I'm going inactive until launch and a lot of people have asked me to make a vid again so here's something that I hope is okay! Thanks for watching ♡
Trade / WTB/WTT Gaunt Bile (Q5)
Looking for some gaunt bile. Can pay in gold, any rare ore/ingot.

send a PM or hit me up on Discord not online a lot in-game so best to set a time to trade outside of game.

Update: Got what I need so thanks for now :)
For example when making the staves that were changed such as the corpsecall the crafting window hover tooltip still states a 1.8 basic damage when it should be quite a bit lower now.
Trade / WTB List!
Hello, hello!

I'm looking for a few things:

Thick Leather
Elemental Cloth
Shadow Veil
Dragon Bone
Q5 Bile
Q5 Quintessence

I'm not looking for any super large quantities but around 30-50 of each would be nice.

I can pay in:

Theyril Ingots
Deinos Bone

Send me a PM on the forums or PM me on Discord (I'm in the DND discord under the name Ninogan) or find me in-game under Ninogan Swiftstep. Thanks for reading!

A tournament by

Hello, hello!

It's been a long time since my last event and I figured it was time and that it would be a lot of fun to hold a tournament during the InDev period. For those that don't know me, I used to host tournaments in Darkfall Online on the EU-1 server. Some of the most noteworthy had 50+~ participants and were Aventurine & Zowie sponsored. In one of those tournaments the prizepot was doubled by Aventurine and ended up at 2 million gold. Another introduced community created weapons into the game for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spot placements. Zowie also sponsored events with mousemat prizes and stuff like that.

Here's a video by Aventurine of one of these events:

@Ub3rgames has kindly agreed to also sponsor the event with some prizes. These are detailed in the Prizes section below. Anyways, let's get to the info!

This event will take place in three weeks from today. That is on the 19th of March at 20:00 Berlin time. Here is a time converter for your timezone.

1vs1 best out of 3, single-elimination tournament.

Armor allowed: Up to Infernal / Snow Hide / Dragon Bone / Master Robes
Melee, Staves & Bows: Any rank allowed
Shields: Any shield

Mounts: One regular mount per fight (note: not per round)
Potions: All allowed
Enchants: All allowed Q1-Q5

Gear sets: You're only allowed to use one gear set during the tournament. Switching between heavy or mage depending on your opponent is not allowed.

Spells: Come Hither is not allowed. This rule may change depending on if something changes with the spell before the tournament.

Buffing: Pre-buffing is allowed but NO Spell Reflect. You can pre-buff any other spells but spell reflect has to be used after the round is live.

Ganking & looting of your opponent allowed after winning the bo3. Ressurrect after a round win that does not conclude the match.

The location will be announced closer to the start of the tournament. We may have it at a hard to reach location since Ub3rgames has said that if they have the manpower available they may be able to port participants there. Should they not be able to I'll try my best to have runestones ready for people free of charge. Naturally if you have runestones to spare I'd appreciate it since I'm not very rich.

Sign-ups will close on the 17th of March sometime in the evening so please make sure to not wait too long as the brackets will be finalized that evening and will not be changed afterwards.

This tournament will be hosted through which is a great tournament website. I've always used them and it is great for ensuring fair play as the seeding will be randomly shuffled by challonge.

Signing-up can be done in a number of ways:

Since I run this via challonge I do recommend registering yourself on there and signing yourself up with your full in-game name. This can be done by going to the challonge page for this tournament here:

Once there you need to just click on the "Go to registration button" if you have an account:

If you'd rather not sign-up on Challonge you can post your full in-game name in this thread and I will add you.

Ub3rgames has very kindly agreed to sponsor this event by doubling the total amount of gold in the prizepot. That means if we have a 100,000 gold prize pot we'll have 200,000 gold to give out to the winners thanks to ub3r. On top of this, if we get 20+ participants in the tournament the top three placements will be given a Racial Weapon of their choice as a reward!

1st place: 70% of the total gold prize pot and a Racial Weapon of their choice.

2nd place: 20% of the total gold prize pot and a Racial Weapon of their choice.

3rd place: 10% of the total gold prize pot and a Racial Weapon of their choice.


Generous donations from players:

Heldana has donated 200,000 Gold and 20 Runestones!
Azmoodeus has donated 100,000 gold and 50 Theyril Ingots!
Avast SomeBK has donated 100,000 gold as well as 20 runestones!
Morris has donated a Spider Scarab and an apple pie!
Aurdor thePale has donated 500,000 gold (!), 5 runestones, 25 Fish Stew, 50 Building Modules to the prizepot! On top of that me and lillis got some nice weapons as a little tip for doing the event.
Gil Ian has donated a small anvil!
Elf Guy was very generous and donated most of the valuables in his bank for the tournament as well as stuff to give out to my clan members. Hundreds of potions, some infernal helmets and chests, 30,000 gold, a lot of enchant mats, some crafting materials, staves and bows, house bookshelf, runestones, leenspar key and so on! I'll try and figure out how to portion the stuff out and give a bit here and there to participants!
Agur Snowdeep has donated 50,000 gold, 100 lobster, 1000 iron ingots, 200 building modules and a Vendor Booth! Thanks for the generous donation!


