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General Discussion / Post-launch recap?
Hi, long time no see. Anyone ready for post-launch recap discussion? Haven't been following much since some months ago and since it's almost a month after launch, I thought to ask everyone:

  • How did the launch go?
  • How is the game state in general, does it feel like having future? Are devs working at fast enough pace to both improve the game and fix the issues?
  • Is population sufficient enough for local banking, is it fun already or would you still prefer having more people?
  • How do titles feel and how did they affect the game / meta?
  • Is there some spicy stuff going in political meta or is it as bad as clan discussion / trade forums protray? Perhaps it's a bit early?

Feel free to add anything else that you feel is important to mention.

Oh, and vote in the pool, your vote will surely matter more than in the last election!

Peace out & troll away.
Old link to New Dawn in a nutshell renders as an error page
Suggestions / Add inventory to rafts
Given that now even mounts have inventories, I think you should also enabled them on simple rafts.

Path of Exile is releasing a massive new expansion "Fall or Oriath" (3.0) next friday. The game is getting 6 new acts (so the game will have 10 acts total instead of repeating same 4 acts in 3 difficulties) + new Harbingers league + new skill gems, balance changes and other goodies. This game has been steadily growing through the years and this is going to be biggest content expansion to date. For any ARPG fans, I suggest to check it, especially since it's free to play. The game has it's own layers of complexity with quite indepth character build and skill customization + you learn to tame the RNG gods while constantly grinding through thousands of mobs.

Also, the game is now in beta on Xbox One if you're into trying this on console, although the release on Xbox will be sometime later.

For anyone new, checking the game, I highly recommend to check Engineering Eternity's YouTube channel:
Off-Topic Discussions / Darkfall Universe

We got new vaporware kid on the block
Media Highlights / Prometheus of Forumfall
Lost in translation
Off-Topic Discussions /
that site is 10/10.

What do I do to get on it?

Let me guess, content by maejohl, programmed by (wild guess) lambda or nubnax?

There are no hard dates yet [...] We are preparing our marketing campaign, and that will determine when the best time to launch will be.

Our current estimate is that it will be in 2017 but after the summer.

Anything in 2017 would be a quite rushed release still, in my opinion.

Off-Topic Discussions / RoA is better than DnD
There is no point to continue with the development of DnD now that RoA has launched.

inb4 haters
This is a quick guide to backup (and restore) all the game configuration (UI, bank and hotkey bindings). This is useful if you plan to reinstall your OS or just want to move your configuration in between different computers or characters (accounts).

Backing up

  • Open folder where Darkfall: New Dawn application data is stored:
    Start > Run (Win+R) %appdata%\DarkfallNewDawn\Character\0 and hit Enter.
  • The folder will only contain configuration for all the characters (accounts) that you ever logged in on that computer only. Copy these folders to a safe location. If you only ever logged in one character you will only see one folder. (see Basic Information section below for more info).

Restoring procedure relies on the game being installed and Darkfall New Dawn folders being setup. It's good idea to launch and login to the game at least once with the default settings before restoring old configuration. If you restored Darkfall: New Dawn setup from a backup (i.e. after you reinstalled Windows) and you cannot start the launcher or it's failing to patch - check this thread.

  • Open folder where Darkfall: New Dawn application data is stored:
    Start > Run (Win+R) %appdata%\DarkfallNewDawn\Character\0 and hit Enter.
  • Copy the files from your backup drive to the folder you opened in step 1.
  • Login to the game. Your settings should be restored.

Moving configuration between accounts / characters
Please read Basic Information section below.

Basic Information
Configuration files for UI settings, hotkey bindings and bank persistance are stored in a per-character folders. The folder is named according to a numeric ID of your character that does not change until character is removed. This means that same character will always have same numeric ID named folder on all computers. The configuration is split among 3 files:
- input_persistence.xml - contains your hotkey bindings
- gui_persistence.xml - contains your UI persistance (UI window placement and item locations in banks)
- gui_manager_persistence.xml - contains your hotbar and UI/game settings.

For people using multiple accounts - there will be multiple folders. The settings in these folders are inter-changeable and not tied to a specific account (meaning you are free to copy only specific file from one account to another to only backup / move specific settings). If you want to figure out which folde belongs to which account:

  • Make sure all the accounts are logged off.
  • Login with the account, that you want to find the configuration folder for. Once the game is initialized, logout (it is important to have a clean logout).
  • Open the game data folder - Start > Run (Win+R) > %appdata%\DarkfallNewDawn\Character\0
  • Check the modified date of the XML files. The folder, which contains the XML files with the latest (current) modified date will be the one that you just logged off.

Note! While having gui_persistence.xml file backed up is nice as it saves the location of the items in your banks, always check the size of the file. If the file reaches the size of 1mb, it is likely it got corrupt and it is slowing your game down. Be careful when (or avoid) copying this file in between characters (it is only useful for keeping the "clan vault" sorting). If the file is reaching 1mb, consider removing it instead.
Questions and Answers / What will titles do exactly?
Perhaps it's time to discuss, what will titles do exactly (on their first iteration / close to launch)?
How will they synergyze with armors directly?

For example:
- Water Mage title, what kind of properties will it increase? Is it going to be magnitude, efficiency increase for sub-skills or? Will only increase the power of some skills or also unlock anything new that a player without a title won't have?
- Do you still plan to lock out 2h melee for mages (i.e. titles locking melee weapons to daggers)?
- Archer title - what bonuses will it provide?
- Melee title - same questions as above.

Can you provide some basic examples / ideas that you perhaps have planned for a first round of implementation?

I know this has been discussed and answered over and over, but so far the most recent / clear reply was "armor is power while titles will be functionality". I also know there has been a lot of theorethical discussions in the past or examples given in the holy book of roadmap, however we all know that a lot of the things change.

Flame away ;)