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Topics - Brown Dorf

Or are we goin live as it is?
How about mount theft?
How about loot table buffs?
Bugs & Feedbacks / gpu error
i get this error shortly after starting darkfall; application darkfall.exe has been blocked from using graphics hardware

lots of artifacts before crash. running admin solves it. nvidia gtx 970 card.
Thanks, was the most fun I've had in darkfall for months
General Discussion / Patch today?
Uber said it would be this week, iirc.
Questions and Answers / staff magnitude effectiveness
So, I was testing the effectivness of staff magnitude a couple days ago, and a sacred missle cast with a .6 cobra only does about 1.5 damage more than one cast with a .11 blackbolt on a robed target. Is this normal? and if it is, why are magnitude enchants viewed as mandatory for staffs? I understand that every little bit of damage adds up, but it doesnt seem like the small increase in damage justifies the much higher cost between an unenchanted blackbolt and a cobra with a q3 or 4 magnitude.