On top of this me and my friend Lillis Slowfoot will be awarding other items such as Leenspar keys, enchanting materials, weapons, misc. materials and so on to various participants that aren't necessarily in the top 3. These things can be rewarded for such things as impressive and intense fights, unique playstyles etc. We'll also do our best to add more gold onto the prize pot and if anyone feels generous and wants to help out by donating something then don't hesitate to contact me or let us know in this thread!

If you have any questions or I have missed anything in this thread then don't hesitate to let me know!

I haven't done a tournament of this scale in a long, long time but I will do my best and I hope that the community will come together for this event too. I see this as a trial run before launch times to see how the current DF community handles an event like this and hopefully there will be many more in the future.

Note: The bracket that you see now is not the final one and will be shuffled before the tournament starts.

Good luck & have fun!
During the time of Darkfall Online Aventurine held a competition where the community could submit their own creations to the game. The best looking weapons got added into the game. These weapons were first introduced into the game on EU-1 through one of my tournaments that I ran on my dftournament website. They were handed out in one or two of my tournies and later through community events held by Aventurine.

These looked really nice and I think they should be added into the game perhaps more permanently rather than just through events. I don't remember if it was just three of them but perhaps they could be drops from high end mobs rather than craftable. There's a lot of ways to introduce them into the game so that shouldn't be too tricky. Here's the pictures I could find of them:

Suggestions / Add an "Events" section to the forums
It should only take a minute to add this section and I know @Ub3rgames said they'd simply forgotten and would add it but it's still not been added so here I am nagging a bit, sorry.
Bugs and Issues / Wildlife tower on Cairn
At the Minotaur King spawn: 9.17E 34.9S

Poor things.
Trade / Trading 100+ leenspar ingots for Selentine Ingots
Title says it all :)
When trying to search for a mob that is comprised of two words (Air Elemental for example) it does not work as soon as you press space after typing in Air. Writing just Air will show all the air elementals but also other mobs with air in their name but if you do a space and type in the entire name nothing shows up.

Note: The up-to-date part is a WIP ;)

Hello, hello!

Me and my old friend and DF vet Lillis Slowfoot have started working on an updated version of the old classic Darkfall Map made by Geckzilla.

It can be found at: Is a work in progress and it aims to be an up-to-date version of one of the most popular maps for Darkfall Online. The previous map is still accessible but has some vastly outdated info (notes of village house owners from several years ago to name one example) and with this version I aim to, with the help of our community, keep it up to date and a nice go-to resource when you're out of the game.

I'm well aware of Ub3rs work on making the in-game map so nice that eventually these online maps will be pretty much obsolete. However, for me personally I would still utilize a map that is available on the web even when the in-game one is great and since there may be people that are the same as me when it comes to this I figured I'd make it public rather than keep it to myself.

The upside of going public is that if someone wants to they can help out by posting in this thread if something is wrong or if they have found something that hasn't been added to the map but exists in the game world.

There is a lot of things that I'd like to do such as:
Correct GPH (Gold Per Hour) for all villages
Adding icons for the trade routes
Sea Tower icons
Correct mob data. This is the hardest thing since a lot of mob spawns have incorrect numbers but Ub3r has hinted at the in-game map getting this information soon which would mean that it's just a matter of punching in all the info on the website too. I do not look forward to that :P
Better notes all around for mobs and poi's.
Adding more mob info to most mobs such as known weaknesses and resists.
Some flavor stuff like giving selentine, leenspar etc chests their own icon.
Adding info about which clan owns which holding when hovering over cities and hamlets.

If you have any other suggestions on what you'd like to see added to the map then please post in the thread!
Note: Please use the coordinate system at the top right of the map when posting about something, thanks! 

Making this map double as a political map would be really sweet so for that I'll try and contact leaders for a start but if anyone knows some owners already of various holdings feel free to post that too! This is not a huge priority until the game goes live and by then it might already exist in-game which would make it easy to keep updated :)
Trade / WTB Fiend Claw & Rakta Blood
Can pay in gold or rares send a PM if you got some you wanna get rid of.
After using power hour it seems as if, once the effect expires, it remains in the buff bar although invisible unless you mouse over it.

Here's how it looks:

The empty space between Max Health Bonus and Clan Health Regeneration is PowerHour (By the way what about buff name consistency? Shouldn't it be Power Hour and not PowerHour :P?). If you hover over that empty space you get the PowerHour tooltip. Just a minor annoyance but could confuse some and make them wonder "Is it still active, is it not active?" etc.