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General Discussion / Patch Notes Game Update One
March 8, 2018

Cantrips and Regeneration
Basic healing spell and utilities have been split in their own schools and made baseline

Regeneration skills
Heal self
Stamina to Health
Mana to Stamina
Health to Mana


Mana Missile
Heal Mount
Hasten Spells
Light, when unlocked

At the exception of Mana Missile and light, these skills are max level by default and shown without a level

Respawn system tweaks:
The anti death-hopping protection has been made less over-zealous. Available spawn points will remain the same for 20 minutes, unless you die 2km away from your last respawn location

In case of server crash, you will no longer be teleported to a very old safe location. You will be teleported to the latest of the following:

Last respawn selection
Dungeon overworld entrance
Logged out position

Looting tweaks:

Stackable Items are merged per Party or Clan, allowing every member to loot the whole stack
Cases of looting being impossible have been fixed

Blue blocking reduction:

A blank hit, having no effects, is allowed when a blue players hits another blue player
Blank hits will be available every 30s, and give more leeway before going rogue by accident
It will not apply when the target is rogue/red/enemy or a party/clan/alliance member

Marketplaces tweaks:

Listings last 30 days and transaction fees are on sale with a fixed 10% rate
Drag and dropping items of the same kind allows to setup multiple identical listings for one slot each

Miscellaneous changes:

Server now restarts faster. Maintenance or crash recovery should no longer take two hours

All hamlets can now build an Oven, Smithy, Workshop, Laboratory and Smelter

Baradron, kraken and fire dragon have new scaling criterias

Protected mounts can be mounted by Party and Clan members


Quest tracker showing quests in multiple factions has been fixed
Quest cancel should now work properly
Case of spell casting on mount has been fixed
Herb gathering and digging animations should stop properly

Many worldbuilding fixes:

Bindstone at Qiqatak has been moved
Fixed some terrain holes making players fall into the void
Sanguine bank is accessible without jumping now
Some flying object fixed (tree, rock, houses, etc.)

Opening a personal bank at a holding bank should now be possible if the clan set the bank policy to "Access To All"

No more r20 weapon on Wildtribe Pathfinder
It's literally so bad it can win or lose city fights for you.
On the main continent there are 15 mines, which of only 1 -one- is placed in Orklands, all other races have (way) more;

Humanlands have 4 mines,
Wolflands have 3 mines,
Elflands have 3 mines,
Alfarlands have 3 mines,
Dwarflands have 2 mines.

Mine nodes need to redistributed and more of them placed in orklands. The injustice must end.
Suggestions / Orks should be able to eat raw fish.
Orks should be able to eat pretty much anything.
unrelated to topic but the map info seem to show the info of the old spawns, before you increased their size.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Server crashed