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Topics - fitteslim

It's literally so bad it can win or lose city fights for you.
On the main continent there are 15 mines, which of only 1 -one- is placed in Orklands, all other races have (way) more;

Humanlands have 4 mines,
Wolflands have 3 mines,
Elflands have 3 mines,
Alfarlands have 3 mines,
Dwarflands have 2 mines.

Mine nodes need to redistributed and more of them placed in orklands. The injustice must end.
Suggestions / Orks should be able to eat raw fish.
Orks should be able to eat pretty much anything.
unrelated to topic but the map info seem to show the info of the old spawns, before you increased their size.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Server crashed