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Questions and Answers / Earrings
Now that you redid dura loss, do they serve any purpose or do they not even absorb dura hits anymore?
They have no bank nor give anyone an advantage.
Trade / Our ore for your stone
Want to trade iron ore for stone 3:1 we have 50k ore to trade and would also sell at 8 ea
Its not particularly clear :P
Trade / Our ore for your timber

PM here in game or discord.
Questions and Answers / Wrap around world
@Ub3rgames Do you plan on making the e/w edges of the map connected before launch?
Questions and Answers / Silly question...
So why is Niff ice and Yas Jungle if they are at the same latitude?

I wonder if the subs were originally supposed to be on the cardinal directions with Niff N Rubi S Yass and Cairn E/W or something.

While im asking questions on a late Sunday night (very early Mon morn for some :p) @Ub3rgames I remeber you saying at one point there were more dungeons in the game that werent activated (ive seen some of the portals) are there any other game elements that exist in what you got from AV but haven't ever been utilized?

PS So whats the raw probability of the patch coming this week? :D

Having wasted the week trying to reason with the traitorous Alfar and their pet races squatting and defiling the ancestral fortress of Mar Shral, the time for diplomacy has ended and tomorrow the host of Alfar patriots upon their gleaming drakes and adorned with shields bearing the crest of Nagast, shall be led by Godking Melek himself to liberate the ancient city and return it into the hands of true Alfar.

The stones will go live at noon pdst tomorrow (sat. 3pm eastern 7pm gmt) and again all alfar are welcome to join the host. If you plan on attending please be early (at least 30 min if not 1 hour) and if you have a drake and alfar large shield to wear for the ride up (bring anything you prefer in pvp as well, the drake and shields are mainly for before the fight) please bring them (ill have some to pass out to those who dont) and if you have any questions feel free to pm me in game or here on forum.

Suggestions / Greater Magic grind
So one of the side effects of the new med system is GM is back to being a grind since it takes so long to med to 50. Having started an alt last week today I logged on with 47.6 or something greater and figured Id power hour it so I went to a cel fey/centaur spawn outside sorgom and rended and fragilty every mob before killing it for my full power hour + like 15 more minutes to get those 2.5ish points.

It feels way too grindy and there needs to be a better way to level greater magic than having to cast rend and fragilty for hours on end.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Calling all Alfar
Let it be know that the Alfar of Nagast have sworn to reclaim the ancestral fortress of Mar Shral from those who would soil it with the smell of other races. Only Alfar may assist, but all Alfar are welcome and may we together upon our drakes with metallic purple weapons (Okay well maybe just the drakes :p) cleanse our homelands of these traitors who mingle with the lessor beings of Agon.

The siege will start around before noon PSDT on Saturday and we will only allow Alfars on our side and lets see how many we can get and hopefully give the Giants a good fight and a run for their money and us a shot at taking it :D

(Contact me in game or on forum if interested)
Questions and Answers / Getting an alt
So having never had an alt I have a few questions (my main has all the crafting mastery skills so will prob end up the clan crafter and im going to need a real main).

1. Can I buy a second account using the same info as my first or does it need its own unique info for the main site?
2. If so what needs to be different, can I use same email and same cc to pay for both or do they need different emails and payment sources?
3. Will I be able to switch the names between the two accounts at launch?

Thank you @Ub3rgames
Suggestions / Flotsam
Add random little floating garbage heaps to the oceans that you click on and are like the land things with nacre, or some could even be like chaos chest but for sea things like labs and mods or even raw wood, cloth and metal.
Suggestions / Making cloth
Making cloth: Tailoring lvl 25; 2 hellbore, 2 angelica, 2 baneberry, 1 snake weed = 1 cloth
Suggestions / Food
I think the food buff needs to become baseline and have food just add different minor/modest bonuses based on the type, because right now its just too important bordering on annoying, because even just a minute without food in a fight (oversight) is certain death and thats actually pretty silly if you think about it.

Instead of food being duration based it should be more like sushi with each kind giving some kind of bonus with a duration starting at something real minor different things for lizard (+1 archery prot) and berries (+1 pierce slash or blunt for the 3 kinds), something a little better for fishes (like each fish gives a different +1 protect to an element/holy/necro) and bread (+1 arcane), then something okay for pie and jerky (+2 damage archery or melee), then something pretty good for lobster (+2 damage magic +10% speed), then something good for each of the '15 min' foods (Om, saus, soup, stew +2 protections physical, magics, or specials [infliction malediction, mental] or +3 back protection), then something very good for fish stew and pie (+3 physical or magic damages) and sushi can be kept as is buff with a much better buff (+20).

(Note the examples are not meant as specific ideas but more as examples of scaling the system)
Thank everyone who came out to play, both to help attack and to defend!

Those who helped attack we owe you one and feel free to call it in if you need it (Except Hasaki who both got paid and got more in loot than we could of ever paid them ;))

To those who defended I apologize for the overwhelming odds, though you guys were troopers giving it your best, my intentions had nothing to do with a fair fight and I was there to take your home city like you took ours. (I actually hate this city and would not want it lol)

To everyone, we and the NA alliance have come to an agreement to deescalate the situation, so any sieges over the next week will not be hostile as things get resorted.

Again thanks everyone!