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Suggestions / This mount is owned for 120 seconds
The mount reservation prevents me in fight of jumping on mounts that stand around on the battlefield.
I cant steal mounts of a racial enemy and it takes away freedom of choice in some situations where there is no time to check which mount belonged to who.
I cant even take my clan mates mount and bring it to him?!
Please fix, stealing mounts from racial enemies or reds should be fair game, and for clannies / party we should be able to set if we protection.
Even better would be mount protection that is only on in the newbie areas / tower range.
General Discussion / Racial on Launch
So currently there is no repercussions for beeing in a arac clan, or allied to a racial enemy, etc.
When is this going to be introduced?
Are we doing it live, will it be there on launch or later?
General Discussion / Free Period
Anything been posted yet when we can expect it?
Questions and Answers / Reset Button on World Map
Is there a reset button on world map options?

If not, any plans on adding one? I am still struggling to find the options on the map that make it not overburdened with useless icons or showing too little..

I imagine that could be the case for more people, maybe a preset on world map options would be nice to choose from so its not such a hassle?
Like PVE / PVP / Travel / Conquest.. etc.
Off-Topic Discussions / Lets have some Laugh
A message from the ex President of Mexico to the president of the electoral college.

That would be like marrying a model that wont sleep in the same city as you  ;D  :D
Hi there,

I am offering DND Gold for Roa Gold at a 3:1 ratio.
That means you will get 300 k DND gold in exchange for 100 k Roa gold.
I can also offer Mats on DND for Roa Gold, if interested pm with your amounts and what you want for it.

This can be your chance to get a good start on DND before the Landgrab at end of beta.

Back when we were all waiting for DFO to come out, everyone was over every tidbit of information one could get about the game.

I was reading 

The autor of the comic, Gianna or so, even got to write a sneak preview of DFO during its beta.. If I recall right she was rolling with the Mercs.
A tale of an MMO, Full loot, arbitrary GMs..  Maybe it helps some of you waiting for New Dawn :)

Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Erinthel
Whats up, no drama?  :))
Hi there, have character models changed? Alfar Male looks larger than human female after patch?
Recently bought it and would like some Bad Company :)
Trade / WTB Thread
Hi there,

I want to buy
Q3 Cinder
Q4 Cinder
q4 horn
some q4 bile

Thick leather

Also Lobster or similar high food
Source: common knowledge.
If you dont believe it google Trump and racist.
Norway has learned nothing from the terrible events of 22 July 2011, when Anders Breivik killed 77 young people on the island of Utøya, according to Norwegian author and journalist Åsne Seierstad.

"We are hiding it under the carpet and I don't think we have learned anything from it," the writer told the Edinburgh international book festival.

"To some extent it wants to forget about it," she said of Norway's reaction to the horror. "It doesn't want to deal with what happened."
James Comey before the senate said:
"I would never comment on investigations - whether we have one or not - in an open forum like this, so I really can't answer one way or another," said Comey, at a hearing into the US intelligence agencies' conclusion that Russia intervened in the election to benefit Trump.

Angus King, a Maine independent, told Comey: "The irony of your making that statement here - I cannot avoid."