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Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Furgum Seige
Very good job today at Furgum Good Game/GSC and to be completely honest we were out played, having been less prepared than previous sieges and you guys being more prepared, making the age old mistake of underestimating our enemy.

Good fight!
Bugs & Feedbacks / Fair criticism
So on Feb 23rd you make a new thread about 'regular updates' and today is march 18th, almost a month without being again updated, I don't get what is wrong with you guys but ffs get it together.

Having said that here are some observations on current systems based on our week long war with Good Game AKA Girl Scout Cookies.

1. The ability to create a new clan and then filter people in after the war dec is done at no extra cost is a completely broken mechanic that circumvents the whole point of your system.

2. Having to pay for week long war decss upfront turns what should be some fun sieges into the attacker trying to get the most value out of their war dec by sieging every day and turning it into a chore after a few consecutive days of sieging.

3. Too many blue issue with wars right now, both allies of the defenders at the time of the war dec as well as those allied to the attacker need to be calculated in somehow or at worst a very large area around the stones and the holdings need to be unlawful.

Lastly you need to get your priorities straight and look at fundamental mechanics and content differently where you seem to blur the two. The magic changes and alignment/arac/racial changes are fundamental systems that must be completed as asap or you will allow everything to fester just as DFO did, with only wolves still interested in playing making sheep unable to survive the vast packs creating an impassable barrier to entry.
So Girl Scout Cookies asked to buy Furg from us, but being little tools since launch I pretty much laughed at Semenchik for even asking especially after his little blue blocking episode to some of our members.

Determined to get back at us in their usual pussy style they decide to create a new clan and war dec us so they didn't have to risk Kholesh in the war, so yesterday morning with only a few in the new clan they drop the war dec and then filter more members into their little clan. Yesterday evening on our way back from taking Namlit we see Seme in Furg and he drops a siege on it as we are about 1 zone south.

Being in the neighborhood we raft north to the volcanic island where hes likely to put the siege stone and fan out only to see him coming from the west chaos bank and proceed to chase him away. Then we hold positions chasing him off every time he tries to sneak in for the next hour, thwarting two other attempts until the hour runs out and hes forced to forfeit siege.

Shortest siege ever.... :D
Suggestions / This is what I think the issue is

Honestly I think you guys are very good programmers but I think you are suffering from an issue that troubles many who strive too hard to be almost perfect, the law of diminishing returns. You guys tend to have a pretty low bug and crash count, your code is pretty clean because you spend a LOT of time cleaning it up before releasing it, but at the same time you guys take much longer than you think you will, often much much longer and sometimes flat out too long.

There are two ways to find bugs, through QA and through play and I think by trying to get say 98% internally and 2% from play, instead of say 95% internally and 5% from play, is causing you to lose too much time in diminishing returns. The time it takes to be that little more bit perfect is doing more harm than the bugs themselves, which are usually found really fast through play and easier to hot fix than to find in the first place.

Aracs, reds and spells are not content, they are core foundations for your vision for the game and ours too to be honest, yet they are missing because over the last better part of a year you have been falling farther and farther behind and its going to start costing you a lot more than a few more bugs per patch ever could.

This is no longer indev, things cant be allowed to fester incomplete and you must start taking speed as important a factor as quality, the finest bistro with the finest meals can not survive if it takes 3 hours from order till served.
We are an alliance of a handful of small-med alfar clans living in SE alfar lands covering all time zones and seeking a smallish EU english speaking alfar clan to join the alliance.

Current clans:

Rastalfarians are all time zones with 20-30 actives throughout the day and both EUs and NAs who play EU times
Ironwrath are mainly middle NA with like 10 actives and a couple that can play during EU hours.
Enclave are all NA times with 15-20 actives and a few that play during EU hours.
The Fallen Lords has a handful of members who play very late NA/early EU

So we are looking for an single EU clan of all afars and english speaking members who are willing to share comms and hang out with everyone else. Everyone is mature and we can often have 15-25 people in same channel with no craziness, so would like a clan with a chill vibe. We have Khosgar, Jeradin, Sorgom, Shargal and Furgum as alliance holdings with full access for all allaince members.

If interested PM me.
Trade / Jeradan for sale
Suggestions / Turning off self buffs.
Why does it take a reg to turn off a self buff? I think that part should be removed and turning it off should be reg free but maybe with a slightly longer cast time as the opportunity cost instead.
Your guys communication and being 'here' has been your greatest strength and its what has sustained you so well thus far, but lately you guys seem to have become distant and far less responsive, not to mention less believable.

Morad asked a question about fishing, which is obviously broken/bugged and you just blow it off.
People said duras on armor look wonky and arent right, but you claim it supposed to be that way when its obviously broken/bugged
You keep claiming you are going to launch in 2017 when everyone knows that cant be true.
You say your next patch should be QA this week but not a peep from you guys.

In general the quantity and especially the quality of your communication has declined recently and I really think you need to realize that has been your greatest strength and a good part of the reason people have supported you through this indev, don;t ruin it as you approach the time it will be most important to you heading into the end of indev and into launch.

As a rule all launches have issues, but how well people accept them has a lot to do with how much they trust the company and the game, so I highly recommend you take this into consideration and not deplete your goodwill before the game even launches.
General Discussion / Game fall down go boom
Bugs & Feedbacks / The durability of chests and helms
Though I understand what you guys are trying to do with making everything break around the same time, it really misses the point that the reason the head and chest were designed to last longer is because they held the enchants and making them break as fast as everything else makes those enchants far less valuable. (blood.shade crafting as well).

Even high tier gear breaks so fast its barely worth enchanting, I think you made the armor breakage rates just too fast, or at least broke a balancing feature when making helms and chests break with everything else.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Jokes on me...
So i'm on a raft sailing to take Eltaria and browsing through clans I see Uprising and click on them only to see they only have 6 holdings! Wha wha wha only 6 holdings???

So the whole time im rafting there and back im getting my whole plan together, figuring they pulled back to their Niff paradise best 6 holdings. So im getting kinda fired up with gleams of Mar Shral in my eyes and get back to spearwater to get to my stuff. By now I have this all plannerd out with my last MS keep rune, a clan shard to take it, a Tiq rune to go up there and drop it and a Daem rune to get back from Tiq and ride 10 mods over to MS to complte the task and fully claim the city.

So I click my last MS rune and off I go too what seem the longest loading screen ever and then finally I hear the splat and see "..the city Of Mar Shral owned by Uprising...". Owned by Uprising what? Noooooooooo.......

Suggestions / Basing holding taxes on their features
This is actually Bearskins idea, but he left it to me to articulate...

Make the taxes on each holding have a base for city and hamlet then to that is added more tax based on what that particular holding has built above the basics. So a hamlet with just a work bench is, say 1k, but one with a mine would pay X extra for that mine and another Y if it has a ship yard and extra work benches are z each, with cities being charged for ship yards nodes foundries and wonders.

This would make the taxes better scale to the value of the holding and make 10 great holdings a lot more expensive than just 10 holdings.
You have fundamentally raised the skill floor on playing a physical build while lowering the skill floor for playing a mage and in a way it takes us back to magefall, where even people who prefer physical can perform as well or better as a mage. At a certain level of skill (high archery hit percent for one) you can be on par with a mage of similar skill, but for average and below players its a big disadvantage to go physical. Your stating is poorer, your burst healing is poorer, your debuffs (some of which are designed to go with physical play) and of course utility like blinds and mobility and what you do have all takes longer.

Now I understand you want to diffentiate magic from physical combat, but you cant take that much away without having something to replace it with. Now I understand if someone wants to go heavy nad have all that bounce protection they should have gimped magic, but to give light heavy builds almost no knock up protection as well as gimp magic is broken.

At the very least you have to change the knockup curve to better match the magic gimp curve, or allow more magnitude with mostly leather, you have to do one of these.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Strange ui bug
So this is a weird one, i keep my oh shit abilities on my f1-5, but every so often they just stop working. When I go to fix them they may say F1 is bind and when I rebind it now says 'button 230' or something then some weeks later randomly they stop working again and will say button 230 or something and when I reset it then it returns to saying F1, back and forth every X weeks I have to reset them.
Questions and Answers / Earrings
Now that you redid dura loss, do they serve any purpose or do they not even absorb dura hits anymore?